What Kind Of Oil To Use In A Meat Grinder?

It is apparent that a meat grinder can play an important role in your kitchen, which helps you with a wide range of food recipes. Yet, if you want everything to go well with it, you’ll need to use oil for lubricating purposes. 

But the actual question here is: What kind of oil to use in a meat grinder? Without further ado, let’s dive into the answer.

What Kind Of Oil To Use In A Meat Grinder?

While there are several brands to choose from, ensure the one you choose has mineral oil as a significant ingredient.

Mineral oil-based spray oil bottles assist in preventing oxidation and rust, both of which can shorten the lifespan of your meat grinder.

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Why Do You Have To Oil Your Meat Grinder?

The most crucial reason to oil or lubricate your grinder is to prevent corrosion, as previously indicated. Rusting cuts the lifespan of your grinding machine in half, and if you don’t take care of it properly, you could wind up with the same problems you were trying to avoid — oxidation and rust. 

Here are some more reasons why lubrication is necessary in this case: 

1. Make rotation easier

This is especially true for hand grinding machines. If the components in your manual grinder’s food tube are correctly greased before storage, the primary mechanism in the food tube will work properly. 

If done correctly, oiling your mincer will lower the force required to rotate its handle for a productive grind by half.

2. Save you a great deal of money

Greasing your meat mincer can ensure that you won’t need to spend more money on it in the future, especially if you take appropriate care of the one you already have. It also ensures that you won’t have to spend on cleaning the rust off your meat mincer. 

3. Add in storage

With your grinding machine parts getting oiled, you may look forward to keeping them with reasonable simplicity. Lubricating your grinder guarantees that it is adequately preserved without any adverse effects damaging the machine’s operating components.

How To Remove Rust From Your Meat Grinder Disc?

You can cover the outside layer with food-grade mineral oil to prevent corrosion during storage. If you do not have mineral oil, feel free to substitute any other oil.

The size of the meat coming out is controlled by a grinder disc, which is a replaceable flat metal disc having from tiny to big holes. 

A coating of rust can form on a grinding machine disc if it is stored unclean or improperly. So, you should scrape away all the surface rust from the disc to restore its pristine metallic luster. 

First, wrap a towel in half and place the rusted disc in the center. Using one hand, keep the disc in place while scraping any big particles of rust from the surface with a craft knife.

Apply some drops of vegetable or mineral oil along both sides of the disc with a stiff brush. Brush away corrosion and rust with moderate pressure in a tight circular movement. 

When it comes to eliminating rust, brass bristles and stainless steel brushes with offset grips perform well. Put on thick protective gloves before taking up the disc and wiping its surface using a soap-free wool pad. 

Then, continue with less-pressure circular motion, taking additional time on any persistent rust spots. Use a needle file to remove rust from the sides of the holes after re-oiling the disc. 

When it comes into contact with both edges of the hole, twist it. The tiny tips of calibrated needle files go into the minor grinder disc holes. 

The greasy disc should be washed with dish soap and adequately dried. You can use it immediately or preserve it in a sealed plastic bag with a vegetable or mineral oil coating.


All in all, to minimize the risk of rusting to a minimum, you should oil your grinding machine components before storing them. Therefore, understanding what kind of oil to use in a meat grinder is essential. 

Up to now, we hope that you have acquired more valuable knowledge and tips on choosing the suitable oil for your meat mincer, as explained above. Thanks for reading!

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