What To Do With Leftover Ham Juice?

what to do with leftover ham juice

Leftover ham juice can be a little tricky to figure out what to do with.

But have no fear, I’m here to help.

Check out these quick ideas of mine on how to use up that delicious ham juice.

From soups and sauces to side dishes, and more, there’s something for everyone.

So get juicing and cook up some amazing meals with that leftover ham juice.


Ham and vegetable soup

Making a ham and vegetable soup from leftover ham juice is probably one of my favorites.

There are so many different vegetables you can use but I think broccoli, cauliflower, corn, peas, carrots, and potatoes are all great choices.

This is also a perfect opportunity to use up any random veggies in the fridge that need to be used up.

Creamy chowder

Creamy chowder is another delicious choice for using up leftover ham juice.

It’s a thick and creamy soup that is easy to make and so delicious.

I love making it from leftover ham because it makes it easier on the wallet, which is always a plus.

Tomato basil soup

Making tomato basil soup from leftover ham juice is another one of my favorite ways to use up the juice.

It’s so delicious and comforting, not to mention easy.

I love using tomatoes with fresh basil for this soup.

To make it even more flavorful, you can also add carrots and celery too.

One thing to remember, most soups and stews will simmer for at least an hour so they’ll most likely take care of themselves.

Quiche with ham and cheese

I love making a quiche with ham and cheese so I decided to try it with leftover ham juice.

All you need is about two cups of ham juice, an egg, salt and pepper for seasoning, milk, cream or half-and-half, shredded cheese (I like using cheddar or swiss), and frozen vegetables.

You can use any kind of vegetables you want but I think broccoli, cauliflower, peas, or spinach are all great choices.

The great thing about quiche is that it only takes about 15 minutes to whip up and then you just let it sit in the oven until it’s done.

It’s a fool-proof way to use leftover ham juice without making soup.

Baked ham and cheese

Using leftover ham juice to make a baked ham and cheese sandwich is another good way to use it up.

All you need is the leftover ham juice, butter, garlic powder, seasoning salt or black pepper, the bread of your choice (I like using sourdough), swiss cheese slices, and any other toppings you want.

To make it, cook the ham in the leftover ham juice in a saucepan for about five minutes on medium heat so it becomes warm enough to put on your sandwich.

Then butter your bread with some garlic powder and seasoning salt or black pepper on each side of the bread.

Layer cheese, ham, and any other toppings you want, and top with another slice of bread.

Cook on a griddle or in the oven until the cheese is melted.


You have a delicious baked ham sandwich that only takes about 10 minutes to make using leftover ham juice.

Ham and potato salad

Potato salad is another great dish to make with leftover ham juice.

All you need are boiled potatoes, onions, celery, mayonnaise or Greek yogurt, mustard, salt and pepper for seasoning, and any other veggies you want to add.

I like adding peas in my potato salad but the possibilities are endless when it comes to this recipe.

Ham and cheese sandwiches

Using leftover ham juice for a ham and cheese sandwich is an easy way to use it up in a pinch.

All you need is melted butter, mayonnaise or Greek yogurt, garlic powder, salt and pepper for seasoning, your choice of bread (I like using sourdough), shredded cheddar or swiss cheese, and thinly-sliced ham.

To make it, just spread butter on both slices of bread.

Mix the mayonnaise or Greek yogurt with garlic powder and salt and pepper for seasoning in a bowl until combined.

Spread this mixture on one side of the untoasted side of each slice of bread.

Layer cheese, ham, and any other ingredients you want on the untoasted side of one slice of bread.

Top with another slice of bread, buttered side up so the two pieces fit together perfectly.

Cook on a griddle or in a panini maker until both sides are golden brown and cheese is melted.

Ham and egg cups

These ham and egg cups are a great way to use up leftover ham juice because they only require two ingredients and they’re also easy and quick to make.

All you need is a muffin tin, four pieces of ham (a piece for each cup), four eggs, salt and pepper for seasoning, and any other topping you want.

To make them, spray the muffin tin with cooking spray.

Then line each cup in the muffin tin with a piece of ham and crack an egg into each one.

Top with any other ingredients you want and cook at 350°F for about 15 minutes or until they’re cooked all the way through.

They’re great for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner and they make a wonderful breakfast sandwich.

Can I discard the drippings?

what to do with leftover ham juice

Yes, you can.

First, remove the rind and trim the fat.

You can also score the fat in a diamond pattern. (source)

How long is ham juice good for?

Once refrigerated, ham juice will be good for up to 7 days.

If frozen, it will last for up to 90 days. (source)

Should you soak a ham before cooking?

It is not always necessary to soak a ham before cooking it, but if you find the ham to be too salty, you can do so according to the instructions on the butcher or packaging.

Be sure to calculate the cooking time correctly based on the weight of the ham. (source)

Do you glaze a ham before cooking or after?

Glazing a ham is done near the end of the cooking time, so the sugar doesn’t burn.

When there are about 30 minutes left, put the ham back in the oven and pour brown sugar over it.

Is ham bone broth good for you?

Yes, ham bone broth is good for you.

It can help heal your gut, reduce cellulite, improve your immune system, tackle inflammation, strengthen teeth and bones, and more. (source)

How do you get the juice out of ham?

If the grease is hard, put it in the fridge.

For ones that don’t solidify, pour them into a sealable container and throw them away with your regular garbage.

How do you store ham drippings?

You could make split pea soup with the drippings.

You could also reduce them into a thicker stock.

This can be used to make flavorful greens.

Another option is to make cornbread or cornbread stuffing.

Finally, you could use the ham drippings to make red beans and rice.


The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with ham juice.

I’ve given you some ideas for dishes that are simple and delicious but don’t be afraid to get creative.

Ham juice is a flexible ingredient so use your imagination on how else you might want to put it into action in your kitchen.

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