Why Dragon Fruit Is So Expensive? (The Main Reasons)

Why Dragon Fruit Is So Expensive

Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that has been grown in the Southern region of Asia for centuries. It was once thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered in 1833.

The dragon fruit’s flesh is soft and juicy, with a sweet flavor that tastes like a mix between kiwi and pineapple.

However, its price tag may keep you from trying this exotic treat at your local grocery store!

Have you ever wondered why? We’re going to take a look at some popular misconceptions about the cost of this delicious food item.

Why dragon fruit is so expensive?

It’s an imported fruit type, thus expensive

The dragon fruit is often an import- and if you’re looking to buy one, this can significantly raise its price.

The truth is, the cost of this fruit can be attributed to its origin. It comes from Mexico and Central America so it gets imported into our country which accounts for why consumers pay more than they would have otherwise due just by virtue that these fruits are considered “exotic.”

The red apples on the other hand come from here in America with their price compared to what you’d find elsewhere as well–although not always!

The dragon fruit of Hawaii, California, and Florida is delicious. But natural disasters can devastate these states’ economies–particularly their agricultural sectors, so they couldn’t grow their own plants.

Its demand often exceeds its supply

The supply and demand law dictates the cost of dragon fruit. According to a recent article from Agricultural Marketing Resource Cente, there’s been an increase in popularity which has caused availability on grocery store shelves to decrease — thus pushing up prices at your local fruit stand!

It’s hard to believe that a type of fruit so full of life and vitality could have such amazing health benefits. The dragon fruit has been drawing more people in lately because they are realizing just how good this delicious treat can be for them!

It needs a lot of time to grow up

I can’t believe how long it takes for these dragon fruits to grow.

From when they first start germinating, until they bloom and make their first flower made up of little more than seeds in all stages from Seedling through Flowers; this process might take over half a year! Then another couple of years before we even get our first fruit.

You know how when you plant a crop and wait for it to grow, the farmers have to make up for their loss by charging more in order? Well, that’s exactly what they do. The higher price is passed through from growers all the way down our grocery stores!

The fruit has a lot of health benefits

Dragon fruit is delicious and healthy! It has vitamins, minerals like Vitamins C or E for your immune system. You can also get magnesium which helps with low iron levels – no need to worry that this tasty treat might be dangerous in any way.

The dragon fruit is a nutritional treasure trove for the body. Not only does it contain fiber which aids in digestion, but this delicious citrus-flavored treat also offers many other vital nutrients and useful plant compounds like betacyanins or polyphenols!

The dragon fruit is the ultimate health food. It contains antioxidants, which help fight chronic diseases like arthritis and cancer! The New York Times has also implied that over the last decade there’s been growing concern within this community about how one’s gut habitat can be improved through eating more dragon fruit–and they’re not wrong on point either; you’ll find benefits even if just for its fiber content alone (which helps with digestion).

This fruit is great for your gut and can reduce the risk of diarrhea. It also contains prebiotics that supports a healthy balance between beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract!

So, is dragon fruit worth the price?

Yes, I strongly believe it is!

You may be wondering why anyone would pay such an extravagant price for a fruit that isn’t even the size of your typical orange. Well, according to The Food Network it can sell up to $10 each and they’re not lying when you see how small these things actually are!

Is red or white dragon fruit better?

As you might know, the color of a fruit or vegetable can tell us about its nutritional value. Red fruits and vegetables contain more antioxidants than white counterparts which are great for your health!

For example, red dragonfruit has higher amounts too so it’s an excellent choice if we want to maintain eyesight as well as blood flow in our bodies (and skin).

On the other hand, though there are some downsides such as how much sugar they have compared with whites – even though this doesn’t seem like much at first glance sometimes those extra carbs will give rise over time.

Is dragon fruit easy to grow?

The dragon fruit plant seems like it would be easy to grow, but if you live in a cold environment or have an unheated greenhouse the odds are against your success. However, with warm soils and plenty of sunlight, there’s nothing that could stop this exotic delicacy!

How can you tell if a dragon fruit is red or white?

The white flesh with a red exterior is round; the other two varieties are oval-shaped. So, next time you go shopping, you know what to look for before cutting the fruit in half.


So, is dragon fruit worth the price? If you’re looking for nutritious food that can provide your body with many health benefits and a unique taste experience, then yes. The high cost may be off-putting at first, but it’s one of those fruits where you get what you pay for.

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