What To Do With Leftover Sun-dried Tomato Oil?

what to do with leftover sun-dried tomato oil

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know what to do with leftover sun-dried tomato oil.

It’s a shame because this flavorful oil is a great way to add depth of flavor to dishes.

But before we get into the best ways to use it, let’s take a look at where it comes from.

Let’s start from the very beginning

Sun-dried tomatoes are a delicious ingredient unto themselves.

So, they’re going to be the starting point for this cooking oil.

Prepare the tomatoes according to whatever recipe you’re using for them, and reserve some of the oil they were soaked in.

Now that you’ve got yourself a little bit of sun-dried tomato oil, what do you do with it? Here are some great ideas.

Freeze it for later use or to cook with during the winter months

If you don’t have other urgent needs to use your leftover sun-dried tomato oil, you can freeze it.

Put it in ice cube trays, freeze it for a few hours or overnight, and then transfer the cubes to a freezer bag.

You can store these little cubes of sun-dried tomato oil-flavored goodness for up to six months.

To thaw them all at once, keep them in your fridge overnight.

Cook eggs in it, then add salt and pepper to taste

There are a lot of ways to cook eggs, and most of them work well with some sun-dried tomato oil on top.

Lighter options include poaching the egg in the oil for added flavor.

One great option is to fry your egg or scrambled egg in the oil, then add salt and pepper to taste.

A little bit of extra flavor from the oil will make your eggs taste great.

Mix a little into pasta sauce or salad dressing before serving

It’s not just eggs that can benefit from a little sun-dried tomato oil.

You can add some oil to salad dressing before serving it over your favorite salad, or stir it into the pasta sauce when it’s time to eat.

If you plan on using the entire bottle in one go, you can skip this step and simply pour the oil over the pasta or salad before serving.

You can also use it like this in soups and stews, for a delicious flavor boost.

Add some to mashed potatoes while cooking them

Mashed potatoes are almost always a great side dish.

But they can be even better with just a little bit of sun-dried tomato oil mixed in.

Stir the oil into your cooking water and mash it together with your potatoes, as usual, to see what a difference it makes for this classic comfort food.

Pour over popcorn before baking it

You can try this for a savory snack that is low-carb and gluten-free.

Craving a savory snack while watching the game with friends? Just make some popcorn on the stove or in an air popper, then pour some sun-dried tomato oil on top.

You can also add some salt to season it up if you want to minimize your time in the kitchen.

Brush it on crusty bread before baking it in the oven

Bread is delicious as-is, of course.

But some sun-dried tomato oil works wonders on top of a loaf hot out of the oven.

Brush it on and bake until your bread is crispy and golden brown for an extra special treat that’s low in fat and easy to make.

Put some on your burger or sandwich

A little bit of sun-dried tomato oil goes a long way in the flavor department.

So, adding some to your burger or sandwich before you eat it is a great option for enjoying this oil to its fullest potential.

If you’re using the whole bottle in one go, just pour some over your meal and enjoy.

Make a dipping oil

You can do this with sun-dried tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, or garlic cloves and rosemary for an instant Italian meal enhancer

Here’s a fun little trick with oil that you can use to make a dipping oil.

You’ll need a clean, empty glass jar and some sun-dried tomatoes.

Combine the two with some extra virgin olive oil or garlic cloves and rosemary if you’re feeling especially Italian.

Keep them in your pantry for use during the winter months as a little added flavor boost for some instant homemade Italian meals.

Pour over hot pasta for a quick dish (add Parmesan too!)

You can use sun-dried tomato oil in place of regular olive oil when cooking pasta in the oven, on the stove, in a slow cooker, or steamer.

It’s fantastic when poured over hot pasta, and you don’t even need much to give it some extra flavor.

You can also add Parmesan cheese for an even more flavorful dish.

If you’re going to use the entire bottle in one go, pour some oil into a saucepan and heat it on medium while your pasta cooks in a separate pan.

Once your pasta is ready, mix them together and add salt and pepper (and Parmesan.) to taste for an amazing flavor combination.

What do you use sun-dried tomato oil for?

Sun-dried tomato oil is used in salad dressings and vinaigrettes.

Some recipes include a simple quinoa Greek salad, harissa black bean quinoa bowl, roasted cauliflower chickpea salad.

What oil do you store sun-dried tomatoes in?

You can store sun-dried tomatoes in the fridge, but you need to cover them with olive oil.

Do sun-dried tomatoes in oil need to be refrigerated?

what to do with leftover sun-dried tomato oil

Yes, when packing your own dried tomatoes in oil at home, be sure to keep them refrigerated.

This is especially important if you add garlic or fresh herbs.

Once opened, oil-packed dried tomatoes should be kept refrigerated and used within two weeks. (source)

How do you reconstitute sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil?

You can reconstitute sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil by draining the water from them and drying them.

Put them in a jar or container, cover with olive oil, seal the lid, and refrigerate for up to 1 week.

You can also add chile flakes to taste. (source)

Can sun-dried tomatoes be canned?

Yes, sun-dried tomatoes can be canned.

You can store them for a short or long time.

Short-time storage is refrigerated and lasts up to about 7 days, or you can have a water bath and store the jars in a dark, cool place for longer.

Do you need to wash sun-dried tomatoes?

Yes, you need to wash sun-dried tomatoes.

They will not be soft if they are dry.

Put them in water for 30 minutes to soak, then you can rinse them off.

Are sun-dried tomatoes have more benefits?

Yes, they are healthier than regular tomatoes.

They’re high in potassium, vitamin C, and other nutrients. (source)

My sun-dried tomatoes are black, why is that?

The color of your sun-dried tomatoes may have turned black because of oxidization.

This happens when air gets to them while in storage.


Sun-dried tomato oil is a versatile condiment that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the flavor of your food.

Whether you’re frying eggs, stirring them into pasta sauce or salad dressing, or brushing it on bread before baking, this oil is a great way to add some delicious sun-dried tomato flavor to your meal.

So go ahead and experiment with different recipes – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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