Best Quesadilla Makers For The Money: Top 10 Choices

best quesadilla makers

Quesadilla maker is a beneficial device, notably when you’re a fan of this Mexican delicacy and want to make it at home. Indeed, it helps to cut down a lot of steps and spare you time and effort for other dishes.

Thus, if you’re looking for some trusted names in the industry, today’s post is for you.

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What to Look For When Buying?

best quesadilla makers


The first thing to keep in mind is the dimension of your quesadilla maker. You’ll find plenty of models in various sizes on the market, and the bigger the machine, the more versatile it will be because you’ll be able to yield more delicacies.

Yet, those large ones can be more challenging to clean than compact units. However, the minus of smaller models is that they feature a smaller capacity, limiting their functions to making quesadillas exclusively.


The second element to consider is the material of these makers since this factor will affect the device’s lifetime and sturdiness.

Nowadays, the most reputable manufacturers feature a cast-iron or stainless-steel construction that can resist extreme heat and the capability to grill a wide range of food thoroughly. Meanwhile, the non-stick surfaces make it easier to remove the ingredients and post-cooking clean-ups.

Heat Distribution

Of course, you’ll prefer the quesadilla to get properly and uniformly grilled. Although most trusted products take equal heat dispersion as a must-have standard, many others don’t. Thus, it’s always better to check how the heat is distributed or see reviews from real customers before buying a product.

Top 10 Best Quesadilla Makers Reviewed

Elite Gourmet Mexican Taco Tuesday – Best Overall

[amazon box=”B08BT5HY84″ template=”horizontal”]

Our 1st pick calls the name of the Elite Gourmet Mexican Taco Tuesday Quesadilla Maker, which enables users to prepare six pieces in 5 mins on the big 11-inch non-stick grill plate. 

After using this unit, you can easily and quickly store it vertically to save space. Meanwhile, the draining edge and drip help collect pan juices leaking from the cooking process, reducing fats for healthful snacking.

This machine is excellent for busy homemakers who tend to forget lots of things since the 2 LEDs effectively reveal whether the device has been on and when it gets hot enough to cook.

The securing lock ensures that your meal stays safe and unbroken while frying and cutting into 6 identical pieces, making it ideal for portion control. Meanwhile, we also love this product because it’s so effortless to clean. In addition, its cooking area has a non-stick coating that can be wiped off with a wet towel while leaving no marks behind.


  • A large non-stick cooking area for 6 quesadilla pieces at once.
  • Fast cooking within 5 minutes.
  • Easy storage.
  • Effective draining system
  • Easy cleaning.


  • Ineffective in catching melting ingredients’ dripping (like cheese).

Brentwood Quesadilla Maker – Easiest to Clean

[amazon box=”B0087FED7Q” template=”horizontal”]

If you aren’t a big eater, we bet you have been there when you cannot finish a 10-inch or 11-inch quesadilla. Brentwood understands this, and that’s why the company came up with this TS-120 Maker, which only serves 8-inch quesadillas. 

The producer of the Brentwood TS-120 knows how it feels when we’re starving, yet the machine takes too long to cook. That’s why they have utilized a 900W power rating in this compact device.

Thanks to this impressive index, impatient users can benefit from fast cooking. However, it isn’t the only advantage of this high wattage. It also significantly decreases cooking time while also allowing for improved heat dispersion.

Putting all things aside, what impresses us the most is this model’s high ease of cleaning. Indeed, it features a high-quality non-stick layer, the same as other leading quesadilla machines, so the melted cheeses don’t stick to the scorching cooking surfaces.

This maker also features a detachable dripping tray in which all the fat from the cooking process gets caught for simple removal. Without this component, fat would accumulate inside your machine and leak, causing a massive disaster in the kitchen.


  • 12-month company warranty.
  • Non-stick layers available.
  • Non-slip feet.
  • High versatility.


  • Cannot prepare a large batch in one cook.

Dash 8″ Express Electric Round Griddle – Quickest Cooking Time

[amazon box=”B07CYWMBHB” template=”horizontal”]

Our 3rd pick is the Dash DMG8100RD 8″ Express Electric Round Griddle, which could offer a wide range of applications, including quesadillas, and is ideal for people who prefer to get the most out of their appliance.

This machine’s lightweight and mobile design makes it great for people who usually travel and like to enjoy a great quesadilla anywhere they go. Meanwhile, using this unit is a breeze. All you need to do is to connect it to the power source, put the ingredients in, wait for the indication signal to turn off, and you’re good to go.

However, the thing we appreciate most about this maker is how fast it cooks. It powers up quickly and makes quesadillas in 5 mins, making it ideal for fast and basic dinners. Additionally, its dual PFOA-free, non-stick layer ensures a uniform heat distribution and excellent performance every time.

Its modern appearance and plethora of color choices ensure that it will complement any kitchen décor. In addition, this machine includes a one-year factory guarantee for additional peace of mind.

Thánks to its compact form, it is ideal for any place and is simple to store. Moreover, the cooker comes with non-stick cooking sheets, non-slip feet, a cookbook, and recipe website accessibility.


  • Fast and easy to utilize.
  • Quick heat-ups and cooking.
  • High versatility.
  • Sleek design with non-slip feet.
  • A 12-month manufacturer warranty.


  • Uneven cooking sometimes happens.

George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker – Most Intuitive

[amazon box=”B003NTKFA0″ template=”horizontal”]

Since its introduction in 1994, the George Foreman products have been a famous indoor cooking machine supplier. As a result, it stands to reason that the company’s machine is a must-have in today’s list. Indeed, George Foreman Electric Maker functions similarly to its best-selling offerings.

This colorful unit offers a 10-inch frying width and six deep slots for a slew of fillings. Thus, feel free to add extra meat or vegetable or cheese as you wish – this machine could handle it all.

Another feature we admire regarding this model is how intuitive it is. All you have to do is put your favorite ingredients between two big “burrito-size” wheat tortillas and push the top down. Because the heat emanates from both sides simultaneously, your quesadillas will be good to enjoy in less than 5 mins.

Its clean-ups are also a piece of cake. After cooking, use a clean towel to wipe away any leftover cheese and oil. Owing to its non-stick George Tough surface, this task would be a breeze. 

Moreover, the complete device won’t occupy too much room if not used. As it rests on its side, you could easily store it without compromising extra space.



  • Only work with 10-inch quesadillas.

Hamilton Beach 25409 – Most Budget-friendly

[amazon box=”B0052FXXPW” template=”horizontal”]

Hamilton Beach has excelled at low-cost kitchen equipment for years, and this quesadilla maker is absolutely no exception.

It’s pretty similar to the George Foreman machine in that it uses 2 piled wheat tortillas to make 6 pieces with grooves that press the sides and make score markings.

We love this maker as it acts as an outstanding product for preparing snacks or kid-friendly servings because it comes intended to handle 6 or 8-inch wraps (also known as “taco-sized”). In addition, the non-stick layer efficiently distributes temperature, delivering a crunchy exterior, essential for delicious quesadillas.

The product also features a preheat indicator that tells when you can utilize the machine, while fast cooking allows for fast food in 5 mins. Furthermore, the non-stick layer makes cleaning this machine a breeze, and the device stands vertically for easy storage.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • A high ease of cleaning.
  • A high ease of storage.


  • Only makes small quesadillas.

Nostalgia Taco Tuesday Deluxe 8-Inch 6-Wedge Electric – Best For Thick Quesadillas

[amazon box=”B087T1LXV9″ template=”horizontal”]

If you usually put too many ingredients into your tortillas, the Nostalgia Taco Tuesday is a perfect choice. The 8-inch grilling plate includes 6 large slots and a two-position clasp for big and small quesadillas.

Another thing we love about this model is that when we use it, the melted cheeses bind the upper and bottom tortillas firmly. However, this machine does not enclose the outer rim as tightly as a few other rivals. 

Once you’re done cooking, all you need to do is to wipe the non-stick cooking surfaces for simple clean-up—the drainage tray beneath collects any cheese or oil spillover and is detachable for washing independently.

You can also benefit from their 2 functional indication lights, which indicate when the device is on and ready to employ. At the same time, its heated frying surface toasts tortillas to the perfect crispy texture super quickly. There’s also a 10-inch edition if you need something bigger.


  • Two-position clasp for thicker portions.
  • 2 helpful indicator light signals.
  • Drip tray available.


  • It does not function effectively with tortillas less than 8 inches wide.

Betty Crocker – Best For Multi-purpose Use

[amazon box=”B00K05AZ3W” template=”horizontal”]

Although this unit isn’t a quesadilla maker, it can indeed work wonders as one. About design, the Betty Crocker Pizza Maker has deep openings that could hold 12-inch tortillas, allowing you to yield 2 enormous folded tortillas simultaneously.

Its cover and bottom get heated evenly and simultaneously, so you receive the grilling from both the upper and bottom surfaces. The non-stick grilling surfaces provide the perfect level of crispness, and the clean-ups are a breeze using a dry cloth.

If you’re not making quesadillas, you could prepare pizzas, nachos, frittatas, pastries, or naan bread – possibilities are countless. Thus, it’s a convenient choice for people who favor multi-purpose kitchen equipment more than a specialized machine.


  • Big tortillas’ size.
  • A high ease of cleaning.
  • Extremely versatile.


  • Must flip tortilla; don’t touch the top plate.

Lumme Quesadilla Maker – Easiest to Store

[amazon box=”B08PHRV3L4″ template=”horizontal”]

What we love most about this Lumme model is how compact it is. Thanks to this visual advantage, the Lumme Sandwich Maker is best suited for kitchens with limited space, as you can easily store this one anywhere. It would only occupy a little shelf/ countertop area.

Moreover, the model also arrives with easy-to-clean non-stick grilling plates for extra ease of clean-ups. After using the product, let it cool down, and then use a towel or a damp cloth to remove the residues.

Like any decent quesadilla maker, this one also features 2 signaling lights that inform you of when the power is on and when the machine finishes preheating and is ready to grill your tortillas. Also, the cooking time is pretty fast while resulting in warm, toasty pieces.

At the same time, this machine could also boast high versatility as you can prepare many dishes using this machine, including omelets, toasts, or small paninis. 


  • Compact design for easy storage.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Fast cooking.
  • High versatility.


  • Uneven grilling sometimes happens.

Cuisinart Electric Griddler, Stainless Steel – Most Durable

[amazon box=”B0778XLPB7″ template=”horizontal”]

If you’re looking for the most durable quesadilla maker and grill in the marketplace, we highly recommend this product. Indeed, Cuisinart Electric Griddler utilizes stainless steel, among the most robust, rust-proof, and scratch-proof materials. 

Moreover, it possesses various cooking modes that allow for higher versatility and is also super effortless to clean, thanks to its non-stick surfaces. For extra ease of cleaning, the plates are machine washable.

At the same time, Its grilling surfaces are reversible, featuring one side with a flat griddle and the other sporting a waved grill. This enables us to select the suitable option for the food we’re preparing, even when we want different cooking simultaneously. 

Another useful function we find when using this machine is that its adjustable floating lid will lie exactly over your tortillas, sandwiches, chickens, or anything else you’re preparing.

Meanwhile, the cooking is also super adaptable as you can quickly adjust the heat level on this Cuisinart Griddler utilizing the intuitive knob and the LCD. This screen also exhibits the stopwatch and informs you which feature has been set, allowing you to maintain control of everything.


  • Durable stainless steel material.
  • Machine-washable plates.
  • Various cooking modes.
  • A floating lid and an LCD available.
  • Adjustable heat levels.


  • Hard-to-remove accumulated fats.

Nostalgia MWF5AQ – Best Mini-Size Machine

[amazon box=”B07WNXSB3D” template=”horizontal”]

Nostalgia MyMini waffle maker is a beautiful, small, economical choice. Indeed, this waffle maker measures only 6.5 inches in length x 3.5 inches tall, making it an excellent asset to a space-limited kitchen.

Another advantage we discover is that once connected to the power source, this small machine only requires 1-3 mins to warm up thoroughly. Meanwhile, its cool-touch grips will minimize the risk of accidental burns while making food. 

Moreover, this Nostalgia waffle maker is also super versatile as you can use it to make waffles, sandwiches, toasts, and so many dishes. 


  • Small size for easier storage.
  • Affordable.
  • Cool-touch grips.


  • No cookbook available.
  • Might not yield a crispy texture.


Do quesadilla makers work?

Without a doubt! It’s something worth investing in as these devices perform more effectively compared to conventional sandwiched non-stick plates. These makers are also a terrific choice if you tend to load a lot of fillings into your quesadillas, as they keep them from getting out of the tortilla while being grilled.

What else can you make in a quesadilla maker?

It’s a mistake to think that this type of tool can only make quesadillas. We bet most of us don’t buy a frying skillet for only one purpose, and this is also the case with the quesadilla maker. It has more functions than you think: it serves as a grill, skillet, panini toaster, and even as a replacement for your old frying griddle!

Do you spray a quesadilla maker?

Yes. Coat the inner plates of your quesadilla machine using non-stick cooking spray or some oil to stop your tortillas from clinging to the cooking surface.

Can you cook eggs in a quesadilla maker? 

Of course, you can. First, turn on the machine and allow it to warm up entirely. Next, crack the eggs in and put whatever fillings you want in the eggs. Let the eggs fry on both the upper and bottom plates of the machine. Wait for a few minutes, and you’re good to go.

How do you deep clean a quesadilla maker?

Because many products have a non-stick coating, they’re pretty simple to clean. First, allow the device to cool down before wiping away any residues using a clean cloth.

If your appliance has detachable plates, carefully wipe away any stuck-on particles using soapy water. Even though the plates are machine washable, manually washing them can prolong the longevity of their non-stick surface.

How do you make quesadillas stay together?

Load 1⁄2 of your tortilla using your favorite ingredients, and fold the wrapper’s top over the remaining side. Stuff the remaining tortillas using chosen toppings and stack your quesadillas on a baking tray. Put those pieces inside an oven and wait until the cheese melted and adhered everything together.

How do you make quesadillas crispy?

The secret to a crunchy quesadilla, surprisingly, is to use little oil in the skillet. If you use too much oil, the result may become sloppy rather than crunchy. 

How do you seal the edges of quesadillas?

Fold the edge of the wrapper down over your stuffing to the center. Leaving that section in place, fold the remaining section towards the center gently until the contents become fully sealed.


Now you know our top list of the best quesadilla makers. Not only do these machines help you make delicious and toasty, but they also excel at making so many more dishes. So give them a whirl, and we promise they won’t let you down.

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