Best Meat Grinders For Hunters: Top 7 Reviews

best meat grinder for hunters

Meat grinders have been increasingly popular among recreational hunters.

They are a more affordable way to enjoy your own game, and you can rest assured that no questionable ingredients are going into the meat. 

A reliable meat grinder can grind your deer, elk, venison, or even wild boar with ease and save you trips to the local meat processing shop.

So if you are looking for one, check out my reviews for the best meat grinders for hunters.

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Top 7 Best Meat Grinders For Hunters Reviewed

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LEM #12 Big Bite – Best Overall

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LEM #12 Big Bite grinder is an upgrade from the #8 Big Bite model in performance and speed. It features the trademark registered auger that can take on a larger amount of meat and feed it into the grinder head with fewer clogging issues. 

The induction motor is permanently lubricated to reduce the motor noise. Also, at 550 watts, it is powerful enough to guarantee smooth operation when used for large portions of tough meat. This meat grinder can process around 11 pounds per minute, making it the fastest meat grinder on this list. 

This LEM #12 grinder is the middle-tier option for LEM lineups. At 0.75 HP, it is on the heavier duty side and is recommended for frequent use and wild game. 

You’re going to put it into good use for tons of burgers, brats, sausage, and bigger jobs such as processing a couple of deer and elk a year. This workhorse can even grind chicken bones without any signs of slowing down.

For the price, it comes as little surprise when the grinder has a stainless steel head, meat pan, auger, and motor housing for durability. This ETL-certified grinder is also equipped with a built-in circuit breaker for added safety.  

We understand why the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty for their products with all of the mentioned features. It’s quite impressive considering the industry-standard warranty for meat grinders spans from only 1 to 3 years. 


  • Processes meat quickly
  • Heavy-duty
  • Improved sausage stuffing function
  • Can handle raw chicken bones
  • Long 5-year warranty
  • ETL-certified


  • No reverse options

LEM #8 Big Bite – Best For Regular Use

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If you only grind a few deer a year, there is no need to go for heavy-duty like our first pick. 

LEM #8 Big Bite meat grinder can grind 7 pounds of meat per minute with fewer power horses, making it more suitable for regular use. In return, you can save some money as more power horses for meat grinders equate to a considerably higher price. 

We were particularly impressed with its build quality, though. Everything is stainless steel and appears heavy-duty and durable. The brush steel finish also helps to reduce fingerprints left in the body. You can find a storage drawer right beneath the grinder head to keep plates or knives at hand. 

While the grinder does not grind as fast as its #12 brother, it operates as quiet thanks to the well-lubricated motor with improved grease formulation. Besides, the grinder head’s rifling pattern helps push the meat forward, so there’s less hassle for the user while grinding.


  • Ideal for regular grinding
  • Storage underneath the grinder
  • Durable stainless steel design
  • Quiet operation
  • Highly portable with heavy-duty handle
  • 5-year warranty


  • No reverse option
  • Gets slightly warm when sausage stuffing

Weston Butcher Series #12 – Best For Quiet Operation

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Weston Butcher Series #12 grinder is a combination of rugged durability and quiet operation, which makes the grinding process more enjoyable. Thanks to the patented offset head design, the model grinds your game meat pretty quickly. 

In addition, it is equipped with precision-engineered steel gears to process your game meat with speed and power. Indeed, this Weston grinder can tackle between 6 and 9 pounds per hour, making it among the fastest meat grinders of the pack. 

We are pretty amazed at how quiet it turns out when grinding meat for such a big machine. You could hold a conversation standing next to it without raising your voice. Thanks to the non-slip rubber feet, the grinder won’t move around wildly when in use. A very well-behaved kid!

This machine is also highly prized for processing chicken, rabbit, and turkey bones. Besides grinding elk and deer, many users are happy to use it to make raw food for their cats and dogs.

The only quibble is that the power switches are positioned directly under the power cord. It’s a minor inconvenience when you need to turn them on and off.


  • Grinds meat fast with the offset head design 
  • Operates silently
  • 5-year warranty
  • Rugged durability
  • Grinds bones effortlessly
  • Easy to clean


  • Slightly expensive

VBENLEM 3 in 1 Electric 500LB/H Meat Grinder – Best For Multi-Purpose Use

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VBENLEM is made of rust-resistant 304 stainless steel and equipped with a powerful copper motor. It is built to last for years of heavy use. Meat slicer, meat grinder, and sausage stuffer – you can get all of them in a single machine. 

This commercial-rated machine can also slice, dice, or shred veggies, which is something you cannot do with many meat grinders. Also, the two included plates of different diameters (6mm and 8mm) give you flexibility over the thickness of meat you want. 

This meat grinder is meant for prolonged, heavy use. However, there’s no need to worry that it will heat up since there are ventilating vents at the bottom. It won’t move around, either, thanks to the four non-slip bases.

Of all meat grinders we are reviewing, VBENLEM boasts the best meat processing capacity. It can grind around 350 pounds of meat per hour, which is more than enough to grind many deer, elk, or whatever trophy game you bring home.

On the downside, this unit is quite heavy (over 80 pounds), so it’s challenging to move around when needed. 


  • 3-in-1 machine
  • Processes an impressive quantity of meat
  • Air vents for heat dissipation
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Wear and rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Powerful motor


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

STX Turboforce II Platinum – Best For Hand-Free Operation

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Say goodbye to meaty hands and sticky buttons; we have a nice solution for you. This STX Turboforce Platinum offers two control options. You can use it via buttons as you usually would or operate the grinder with a foot pedal (included). 

Many people prefer the pedal option as it allows them to feed and stuff while grinding hands free. Just be cautious when your hands are in the danger zones, as you can accidentally step over the pedal and injure yourself.

The feeding tube measures 2 inches in diameter, which is quite large for a home-use grinder. It means you won’t have to cut meat into very tiny pieces to feed into it. 

In addition, the motor can reach up to 2000W of peak output under load. As a result, it can grind soft meat in the blink of an eye and handle tough slabs of game meat without slowing down. You can grind up from 175 to 225 pounds of meat per hour with this grinder. 

STX comes with a longer list of attachments than other models in this review. There are up to six grinding plates, three sausage tubes, and even Kubbe/Kibbe attachments, and more. 

Besides, the grinder features Quad Air Cooling technology, which is designed to keep the motor cool when grinding for an extended period.


  • Hands-free pedal control
  • Comes with many attachments
  • Reasonably priced
  • Handles soft bones
  • Cools down the motor with Quad Air Cooling technology


  • Quite loud

STX Turboforce 3000 Meat Grinder – Best For Budget

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There are many things to love about this model. It’s the most affordable on this list, and the robust motor, sleek look, and thoughtful list of accessories make it all the more appealing.

The STX Turboforce features a spacious meat hopper that measures 9.75 x 7.25 x 2 inches (LxWxD). It can hold up to 3 pounds of wild game meat at a time. In addition, its opening is relatively wide, at 2-⅛ inches, so that you can feed a larger amount of meat into the grinder. 

Also, the meat auger of the unit features AVI (Advanced Variable Intake) technology, and when coupled with the large hopper opening, it allows you to grind more meat at a time. With properly prepped game meat, this model can grind from 180 to 240 pounds in an hour.

There are three-speed switches to suit different grinding needs. The slow mode is for stuffing sausage, the high mode is for regular grinding, and the reverse option is essential when the machine gets clogged. 

The included three grinding plates allow you to grind your meat to different textures (fine, medium, and coarse). They make processing games at home or making venison hamburgers or sausage a breeze. 


  • Affordable
  • An assortment of attachments
  • Spacious meat hopper
  • Process games fast without bogging down
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek look
  • Polished cast-aluminum head and meat hopper


  • Not ideal for bones
  • Requires learning curves to use proficiently

Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder – Best For Design

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Sunmile SM-G50 ETL is another option for those who want to grind fresh hunting meat at home. Its 350W rated motor can grind up to 200 pounds of meat per hour. 

Many users are surprised at how fast this grinder walks through mounds of deer meat. It also does an excellent job of grinding sinew and non-frozen meat. 

This Sunmile hunter grinder has a sleek design with its head made of polished cast aluminum. In addition to the heavy-duty motor, the gear and gearbox are all-metal to hold up to daily use. There is also a storage compartment on the back of the grinder, which you can use to tuck away the cord or accessories. 

You will also appreciate the large-capacity tray and wide aluminum tube, especially when working with large portions of game meat. The tray lets you pile up more meat, and the large tube means there’s no need to chop the meat to a tiny size. 

However, the while plastic housing and the square buttons somewhat make the grinder less attractive. A stainless steel finish is preferable to many people.


  • Thoughtful design
  • High-power motor
  • Quiet operation
  • Large feeding tube and tray
  • Solid performance


  • Cheap plastic housing

Why Do Hunters Need Good Meat Grinders?

Save money

Using a deer processing shop might be expensive in the long run. You pay for the service and the gas mileage you use to travel. It’s also an inconvenience if you live far away from the store. Although a hunter meat grinder might entail a high upfront cost, it saves your money down the road.  

Not to mention that a good meat grinder is a worthwhile investment. Imagine freshly ground meat is used for making tasty burgers, sausage, or other food. It means you can enjoy all the meaty dishes right in the comfort of your home.


Grinding your own meat is more rewarding than paying for a meat processing shop and gives you more control over what comes into the grinder. 

Many people often question store-processed meat since they are unsure about the number of preservatives or chemicals added. However, that’s not the case with home-processed meat.  

You can trim fat, tendons, and cartilage if you or your family don’t want them. Or you may want to combine different types of meat and experiment with different ways of seasoning to bring out a unique recipe. 


Many heavy-duty models are highly versatile. Besides grinding deer and elk, they can process vegetables or soft bones. Thus, you know you’re going to put them to good use in the off-season.  

Using your own meat grinder also means that you can grind the meat to the texture and thickness you desire. Most models in the market come with several plates of different sizes, which allows you to adjust to your needs.

It’s worth noting that grinding bones are pretty hard on the motor, and not many meat grinders are cut out for the job. Make sure that your meat grinder is approved for bone grinding, and check out what type of bone you can feed into it. You don’t want to risk breaking your grinder. 


Grinding your own game keeps you in charge of every step involved in the process, from spotting the target to the moment you store the ground meat in the freezer. The best meat grinder for hunters is an investment that will pay off mouth-watering meaty dishes for years to come.

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