Best Meat Grinder Under $100: Top 7 Reviews

best meat grinder under 100

Meat grinders are arguably one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you can lay your hands on, thanks to their various purposes in cooking.

And the good thing is that sometimes, you do not have to spend lots of money investing in a high-quality machine.

With this comprehensive guideline, you should be able to pick out the best meat grinders for under $100 in no time.

7 Best Meat Grinders Under $100 (Comprehensive Reviews)

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Lovimela – Best For Heavy-Duty Performance

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The first meat grinder under $100 that I want to introduce to you is a product from Lovimela. While the brand name might not be familiar to many customers, rest assured that the performance of this electric grinder is second to none!

One of the things that drew my attention to this product is its capacity. You can get an item that reaches 2600 Watts maximum for an affordable price, which translates to 3 pounds of minced meat per minute. Such an impressive feat cannot be ignored whether you are using it at home or putting it to commercial use.

Furthermore, Lovimela makes sure its product is built to last, using 420-grade stainless steel that is both shiny and sturdy in the long run. The material is certified as food-grade, meaning there is no toxic or harmful substance released that might tamper with the quality of your ingredients.

If you still want one more reason to purchase this beast, consider its effortless assembly. All machine components can be easily attached and removed as long as you follow the instructions, so even the most amateur cooks can handle it.

However, bear in mind that this one is not designed to be dishwasher-safe. To remove all residue getting stuck in the crevices and corners, use a cleaning brush and wash them carefully by hand.


  • Outstanding performance with 2600 Watts maximum.
  • Durable with stainless steel body parts.


  • Manual clean-up is required.

ALTRA Electric 3-In-1 – Best Appearance

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Next up on my list is a household name – an electric meat grinder from ALTRA. ALTRA strikes me with the elegant design of the grinder, featuring the stainless steel coating that exudes a vibe of simplicity.

The three-layered framework ensures that the machine is thick enough to withstand any accidental contact. And guess what? It is also resistant to corrosion, so your initial investment definitely balances itself out in the long term.

But do not be fooled! The charms of this product far exceed its appealing look. Upon closer examination, you might realize that ALTRA includes all kinds of tools so you can freely experiment with different cooking methods in the kitchen. You will have three cutting plates and two blades for fine, medium, and coarse grinding.

There will also be sausage stuffers in two sizes (big and small), coupled with a kubbe kit. Now, feel free to churn out meatballs, burgers, sausages, salads, etc., knowing that they are all fresh, delicious, and made with care.

There is one downside to this product that you might want to pay attention to. After working for roughly 20 minutes or so, you have to let it rest so the grinder can resume to its optimal state. If forced to run continuously, this ALTRA may be overheated, thus compromising its lifespan.


  • Slick appearance.
  • Three-layered stainless steel coating.
  • Highly versatile.


  • Breaks are needed between working sessions.

STX Turboforce 2000 Series 6-In-1 – Best Accessories

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For those of you who are wishing for a multi-purpose grinder that serves as can-do-it-all kitchenware, STX Turboforce will live up to your expectation. It has been showered with praises since each package comes with a virtually unlimited toolkit.

This includes three cutting blades, three grinding plates, three sausage stuffing tubes, one kubbe maker, one meat stuffer, a veggie slicer, two meat shredder claws, and a burger patty maker press!

Wait until you unpack the machine and see what you are capable of with all these wonderful accessories. Homemade sausages for a lavish dinner, hamburgers for a quick brunch, minced meat for a shepherd’s pie, you name it, and STX Turboforce will do all for you!

Another reason why I particularly enjoy this product is its portability. Weighing only eight pounds, this grinder can be lifted around without much fuss. That is not to mention the handle attached at the top of the machine, which can be tucked away so as not to interfere with your grinding process.

Nevertheless, STX Turboforce is not without flaws. The machine is specifically manufactured to mince meat or anything soft enough to crush by blades, not bones.

And its capacity is roughly around 1200 Watts maximum, which means you can only put it in your home’s kitchen, not that of a restaurant or a cafeteria.


  • Powerful engine that can easily grind meat in no time.
  • Optimal design that looks great.
  • Very portable.


  • Cannot grind bones.
  • Cannot be used for commercial purposes.

AAOBOSI 3-In-1 – Best Reviews From Customers

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Earning nearly 2500 reviews on Amazon, AAOBOSI is definitely a product worth having if you are looking for both reputation and reliability. While it is slightly more expensive than other products, I assure you, AAOBOSI’s outstanding features easily explain the price gap.

First off, AAOBOSI prides itself on the unique three-stage spiral rod technology, which optimizes the grinding process without ruining the quality of the ingredients.

Once you put the raw food inside, the machine’s auger will mince it in three steps following a spiral extrusion. This way, the texture, chewiness, and nutrition of the ingredients will not be negatively affected. You can still taste the freshness and juiciness of whatever you decide to mince, be it veggie, meat, or herbs. 

Secondly, the machine incorporates a dual safety switch, which only turns on the internal motor when both switches are on. This prevents any mishap while using the product and makes this meat grinder a super child-friendly appliance.

But still, there have been some complaints about the setup and disassembly of the AAOBOSI’s meat grinder. You might want to do it a few times to get things right, so make sure to keep up with the instructions.


  • Three-stage spiral extrusion technology.
  • Trustworthy brand name.
  • Safe to use.


  • Difficult to assemble.

Playoos – Best For Safety

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Another product that promises to prioritize customer experience and minimize the risks of using a meat grinder is Playoos. They are best known for their double switch and lock button, effectively stopping the machine if it detects any wrong move.

What is more, the integral overheating protection system offers a defense mechanism that cools down the motor, so accidents are less likely to happen. Exceptionally considerate, don’t you think?

Another feature of this machine that deserves to be mentioned is its accessories. With three grinding plates for three levels of textures, two stainless steel cutting blades, four kubbe, sausage attachment tubes, and one meat pusher, Playoos allows you to be creative and produce many yummy dishes using only one machine.

Even better? The cutting blades of Playoos can also accompany spices like ginger or pepper so that you can add more flavors to your cooking!

Nevertheless, Playoos can be pretty noisy when running for an extended time. Therefore, you might have to endure this discomfort for the sake of its other useful characteristics.


  • Safe to use.
  • Cools down before overheating.
  • Multiple accessories included.


  • Loud noise.

BBday – Best Material

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BBday makes sure its product stands out compared to other competitors with its upscale material. Besides the standard stainless steel, BBday also takes advantage of the BPA-free PP7 and thickened aluminum alloy to craft a highly durable machine.

Unlike other cheaply-made machines, which are subject to daily wear and tear, the BBday meat grinder will fight off any external factors and remain in its pristine condition for a long time.

Furthermore, the product comes with an easy control board, including only two buttons for an effortless experience. There is an On/Off button to set up the overall performance of the grinder, and there is a reverse button to unclog the minced meat if needed. All the body parts are set up quite neatly, so the cleanup and disassembling will be a piece of cake.

Another feature that is worth mentioning of this meat grinder from BBday is its power. Capable of reaching 2000 Watts maximum, the product is qualified for small-scale commercial use and is not limited to the kitchen only. Fast grinding, heavy-duty, and highly convenient, what else are you looking for in a household machine?

However, BBday does have its disadvantages. The connecting wire is a bit too short, which means it has to stay within a certain distance from the electrical sockets. If it is not a deal-breaker for you, then a BBday meat grinder is still a recommendation.


  • Aluminum alloy and PP7 for sturdy build quality.
  • Effortless control board.
  • Heavy-duty and versatile.


  • Must stay near the electrical sources.

Twinzee – Best For Innovative Design

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Finally, let’s have a look at the meat grinder from Twinzee. The first thing that catches my attention in this product is its whitish coating, which is visually pleasing enough. Instead of having a rectangular shape, Twinzee turns to a trapezoid shape for extra stability. The machine can firmly hold to the ground no matter how turbulent the internal movements can be!

Moreover, the product comes with a spacious meat tray placed at the top, storing up to three pounds of meat. No more worries about moving from one place to another trying to prepare for your grinding process. And that is not to mention its attachments, varying from meat plates to sausage tubes and a meat pusher.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that Twinzee does not do well with large chunks of meat. If you want to mince the ingredients perfectly, be sure to cut them into smaller pieces. This way, the grinder can twist its blade around the meat easier, resulting in a more satisfying performance.


  • Trapezoid design.
  • Roomy meat pan.
  • Various accessories.


  • Not suitable for bulk grinding.


Having the best meat grinder under $100 will undoubtedly change the way you handle your daily cooking. Now that you have finished reading these tips and tricks, it is time to get out there and choose a product that fits your needs the most. And remember, if you find this advice helpful, do not hesitate to send it to fellow friends and see what their opinions are!

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