What To Look For When Buying A Meat Grinder? (7 Factors To Consider)

What To Look For When Buying A Meat Grinder

Meat grinders are one of the most beneficial cooking tools you might find for kitchen appliances.

Yet, not everyone knows how to pick the right ones in the myriad of available models nowadays. So, if you also want to know what to look for when buying a meat grinder, don’t miss out until the end.

7 Key Factors To Look For When Buying A Meat Grinder

Select The Machine Operation Technique

The operation technique is the starting point on your quest to discover the perfect meat grinder since it will impact many variables and help disqualify some products from your shortlist of possible options.

There are 2 kinds of meat grinders nowadays: the manual variants (requiring users to spin a wheel using their hands) and an electric model (requiring only the press of a button to start), both with their unique advantages and disadvantages.

The final selection boils down to whether you prefer to spare budget plus storage or time and work without going into too much detail.

Manual products are less expensive and more compact, yet you must do all of the labor. Meanwhile, electric models are bulkier and relatively pricier, allowing for effortless and straightforward meat grinding. 

After you’ve decided between those 2 priorities, you may check into each device’s exact specs and characteristics.

Pay Attention To The Durability

Similar to all other cooking equipment, you should always pick a machine that possesses incredible durability. Meanwhile, the machine should also handle and put up with the use volume according to your intention. And one factor that affects durability is the material.

Reinforced plastic casings are common in manual meat grinders since they are more economical to build while being robust and capable of retaining the structure intact.

Electric versions might also possess plastic covers. However, a few will incorporate generally sturdier metal frames. Seek for a product featuring a cast aluminum housing for maximum durability since this is an industrial-grade metal intended to handle a lot of intensive operation.

Stainless Steel Blades Are The Go-Tos

The cutting blade perhaps plays the most crucial role in a meat grinder since it accounts for physically chopping up the ingredients and turning them into ground proteins and veggies.

In this case, you should select a meat grinder utilizing stainless steel blades. Such blades will be highly robust and powerful and good at keeping a constant sharpness throughout time. 

Meanwhile, stainless steel is also corrosion-proof, which is crucial for food hygiene because oxidation may be tricky to remove and contaminate the meat.

User-friendliness Is A Key

Ease of use is mostly about how comfortable you feel when using the meat grinder, instead of how the grinder operates solely. Although you might think it’s of no importance, user-friendliness is something you should take into account. 

It is critical that you select a meat grinder that is effortless to handle and function, notably if you intend to utilize it usually. Moreover, if your device is a manual meat grinder, ease of operation gets even more crucial.

Consider the placement of your outlet concerning the lever (or power button on electric versions) and the width plus the arrangement of the feeding hose, as such factors affect how simple or complicated it is to operate the machine.

When it is tricky to utilize or place in your house, you will become less inclined to utilize it, sacrificing your time and money.

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Ease Of Cleaning Is Also A Huge Plus

No one enjoys cleaning up after several hours of cooking. Still, appropriate hygiene and sanitation are critical when handling kitchen tasks, and meat grinders are among the machines that call for the most focus and devotion throughout cleanings.

As you will be dealing with uncooked meats, having any on the grinder might result in a growth of germs or pathogens that can get transmitted to your dish in the upcoming usage, causing you very unwell.

Stainless steel is an excellent candidate once again since the cleaning process is very straightforward, notably if the blades and discs are detachable. Other versions may also be machine washable, making cleaning even more straightforward.

See If It Comes With Accessories

Everybody appreciates receiving a few extras with their purchases, and household products frequently offer many of the most intriguing and practical attachments available.

When shopping for a meat grinder, the first thing you would like to look for is extra grinding discs, enabling you to fine-tune the brittleness of the protein you ground. Unfortunately, conventional versions only include 2 plates (for coarser or finer foods). Thus, something more than that is stepping above and beyond.

Meat grinders incorporating sausage manufacturing accessories are also quite popular, allowing users to ground the protein and insert it into an outer wrap of their preference.

Specific versions might have accessories with varying diameters for different sausage sizes, therefore double-check the variety and dimensions of those accessories if possible. 

A kubbe accessory or a pasta-making accessory, or an auger, food pusher, or extra slicing edges are examples of optional attachments.

Think About Your Available Space

It’s usually a good idea to consider how much spare space you possess on your countertop to ensure that you can easily accommodate a meat grinder without space shortage.

It might simply mean a matter of counter space for many people since a grinder could be conveniently out in the public if you intend to use it regularly. However, if you wish to store it somewhere more private, ensure that you possess enough space in your cupboards or pantry.

Manual grinders will be much more compact than electric versions, making them an excellent alternative if your house runs out of space.


Now you’ve grasped all the recommended aspects regarding what to look for when buying a meat grinder. We hope with all the guidelines above, your decision-making process is much clearer. Follow our recommendations strictly, and we bet you’ll find yourself the perfect ones.

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