How Long To Cook Chicken Breast In The Oven At 350 Degrees?

How Long To Cook Chicken Breast In The Oven At 350 Degrees

Aside from all healthy meat, chicken breast is a rich source of lean protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron. Chicken breast is one of the most common parts of the chicken. 172 grams of cooked skinless chicken breast contains 54 grams of protein.

When cooking through the oven, we always consider the cooking temperature to make sure that the food we are cooking is done perfectly and it is important to know the right cooking time for your dish.

So how long does it takes to cook a chicken breast in the oven at 350 degrees F? Well, to find out more just keep reading below!

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How Long To Cook Chicken Breast In The Oven At 350℉?

Make sure the chicken is completely thawed before cooking it. Frozen chicken takes longer to cook and cooks unevenly. Frozen chicken can be safely thawed in the refrigerator or placed in a plastic bag and submerged in cool tap water.

If you are cooking chicken breast in a 350-degree oven, cook for 25-30 minutes. This guarantees that the chicken is fully cooked without drying out. You can ensure the chicken breast is cooked through by utilizing a meat thermometer to check that the internal temperature of the thickest part of the meat is 165℉.

When baking a chicken breast, 350 degrees is a good oven temperature. You may also get better results with a little higher oven temperature like 400 degrees. This oven temperature will lessen the baking time and produce a scrumptious dish.

How Long To Cook Chicken Breast In The Oven At 350

How Long To Cook Chicken Breast At 350 Using Foil?

If you’re in a hurry, wrapping the chicken breast in foil before cooking will cut the baking time by 5 to 7 minutes. But, foil-wrapped chicken may not brown as much as unwrapped chicken.

For instance, a chicken breast baked in foil at 350 degrees takes about 20 to 25 minutes. This makes sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked and juicy. When cooking chicken in foil, leave a gap between the chicken and the edge of the foil to allow the heat to circulate evenly.

To avoid sticking and making a mess when baking a chicken breast, always make sure to use a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or foil.

How To Prepare A Healthy Chicken Breast For A Meal?

Chicken is a healthy, versatile protein that can be used in a variety of dishes. Chicken breast is a leaner piece of chicken recommended for those looking for a healthier diet. Chicken breast is overall healthy, but it’s essential to cook it correctly so it keeps its nutrients and is safe to eat.

An easy way to prepare chicken breast is to season it with pepper, salt, and other spices of your choice. You can also coat the chicken with bread crumbs, flour, or other similar ingredients before cooking. This helps to form a crispy outer layer when cooking chicken.

When cooking chicken breasts, it is vital to use a method that does not dry out or toughen the chicken. Baking, grilling, or poaching the chicken are great options.

How To Bake A Chicken Breast At 350℉?

How Long To Cook Chicken Breast In Oven At 350

1) Preheat the oven to 350℉.

2) Place chicken breasts on a baking sheet lined with foil or parchment paper.

3) Season the chicken breasts with the spices of your choice. Chicken breasts are normally quite bland on their own, so we recommend adding some sort of spice.

4) Bake chicken breasts for 25 to 30 minutes, or until they reach an internal temperature of 165℉.

5) Remove chicken from the oven and allow to rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving or cutting.

How Long To Bake Frozen Chicken Breast At 350℉?

Frozen chicken breasts usually take about 50% longer to bake than defrosted chicken breasts. So normally if you bake a chicken breast at 350℉ for 30 minutes, it should cook for about 45 minutes if frozen.

Nevertheless, chicken breasts tend to dry out quickly, so check them regularly and season them with a little chicken broth or other liquid if necessary.

Tips To Keep Chicken Breast Moist And Tender

1) Marinate the chicken breast overnight in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and herbs. This will steep the chicken with flavor and keep it moist.

2) When cooking chicken breasts, sear the outside of the chicken in a hot skillet before cooking. This allows you to create a crispy outer layer while keeping the inside moist.

3) Preheat your oven, skillet, or grill before cooking chicken breasts. Heating the cooking surface before adding the chicken will lock the juiciness.

4) To avoid drying out, chicken breasts can be boiled in chicken stock or wrapped in bacon before cooking. The added moisture helps keep the chicken tender and juicy.

5) After cooking, let the chicken breast rest for a few minutes before slicing. This will redistribute the chicken’s juices and keep it moist and delicious.

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Do You Flip Chicken When Baking?

You don’t have to flip the chicken during baking, but some people prefer to flip it to ensure it cooks. If you want to flip chicken breasts during baking, make sure to do so cautiously so that the chicken doesn’t stick to the pan or fall to pieces.


It’s safe to say that chicken breast can be cooked for about 25 to 30 minutes at 350℉. This will make sure that the chicken is cooked through and stays juicy. When baking chicken breasts at home, be certain to use leaner cuts of meat and cook them through healthy methods like grilling or baking. By following these tips above, you can make chicken breasts a healthful and tasty part of your diet.

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