How Much Is An Old Meat Grinder Worth? Should You Buy One?

how much is an old meat grinder worth

Meat grinders today gradually become an essential role in daily life. They are used to significantly reduce the time and labor involved in grinding a large amount of meat and more. 

However, the cost of a new model can be over budget for some people. Thus, they decide to buy an old one, which may leave them wondering “How much is an old meat grinder worth?”

If you’re stuck with the same problems, check out this article to find the ultimate answer and some valuable tips regarding this topic.

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How Much Is An Old Meat Grinder Worth?

The average cost of an old meat grinder ranges from $10 to $60.

This different price depends on the grinder manufacturer, the warranty, its useful life, its flexibility, and the availability of replacement components. However, if purchased directly from the manufacturer, it may cost more than $60.

Moreover, keep in mind that you are finding an old device. Thus, you should visit trustworthy websites where you can negotiate a lower price for a quality product for as little as one dollar. These provide a range of enticing features that will assist you in regaining any foodstuff crank.

Benefits Of Owning A Meat Grinder

Owning a meat grinder has several advantages. Initially, it saves you time queuing at a butcher.

Most of the ground meats in the market are neither healthy nor even fresh. So, for example, if you have to buy ground beef all the time to make a burger, pizza, or whatever, fresh meat may not be available to you.

Yet, everything will change if you own one.

Fresh meat is always available. In addition, you may also choose the type of meat you wish to grind. It offers you complete control over the texture of your meat. As a result, the possibility of taking up bacteria is eliminated.

What To Consider When Buying This Type Of Device

If you decide to go with such an old kitchen tool, you should know how to choose one with qualities worth the cost. Don’t worry! Now here are some tips you might refer to:

  • The crank handle should be able to rotate freely. Make sure you don’t choose one with a sticky hand crank.
  • Skip anything that has rust evidence.
  • Check that the multi-bladed cutting head is in good shape and that the rectangular screw end, where everything attaches, is not damaged.
  • The meat grinding machine should come with at least two grinding plates, one for coarse texture and the other for a fine texture.
  • The auger should come in excellent condition, with no missing parts.
  • The crank handle condition must be good or replaced with a handmade turned hardwood handle.
  • Check that the device’s thumb screw threads are in good shape for a more straightforward and safer installation.

How To Clean The Old Tool (Step-by-step Guide)

One of the most effective ways to keep any meat grinders from rusting is to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned, as failure to do so will result in bacteria build-up and, eventually, rusting.

Especially, it is critical to clean your chosen product before using it thoroughly since it’s old. Cleaning it will assist in enhancing its safety for grinding and will help to avoid contamination. Following these steps might help you a lot in this process:

Step 1: Disassemble

The first thing you might do is disengage the grinder parts, then put them all in a bowl.

Step 2: Soak

After putting the machine parts in the bowl, use a mix of warm soapy water and vinegar to immerse them for 30-40 minutes.

Step 3: Wash

After 30-40 minutes of soaking, remove one portion at a time from the bowl and gently brush with a brush, paying specific attention to the blades and any other parts that typically come into contact with what you’re grinding.

Depending on how long the thing has been left dormant, you may want to repeat steps 2 through 3 until you can ensure that yours is thoroughly clean.

Step 4: Rinse and dry

When you’re confident that there are no more grits or stains of any kind, give them a good rinse before finishing by wiping off the grinder and all of its parts with a dry clean towel and allowing them to air dry.

Step 5: Store

If you want to use your device right after it has dried, you can assemble it. Yet, if you intend to use this kitchen appliance in the next few days, you’ll need to store them properly.

When it comes to preserving meat grinders, one method people recommend to be somewhat successful is to lay them in a bowl of uncooked rice. This helps to keep moisture out and prevents corrosion.


Whether a brand new meat grinder or an old one, it brings you a lot of benefits. If you are considering a high-quality but more affordable choice, a used one is reasonable.


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