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Welcome to Elapasony! 

Our passions are cooking and eating – sharing food experiences, recipe tips, and life hacks. We help you to explore new and unique foods every day and there is still always something different to try. 

It is our mission to try every cuisine, going from state to state, country to country, exploring trendy restaurants as well as local hotspots. We explored a large variety of foods, which is how Elapasony came to life. Sharing food passions with others is something to be celebrated!

As a team of fellow foodies, some of our favorite foods hail from Spain, Japan, Italy, and of course, the USA. When traveling, nothing beats a good food truck, serving hot, homemade grub right from their vehicle.

On the sweeter side, we will never say no to a local bakery or donut shop. Some of our fondest memories are tied to desserts, so when you find a donut that reminds you of childhood, you hang onto that memory forever.

Here at Elapasony, we’re your go-to hub for all things foodie! Whether you’re seeking inspiration for foodie destinations, exploring local cuisine, planning family-friendly meals, or mastering kitchen know-how, we’ve got all the answers.

Eat well and be well! Food, health, and happiness go hand-in-hand. 

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