Tomato Soup Substitute: Top 3 Best Choices For You

tomato soup substitute

Tomato soup is a staple of many different cuisines.

It’s easy to make and great for cold days, but what if you’re sick or don’t have any tomatoes available?

This post will give you some recipes that are easy to make substitutions for this dish.

Let’s check them out.

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Best tomato soup substitutes you can try today

tomato soup substitute

Tomato sauce and cornstarch

This combo could be a very good substitute. Try it.

Tomato sauce and cornstarch. You need 1 tablespoon of cornstarch, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of salt. Put those ingredients in a pot. Add an 8 oz can of tomato sauce to the pot. Stir it for five minutes on medium to high heat until it boils.

You can use a whisk to mix them up well. If you are using condensed soup, use this substitute as the recipe says. You can also add liquid to make soup, but if I were doing that, I would add some seasonings so it does not taste so plain.

Tomato paste and almond milk

To make the soup, we need tomato paste, almond milk, and basil. You can substitute the basil with other herbs like cilantro or mint.

Now, heat the oil in a pot. Add the garlic and allow it to sizzle gently. Cook for a few minutes until it becomes fragrant. Add tomato paste, almond milk, and water to the pot and bring it to a boil, then simmer for 10 minutes.

Stir in salt, black pepper, basil, and drizzle olive oil before serving

Crushed tomatoes

You can substitute crushed tomatoes in this situation. If you’re going to cook the dish, you might have to reduce the water content first.

But if you’re adding them to a casserole or something, it should be okay. The soup will have more herbs and seasonings, so make sure that your dish tastes good before serving it up.

You can add more onions and celery to a pan. Add tomatoes and herbs like thyme or rosemary or basil. Blend it in a blender and simmer it until it has the right consistency.

Add half and half if you like yours smooth and rich tasting, but that is not necessary.

What goes well in tomato soup?

It is made with tomatoes. What else can you put in it? Herbs, greens, toasted nuts, croutons, poached eggs, or fish. You can also drizzle it with an oil or cream that has a flavor like basil or cilantro.

Why is tomato soup good for you?

It has many healthy ingredients. For example, it has lycopene, flavonoids, and vitamins C and E. Eating these things can help with cancer or inflammation-related diseases like obesity or heart disease.

What can I add to tomato soup to make it taste better?

You can try adding herbs. Basil and tomatoes are a great pair, but you should also try rosemary, thyme, chives, and parsley. You could even put some fresh mint in there with some feta cheese if you want.

How do you thicken tomato soup?

You can simmer the soup. This is a good place to start. Add tomato paste to your soup, too. A roux is another option, or add cream, eggs, starches, or flour. You can also add cheese or nuts and bread.

Are you supposed to put milk in tomato soup?

You should put milk in it. It makes the soup creamier and richer. This will make it taste different, but people won’t think that you served them canned food.

What are the ingredients in Campbell’s tomato soup?

The ingredients in Campbell’s product are water, tomato paste, wheat flour, sugar, salt, flavoring, citric acid and garlic oil.

Why do grilled cheese and tomato soup go together?

It’s because both are very cheap, and so they complement each other. The second reason is nutrition: the bread provides starch, the cheese provides fat, and tomatoes provide vitamin C.

Is it bad to eat tomato soup every day?

A bowl of this dish is good for your health, but not if you eat it too much. Eating it every day can increase your blood pressure to a point where you might hurt your heart and other organs.

Is tomato soup good for your gut?

Tomatoes are good for your gut because they can help lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides, which helps prevent the deposit of fats in the blood vessels. They also help your digestive system be healthy by preventing constipation and diarrhea.

Is tomato soup bad for high blood pressure?

It may not be good for your high blood pressure. Canned soups and broths can have a lot of salt in them. One can of it has 1,110 mg of sodium. Other canned soups have more salt too!

Is tomato soup bad for arthritis?

There is no evidence that it will make arthritis worse. But there is a myth that it will. There’s also no evidence that elimination diets help with arthritis. (source)

What is the healthiest tomato soup?

A healthy one is one that tastes good. The Amy’s Organic Chunky Tomato Bisque Light in Sodium. It has no dairy, so it is great for those who want deep tomato flavor without the dairy getting in the way.

Can you eat tomato soup by itself?

This is a good question. The answer is yes, you can consume it by itself. It is considered to be both a liquid and a food because it has meat, vegetables and seasoning in it.

Is tomato soup good for you when sick?

It is a good food to eat when you have a cold. It has vitamin C and carotenoid which help with your immune system. It also helps reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms.

Is canned tomato soup unhealthy?

Canned soup can be unhealthy. Canned soup tends to have a lot of salt in it, which can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

That is why you should choose low-sodium soups if you want to eat canned soup. Another reason not to eat canned soup is that creamed soups are high in fat and calories.

So instead of those kinds of soups, pick a tomato or vegetable-based broth.

When is the best time to eat tomato soup?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as everyone’s individual preferences and dietary needs will differ. However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to eating tomato soup.

For starters, many people believe that eating soup before a meal can help you feel fuller sooner, which may lead to fewer calories consumed overall.

Additionally, tomato soup is a good source of fiber, which can help to keep you feeling full and satisfied longer.

Can you freeze tomato soup?

Yes, you can freeze tomato soup.

However, it is important to note that the quality of the soup may be affected after freezing and thawing. For best results, it is recommended that you freeze the soup in individual servings so that you can reheat only what you need.

What are some good toppings for tomato soup?

Some good toppings for tomato soup include shredded cheese, fresh herbs, croutons, and diced tomatoes.

You can also add grilled or baked chicken, beef, or pork to your soup for a heartier meal.


In summary, here are the 3 best tomato soup substitutes you can try:

  • Tomato sauce and cornstarch
  • Tomato paste and almond milk
  • Crushed tomatoes

If you’re looking for a tasty and healthy soup substitute, try one of these three options. You won’t be disappointed with any of them!

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