Are Meat Grinder Plates Interchangeable? (Explained)

A meat grinder can perform a variety of tasks related to food preparation. Indeed, it helps prepare your favorite meal with nutritious fruits, safe meat, and vegetable items.

Needless to say, the grinder has evolved into a necessary machine in every home or restaurant. Their grinding plates are the main components that provide the desired meat output. But, when it comes to the different sizes of result meat, are meat grinder plates interchangeable?

Are Meat Grinder Plates Interchangeable?

Yes, they are. You can utilize a specific cutting plate for any meat grinder regardless of who supplies them. Remember that if you’re seeking a plate for an electric grinding tool, double-check that it is the right one. 

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Different Types Of Meat Grinder Plates

It would be best if you considered a few factors before purchasing a meat grinding plate. Here are some tips to make your meat grinding experience more fulfilling. 

1. Hub or hub-less

In fact, one or more cutting discs are included with every grinding machine. Each has a distinct hole size, which is suitable for different purposes and meal recipes. 

The plates are interchangeable, and if they’re hub-less, you can use them on both sides. On the other hand, you can only use them on one side if that’s a grinder with hubs.

The cutting plate without a hub has an advantage over the one with a hub since a hub-less version enables you to replace the cutting blade without changing it. Also, it allows you to use the modules on any side of the plate. Therefore, cutting blades with no hubs saves money and lasts a long time. 

2. Stainless steel or carbon steel

Stainless steel or carbon steel are commonly used to make cutting plates. Although stainless steel cutting discs are highly corrosion-resistant, they should not be submerged in water overnight to ensure their durability. 

To get good results, you should sharpen the grinding discs and cutting blades as needed. After a lengthy period of mincing and grinding meat, most of the grinder components may wear out. 

Bear in mind that if any non-matching components are attempted to be installed in the machine, it will malfunction, and the initial elements will no longer be acceptable. Moreover, when working with large quantities of meat, replacing the plates saves much time and money.

What Meat Grinder Plate Size Should You Have?

The size of the plate is entirely up to you. If you’re going to grind large pieces of meat, you’ll need a larger plate; if you’re going to grind tiny pieces of meat, a small one will suffice. 

You can use the smaller size to grind the meat at home, and you will obtain an excellent result. The proper size plates, such as 3/16″, 1/4″, and 1/8″, can ground meat perfectly for use in hot dogs, hamburgers, and other fast food products. 

When purchasing a meat grinder, it is essential to select a reputable brand. In addition, the ideal plate size is 3/16′′, allowing you to grind meat precisely. 

However, if you get a grinder from a local retailer at a low cost, you won’t get a groove. They won’t provide you with a stainless steel plate; therefore, you should invest in a product from well-known brands. 

The superior option is getting more plates for the grinder if you pick one since its nature is interchangeable. Therefore, if you have an additional plate, swap it out if you encounter issues when grinding.

Side Note: Consider This If You Are Using The Universal No. 2 Meat Grinder

There are specific unique characteristics to the vintage Universal No. 2 meat grinder. First, its blade is constructed of stainless steel of the highest grade. 

There is no substitute for the Universal No. 2 grinder when chopping or grinding meat. It will ground the meat according to your preferences. Therefore, the plate of this appliance is not interchangeable.


Meat grinders are extremely useful kitchen gadgets for meat-eaters. After reading this article, you can understand that almost all the grinder plates are interchangeable. 

However, before taking a new grinding plate, consider the above-mentioned factors to get you a suitable one. Thanks for reading!

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