Can You Convert Meat Grinder To A Grain Mill?

Convert Meat Grinder To A Grain Mill

The most straightforward method to get ground meat at home is by buying a high-quality meat grinder. It is an excellent tool for fine chopping, grinding the meat into sections of uniform size, and blending cooked or raw meat, vegetables, and fish. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to grinding grains, it is a different aspect because the seeds of grains are much tougher. So, can you really make a grain mill from your meat grinder?

If this question has been boggling your mind, make sure you read the article until the end to avoid missing the trustworthy answers and valuable tips when changing your grinder’s function. 

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Can You Convert Meat Grinder To A Grain Mill?

Yes, you can. However, not every grinder is suitable for this purpose. 

For a meat mincer to grind grains, it has to meet specific conditions and a few appropriate attachments. In most cases, you need to extend the hopper and adjust the plates.

It is best to use manual grinders rather than electric ones because graining mills take lots of time and work to change them into fine flour. Thus, grinding mills may make your machine break down because of overheating and overloading with electrical products.

In addition, learning how to modify suitable attachments for your manual mincer is vital because it helps you receive optimal results. So, read on to check some related critical elements.

The Necessary Factors

Some people choose food processors when it comes to graining mills, yet this is a considerable investment. Therefore, changing your meat grinder to a grain mill is an affordable way. 

However, a standard grinder cannot function as a grain mill, which leads to essential adjustments and modifications. Here are some necessary requirements that need to be met.

Quality of speed controller

One of the most vital features here is the quality of the speed controller. A robust speed controller is required for the fine and coarse texture of the grain. 

This feature is essential as it helps you decide the texture in which the finished item of the grain comes out. Specifically, the product is fine, coarse, or middle to meet specific needs.


It pays to consider the power of the motor when changing your grinder’s function. A powerful motor assists you in milling grains with ease. Therefore, it is advisable to buy 1 horsepower meat grinder, bringing you the best result with ease. 

It is also ideal for grinding grains if your mincer is motorized, with extra attachment. On the other hand, applying the grain milling heads accessible in the showcase is advisable to boost performance.

Most people choose a manual grinder designed to handle overload and be used for an extended time. Nevertheless, if you select to apply the hand crank grinder, it is best to add some bolts, washers, and nuts to obtain the best result.  

Can you use a meat grinder to grind corn?

Yes, it is an excellent tool to grind corn to create a delicious and attractive meal for your pets instead of graining mills. Some people love to feed their pets with crushed and coarse corn or grains, while others prefer to grind them smooth. 

Passing the corn or grains several times helps you to produce your desired products for your purpose. Besides, a meat mincer is an ideal choice to make sausages and burger patties. It is also perfect for grinding bones, vegetables, and cookie dough. 

Is it necessary to wash wheat before milling?

It is vital to clean the wheat completely before preparing it for grinding. When contact between the water and the wheat has been built up, it needs time to penetrate the grain.


After checking out this article, we hope you’ve got your answer. Generally, performing this task may not meet the desire to produce a fine powder. However, as mentioned above, a manual machine with some attachments helps you to create coarse and middle flour.

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