Can You Microwave Johnsonville Brats? Is It Doable?

can you microwave johnsonville brats

Johnsonville bratwursts aren’t the healthiest option, but they pack a lot of juiciness and an amazing flavor as cooked carefully.

Concerning the cooking method, can you microwave Johnsonville brats to heat and cook them well without any problem?

We’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions relating to Johnsonville sausages and tips for cooking them safely, properly, and nicely.

Can You Microwave Johnsonville Brats?

Yes, you can do so. A microwave will help you cook your food more quickly, yet you can’t adjust the temperature during cooking.

You’d better follow the machine’s manufacturer instructions since different models have different cooking time settings.

Furthermore, when cooking Johnsonville sausages in particular and bratwursts, in general, you should only put pre-cooked foods into a microwave.

Fresh bratwursts will require other cooking methods, such as grilling and parboiling, to ascertain that they’re well-cooked.

How Do You Cook Brats In The Microwave?

It’s pretty easy to cook sausages using this method.

Here’s a quick guide on microwaving bratwursts:

  • Remove the packaging and place your sausages in a microwavable dish or plate. After that, pour water onto the plate until it covers the food.
  • Cover the plate firmly with plastic wrap, then pierce the plastic wrap in three or four places using a sharp skewer or thin-bladed knife.
  • Put the plate into the heating machine. Adjust to the highest setting and let it run for about two minutes.
  • When done, take the plate out and pull the wrap back. Turn each brat over using tongs and repeat the above step. After that, remove the plate.
  • Allow your bratwursts to stand for two minutes at least before serving.

Are Johnsonville Brats Precooked?

The answer is yes. These high-grade, fully-cooked sausages are ready to serve on any menu, seasoned with savory spices and herbs.

Moreover, each sausage variety features Johnsonville’s legendary flavor, delivering a unique, enchanting experience.

Since these products are fully cooked, users can simply brown them over the grill or in a pan or microwave to serve a quick meal.

Can You Eat Johnsonville Brats Raw?

You can totally eat Johnsonville Brats raw. A common misconception is that you need to heat pre-cooked brats before consuming them, which is so wrong.

Since Johnsonville’s products are already fully cooked, they’re safe to eat right after you take them out from the packaging.

How Do You Know If A Brat Is Done?

can you microwave johnsonville brats

A straightforward way to determine if your bratwursts are ready to serve is to check the inside. If it’s still pink, you’ll need to cook them for longer.

You can cook them at a medium-low temperature of approximately 150°C first and take them out when their internal temperature approaches 71°C.

Is It OK For Sausage To Be A Little Pink?

You don’t have to worry about the brats remaining a bit pink after cooking since they’re surely safe to eat.

The primary material of most sausages is minced meat, meaning that it’s evident they get the pink color. And that pink color usually remains intact after you grill.

Why Do Sausages Explode In The Microwave?

In essence, the microwave will heat any water content inside the brat, which then heats everything surrounding it.

Yet, when water reaches a high enough temperature to boil, it turns into steam. Steam takes up much more room, so the pressure existing in the casing surges.

It will burst when the casing can no longer handle the increased pressure.

As mentioned above, the best method to prevent an explosion is to pierce the casing. This way, you can let the pressure escape.


Pay attention to the cooking method if you want your hefty bratwursts to get cooked thoroughly and deliver the desired flavor and texture.

It’s possible to microwave Johnsonville brats without damaging their taste as long as you keep some helpful tips above in mind.

So, enjoy your sausages!

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