Can You Grind Fish In A Meat Grinder?

This is a common question for those who desire to take more advantage of their familiar kitchen tool instead of buying another specialized one for fish.

Also, it’s worth considering for those who want to know whether a meat mincer can fulfill this task before purchasing. If you have the same query, you had better not miss this valuable article. 

Typically, a meat mincer has a variety of functions that people do not usually think of due to this device name. Therefore, read on to explore whether its applications comprise grinding fish or not with some extra tips regarding this matter. 


Can You Grind Fish In A Meat Grinder? 

Yes, you can. Although its name refers to only meat-related functions, the machine is multifunctional and can grind many other foods, including fish. 

Indeed, a meat mincer offers a wide range of applications apart from grinding meat, such as making sausages, making burger patties, grinding bones, and grinding vegetables. For that reason, it is a highly profitable kitchen appliance for every household. 

Rest assured that your grinder can grind various types of fish into tiny bits effectively with ease. Especially when you grind big batches, it will be a beneficial partner to complete the duty effortlessly. Yet, you better be mindful that it can retexturize your fish sometimes.

How to Do It?

Bear in mind that you can grind fish into small pieces effectively only when using this appliance properly. Follow these steps below to achieve your goal.

  1. Prepare the fish and chill it in the freezer for around fifteen minutes. After that, cut it into smaller pieces before grinding to make the following process easier. 
  2. Chill the grinder’s parts equally, including the blades, bowl, and other accessories. This method is necessary to get a clean grind and prevent the fish from tearing or getting mushy, 
  3. Group all the components and attachments to start this machine. Subsequently, press the fish lightly and maintain a medium grinding speed during the entire process. When the first one is finely ground, put another fish and repeat until you finish. 

In Which Situations Do You Need To Grind Fish?

There are many circumstances where you will want to do so.

For example, ground fish is often used for making numerous tasty dishes such as cakes and meatballs. These foods are popular and favored in countless countries around the world. 


What Are The Critical Factors When Choosing A Grinder That Can Grind Fish?

Feeding tube size

If you plan not to cut fish into tiny parts before putting it into the grinder, you need to go for a large feeding tube unit. Indeed, the average feeding tube size is #8 or #5, but for these grinding purposes, the feeding tube size should be at least #22.

Motor power

A meat mincer needs a robust and sufficient motor to run over the bones nicely. #32 or #22 electric grinders regularly come with a superior engine. Thus, you should consider either of them a powerful motor.


The material is necessarily firm and resistant to corrosion. For this point, models made of stainless steel and aluminum are ideal options to look for. 


If you want a portable machine, you will prefer an aluminum-made item since stainless steel materials are usually heavier in comparison.


Don’t overlook the above information and tips if you want to use the grinder properly and avoid ruining your fish unexpectedly.

Follow these instructions, and enjoy the desired outcome. If you find our article helpful, please share it with others having the same question. Last but not least, contact us if you have any other questions on this topic.

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