How to Thicken Pizza Sauce? (Tips For Homemade Products)

how to thicken pizza sauce

A lot of people love pizza, but if you ask them what they don’t like about it, one thing always comes up: the sauce.

Pizza sauce is often too thin and runny and doesn’t stick to the crust well enough. There are a few ways that you can thicken yours so that it sticks better and tastes great.

And in this post, I will share with you some of the best tips that can help thicken that sauce for your beloved pizzas.

Let’s find out.

How to thicken pizza sauce?

So, your sauce for your pizza is too thin? That means it will probably not stick to the pizza. It might evaporate completely when baked with the pizza. If you’re facing that problem, then the following methods can help.

Try pureed tomatoes

You can thicken it by adding pureed tomatoes. This way, you can get a thick liquid without using tomato paste, and still have a great pizza to show off.

Cornstarch and flour would be helpful here

Add spoonfuls of either cornstarch or flour. Put one spoon in at first, then stir to see if it thickens. Add more if needed, but don’t add too much or else the taste will change.

You can also put some baking soda in very sparingly, but only use a little because it will neutralize the taste of all the other ingredients.

Use a wider and more open pot

It can happen that your mixture is not at the right consistency even though you cooked it for a long time. So always use a wide and open pot.

This will make it dry out and thicken up quickly. You could also wait and let it rest for a while to thicken it more.

how to thicken pizza sauce

The roux method

Mix together butter, flour, and milk or stock. Add this to your runny mixture. And this should do the trick.

Butter is your friend

You need to melt butter. You need a cup of melted butter for every cup of pizza sauce. You need to whisk it together until it becomes smooth and fluffy. Add this to the mixture, and you will have a great homemade product that goes well with both pizza and pasta.

Try adding some nuts

If you like the taste of nuts, put some almonds in your sauce. That will make it thicker. You can also cook your sauce for a long time on the stove or in a crockpot to help it thicken up.

Is pizza sauce supposed to be thick?

Ideally, you will want it thicker than regular tomato-based ones but not that thick as tomato paste (puree). You should reduce it further for a more intense flavor.

Why is mine watery after cooking?

If you let it sit on the dough, then the water from it will seep into it. This will make a soggy crust. You should work quickly to avoid this and then cook right after topping.

How do you reduce it?

You can lower the amount of the liquid on a pizza by cooking it at a higher temperature. If you cook it at 198°F, there will be twice as much flavor loss as if you cooked it at 180°F.

How do you thicken the marinara sauce for pizza?

To thicken spaghetti sauce for pizza, first, you need to add some starch. Then add tomato paste to make it thicker and taste better. Finally, simmer it for at least 10 minutes.

Is pizza sauce thicker than marinara?

They are different. Marinara has a slightly lighter consistency and it is richer in flavor. For good marinara, you need to roast and blend the ingredients first.

Should it be cooked?

Yes, it is better to cook the sauce for at least 30 mins to make sure that the end result is exactly how you want it. The raw one has a not-that-good taste compared to when you cook it. Once tomatoes are cooked, they have a flavor and mix with other ingredients.

How much pizza sauce goes on a pizza?

Put 1/4 cup of sauce for each pizza. Put the crust on a pan with holes. Spread things evenly using the back of a spoon, and leave 1 cm from the edge to eat as a crust.

Can you use tomato sauce for pizza?

Adding tomato sauce to pizza is not recommended. It is made with plain tomato sauce and tomato paste. The sauce makes the dough too wet and it doesn’t cook well in the oven.

Is pizza sauce the same as marinara?

It is not the same as marinara. It is usually more of a tomato-based sauce, while marinara sauce has some other things in it too. It is thicker so it does not run off the dough as some other sauces do.

How wet should pizza sauce be?

The sauce on the pizza should not be wet. The best choice is passata or tinned tomatoes. You should only add minced garlic and herbs and spices to the mixture after you have mashed and filtered the tomatoes or beans for half an hour or more.

Is pizza sauce better the next day?

It is better than on the first day. I think it tastes best after one or two days. You can freeze it to eat later.

How do I thicken tomato juice for pizza sauce?

You should add a roux to your tomato juice. A roux is just fat and flour that are mixed together in equal parts. Add about two tablespoons of this to every cup of tomato juice you want to thicken.

You can use either oil or butter, but olive oil works best here.

What is good pizza sauce?

The best overall sauce is Don Pepino. The best budget sauce is RAGÚ. And the best chunky sauce is Williams-Sonoma San Marzano.

Can I use tomato puree instead?

Tomato puree is made from tomatoes that have been blended. You can’t use it as a substitution because it will make your crust soggy.

The recipe in this book uses tomato paste because the sauce will be thicker and you won’t have a soggy crust.


I hope this article helped you learn how to thicken pizza sauce.

There are a few different ways and it can be done with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Now that we’ve covered the basics, try the methods I’ve shared above for yourself.

Which one do you think will work best? What other questions do you still have about thickening sauces? Let me know.

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