Can You Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades?

can you sharpen meat grinder blades

A meat grinder is excellent culinary equipment to not only save your time in the kitchen but also produce excellent meals. Yet, suppose that you use your grinder often. Have you ever had to replace the blades and find out they are not as sharp as before? 

It’s commonly known that these blades can quickly get dull and blunt if they are not sharpened regularly. So can you sharpen meat grinder blades, and how do you do that? Don’t miss out until the end to seek the final answer.


Can You Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades?

A lot of people think that it’s not possible, but they are mistaken. Good news: It’s easy to sharpen meat grinder blades, even if you don’t have much experience sharpening. 

Self-sharpening blades are a great opportunity to save more money. Just a few minutes and simple tools can do nicely for this task! 

By implementing a suitable method, you will succeed in extending your grinder’s blades lifespan. Continue reading to find out all the valuable tips on how to do it quickly and straightforwardly.

3 Methods To Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades 

First, remember to remove the meat blades with a plier and a screwdriver. The easiest way to disassemble your appliance is to follow the instructions in the product guide. After that, use one of the three methods listed below: 

Using sandpaper

Sandpaper is a tough, abrasive coating of glass or paper with abrasive substance glues on the surface. Using sandpaper is one of the most natural and often used methods for sharpening meat grinder blades.

Things to prepare: 

  • Sandpapers: 120 or 600 grits
  • A gloves
  • Glass sheet
  • Clean cloth
  • Water 
  • Scrap paper


  • After acquiring all of the necessary supplies, you must locate a flat surface suitable for sharpening the blades.
  • Put the glass sheet on a flat surface, then dampen a clean cloth with water and wipe the surface. After cleaning with a cloth, make sure the surface is damp and has no excess water.
  • Wear gloves during the sharpening procedure to protect your hands and improve your grip.
  • Next, check the sharpness of the blades by slicing scrap paper. 
  • Now, dampen the blade before sharpening it and push them on sandpaper at 45 degrees, then begin moving the blade over the sandpaper’s surface in a circular or figure-eight motion.
  • Continue this procedure at least ten times or until you achieve the desired sharpness.
  • The final step is to wipe out particles that are produced after completing the procedure carefully.

If you want more smoothness of the blade, switch from 120 grit sandpaper to 600 grit sandpaper.

Using a belt sharpener

This method is only suitable for skilled people. In addition, a sharpening system with manufacturer instructions is another similar option that is easy to apply.

Things to prepare:


  • Soak the stones in clean water for at least five minutes.
  • Then, place the stone and ring in the grinder but do not tighten.
  • Power on the grinder for 3-5 seconds and then turn it off.
  • Repeat the procedure to sharpen the blade on the backside.
  • Next, rub the cutting edges with cardboard to remove any burrs.
  • Finish by washing the blades in clean water and dry before reinstalling them in the proper sequence.

Using a sharpening stone

If you’re a handyman, let’s create a homemade tool to sharpen your grinder blade or use a grindstone.

Things to prepare:

  • A fine gritstone or a coarse stone: A diamond stone is highly recommended because it is durable, oil, and water-resistant.
  • A gloves
  • Scrap paper
  • Clean cloth


  • Wear gloves for your safety since you’re going to begin working on the blades.
  • Check the sharpness of the blades, and once you’ve finished sharpening, repeat this process.
  • Place the stone on a flat surface and pick a blade.
  • Next, sharpen the blade in back and forth motion or circular motion
  • Continue this procedure at least ten times or until you achieve the desired sharpness.
  • Once completed, you need to use a cloth to wipe away all excess dirt and particles.

Benefits Of Sharpening Blades Regularly

Are you aware that your kitchen grinder’s blades need to be sharpened regularly? By sharpening it every few months, you can ensure that these powerful tools are always at their peak performance for efficient grinding purposes.

The amount of food you can process through the grinder will depend on how often blades work to do this. The best way to chop meat quickly is using a grinder with sharp blades. 

Dull and blunt blades can break off anytime, so it’s better if you have a grinder with a sharp blade that works efficiently to reduce overheating while saving time as well as electricity.


We hope that our guide and tips above have been of help for you to know if it is possible to sharpen grinder blades and how to do it correctly.

Overall, whether you’re a restaurant owner or someone who enjoys cooking at home with friends and family, take some time today to read through our three different methods for sharpening those blades. You can do this process at home without any complicated steps.

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