How To Slice Garlic Paper Thin

Very finely sliced, minced, or crushed, these instructions show how to prep this pantry powerhouse so every recipe gets the flavor it is worthy of. I’ll likewise share suggestions for keeping the garlic, whether peeled off or cut as well as exactly how to make use of all the garlic in my many garlic-infused recipes!

Pressed garlic: This is garlic pushed making use of a mortar and also pestle or making use of a garlic clove press are wonderful making salad dressings or sauces (like my tahini sauce) without making use of a blender or food processor or mixer. They distribute much more easily into the other components and also provide one of the most taste.

Little minced garlic: The tinier the dice, the bigger the garlic preference, because even more flavor-packed juices are launched. As an example, raw, minced garlic includes a large strike to pestos, salads, and also salsas.

Huge chopped garlic: Slightly bigger items of cut garlic heat up as well as uniformly season a batch of chili, pasta sauce, or soup when they are sautéed then long-simmered.

Slices of garlic: Big pieces of garlic that are cut thinly add a softer garlic taste.

Whole garlic cloves: Particularly when roasted, whole cloves include a pleasant complexity to purées of roasted vegetables. They are additionally usually used to flavor butter or olive oil.


The first step in chopping garlic is selecting a good, strong light bulb. Constantly prevent brown spots, soft spots, impressions, or noticeable sprouts (bitter!) on past-their-prime light bulbs. To begin, comprehend the garlic with 2 hands and utilizing your fingers, pull off and also dig through the papery skin.

Process shots for exactly how to peel off garlic
Each area is called a clove Now tweeze out the clove (or cloves) required for your recipe. You can keep the staying entire garlic outside until the following usage.

Holding garlic clove.

Just desire one? Store the remainder of the light bulb at area temperature in a cord or mesh basket or bowl, and even a paper bag, because garlic is happiest when it is in a ventilated container and in the dark.

Next, to quickly remove garlic’s papery skin, position the garlic clove flat on a reducing board, placed the flat side of a cook’s blade over it and also gently press with the palm of your hand up until you feel the squish as well as hear the small crushing sound.

Process shots for just how to squash garlic
Release the knife. Loosened up, the papery skin is quickly removed.

Peeled off garlic clove
Now that you’ve peeled the garlic, you prepare to cut the garlic. I’m mosting likely to share the three most popular ways to cut the garlic as well as I make sure there are other methods and ways to cut garlic. These are three I make use of usually in my recipes that need to be most useful to you.

Placement the peeled garlic clove flatter side down. Keeping the blade in one hand and the various other on top of the blade, run the knife slowly over the clove from entrusted to right, cutting to your wanted density.

Refine shots for exactly how to slice garlic
These slim pieces of garlic may play a delicately supporting duty in prepared recipes or pickle brines.

Chopped garlic
Start the very same way if you desire tiny pieces. Initially, place your clove on the cutting board. Realize the blade in one hand with the other hand on top of the blade. Now run the blade repetitively over the cloves, from left to appropriate and also back once more, mincing the garlic into your preferred dimension.

Hand dicing garlic with huge cook’s blade
For this preparation, put the level side of a chef’s blade over the whole peeled garlic on the reducing board and also press strongly to crush.

Crushing garlic with blade as well as hand
Currently, you prepare to throw a smashed garlic clove into a pot of soup or chili to add taste while the dish is cooking. You can fish it out before it’s time to eat so there are no garlic shocks.

Shattered garlic
Entire light bulbs can last for months if placed in a dry, ventilated container– a mesh basket, for instance– in an amazing, dark location like a pantry shelf.

Nonetheless, as soon as a clove has been gotten rid of, the remainder of the bulb is just ideal for 7 to 10 days. Tightly covered peeled cloves can last a week in the refrigerator and firmly covered cut garlic a day or two. Bear in mind, though, don’t cool entire light bulbs of garlic. The fridge’s humidity makes the bulbs mushy and also can trigger growing. Check out my blog post for my preferred way to freeze it to make use of in dishes if you’re instead freeze garlic.

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3 sorts of cut garlic – minced, sliced and crushed


How long does peeled garlic last?

When firmly packaged in a freezer-safe container peeled off garlic can be iced up for one year.
Some also state that you can keep sliced garlic in vinegar in the refrigerator to extend its life approximately 4 months.

Just how do you get rid of garlic scent from a wooden cutting board?

Sprinkle the reducing board with kosher salt, then rub around with a half a cut lemon pressing juice as you go. Let rest a few mins, then scrub, and rinse.

OR make a paste of baking soft drink and also water. Spread on board, allow saturate for five to 10 minutes and also after that scrub.

How do you remove the garlic scen