Which Way Does The Blade Go On A Meat Grinder?

which way does the blade go on a meat grinder

The grinder cutting blade is positioned at the feeding tube’s end. It chops the meat into chunks when you push it through. In other words, this equipment does most of the grinding process in its proper direction. Therefore, it is essential to know which way the blade goes on a meat grinder.

This article will show you how to determine that your grinding blade is set in the wrong direction and how to fix it. Let’s get started!


Which Way Does The Blade Go On A Meat Grinder? 

The blade orientation differs among manufacturers since not all meat grinders are manufactured in the same manner. However, while installing one, the blade should be installed in such a way that it rotates counterclockwise with the blade’s flat side towards its front.

What If The Blade Direction Is Wrong?

To put it another way, if you do not install the grinding blade correctly or in the appropriate direction, the device will not mince the meat properly. 

There are 2 cutting processes at work while grinding meat in a grinding machine. First, a knife, sometimes known as a blade, is used to cut the meat into tiny chunks, then the meat chunks are processed further with a cutting plate to fit your chosen texture. 

Even if the mincer blade spins when turned on, it will not function if it is not correctly installed, resulting in a low-quality grind.

How To Know If The Grinder Blade Goes Wrong?

Some different signals indicate your blade is turning the incorrect way. 

1. Grinder clogs up

For starters, because the flesh is not crisp, it will not pass through the side cleanly. Therefore, if the grinder is frequently clogging, check the blade to ensure it is pointing in the proper direction. 

Press the power button on first, then use the reverse mode to unclog the blade before turning it off. After that, clean its head assembly and reinstall the blade with the flat side pointing outwards.

2. Ground meat texture is inconsistent 

Another technique to tell whether the grinding machine blade is running in the wrong direction is to look at the results. Meat grinders usually come with three different types of discs: fine, coarse, and medium textures. 

Moreover, after a few minutes of using your meat mincer, you should have a good image of the outcomes you can predict from each grinding plate. 

If the meat results do not have the consistency you want or the outcomes are not consistent, there is a good possibility you’re misusing the blade.

How To Fix Meat Grinder Blade Running In Wrong Direction?

If the blade is positioned in the wrong direction, you only have one option: change the grinding blade and put it in the proper direction. Unfortunately, a grinder’s blade is fixed into the head, so you’ll have to disassemble it to access it. 

It is a difficult chore because the assembly of each model differs, so you must first understand how to install the machine.

This way will assist you in adequately reinstalling the blade and avoiding repeating the mistake in the future. Next, put the grinder head assembly and the pieces on a tabletop.

After that, clean its components since you have disassembled them, and then insert the T-link into the grinder’s front and secure it with the securing screw.  

Place the blade on the T-link with the flat side facing outwards after inserting the pusher and pressing it back. All the remaining pieces, including your selection of grinding disc and the food dish, may then be attached to the grinder.

Turn on your machine, place a few frozen meat cubes inside the food tray, press it down using a pusher, and presto – the blade must produce the desired texture after each grinding cycle.


All in all, knowing this vital information is not only beneficial when you want to replace or fix your kitchen tool when there is something wrong, but it also helps avoid making mistakes when installing a new one.

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