Does Dragon Fruit Grow On Trees? (Surprising Facts)

Does Dragon Fruit Grow On Trees

Dragonfruit is a fruit that grows on cactuses. It can grow on tree-like cactuses or it can climb other surfaces to get support. Cactuses have roots that come out of the branches and find something to climb. The dragonfruit is pink with white pulp and black seeds inside.

The cactus that grows dragon fruit is like a tree, but it’s not really. It does not have stiff, hard bark and no leaves. The part that looks like branches are more like the branches of a weeping willow and they bend down with their own weight.

If you want to grow it at home, it could be best to plant it with another plant that will act as support. The fruit takes a long time before bearing fruit so you will need to be patient.

How Many Dragon Fruit Types Are There?

Different types of this fruit are found in different colors. For example, the red one is usually more common than the yellow variety. The ones that are not ripe will be green.

Hylocereus megalanthus

This type is yellow with white pulp and black seeds. It is rare to see this kind in gardens because it is thornier than any other variety. This variety is the least known.

Hylocereus undatus

This type has red skin on the outside and an edible white part on the inside. You can grow this in your garden or other places. It is the most common one on the market right now.

Hylocereus costaricensis

This type is red both inside and on the outside. The skin looks light on the outside and very red on the inside.

Other branches

There are more types than the three I mentioned. But these three are the most common. The yellow one is the sweetest and best tasting, with the red pulp coming in second.

The dragonfruit that is pink with white flesh is the one that tastes the worst, IMO. There are usually lower levels of sugar in these fruits, which can make them taste bad. Also, sometimes people do not pick the fruit at the right time.

What Does It Take For the Plants to Grow?


Dragon fruit plants are mostly found in Mexico, Asia, and South America. They do best when it is hot because cacti are good in deserts. If you want to grow them at home, you should plant them in pots so that they are not too cold.

It might not grow if the temperature is too cold and it can be dangerous if the temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Soil requirements

This fruit grows best in sandy soil. If you have sandy soil, that is good. You can also grow them in other types of soils as long as they drain well. It prefers a slightly acidic soil level between six and seven on the pH scale.


Fertilizers help plants grow. The fertilizer should be balanced and only applied when the plant is actively growing.
You might not always need to apply fertilizer in winter since the plant is less active then.


Water may not be needed for the cacti. If it is, then water it when you feel that the topsoil is dry. The cacti will also use water within their leaves to feed the fruit. Soil should have good air and not stagnant water, or else the cacti will die and production will decrease.

How to Grow the Plants At Home

If you want to grow dragon fruit from seeds, then you should buy organic fruit from the market. Take out the seeds and plant them in compost or a pot. They will grow after two weeks. The dragon fruit cactus plant can take 5 years to reach maturity when planted from seedlings.

You can also achieve this by getting cuttings from the dragon fruit cacti. Cut off 30 cm of the cacti and let it dry for a week. When you plant it, it will grow in a month with water. In three years, you will have a mature plant that will produce fruit in time to eat them.

Harvesting Dragon Fruits

Dragon fruit is a type of cactus. When the cactus flowers, it means that dragon fruit will soon grow on the plant. The fruit takes weeks to become ready for harvesting.

When it is ready, you can cut off the dragon fruit with a sharp knife and put it in a cooler place to stay fresh longer. The color of the dragon fruit could be bright pink-red or yellow when it is time for harvesting.


Does dragon fruit grow on trees or bushes?

No, it is not a tree or bush. It is a cactus that climbs high. Make sure you provide some support for it to grow on.

Is dragon fruit a tree or vine?

It is a vine-y type cactus.

Where does dragon fruit naturally grow?

It naturally grows in Central America, South America, and some other countries. It is found wild in Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and other places.

How big does a dragon fruit tree get?

The trees grow to be about 25 feet. Dragons fruit trees are cactus that need water, but they also need something to climb on. The tree is heavy and can reach up to 7.5 meters and weigh several hundred pounds as it grows older.


Dragon fruit is a cactus type of plant that grows in warm and humid climates. It has health functions in the body.

When it grows on cacti, it can do well in warm areas. But if you want to grow dragonfruit plants, you can place them inside pots to protect them from cold winters when the climate is not good for plants. You can plant dragonfruit from seedlings or cuttings of the plant.

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