What To Do With Leftover Chips?

what to do with leftover chips

What do you do when you have a bag of chips and only half of them are left?

Most people would probably just throw them away, but there are actually a lot of things that you can do with leftover chips.

In this blog post, we will explore five different ways to use up those last few chips.

So next time you have some leftover chips, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered.

Make a chip salad or sandwich

One of the easiest ways to use leftover chips is to turn them into a salad or a sandwich.

The best thing about these recipes is that you can combine your favorite ingredients with your leftover chips, so it’s definitely going to be super tasty.

One easy example is this crunchy tuna sandwich.

It has simple ingredients but still turns out so delicious.

For a slightly healthier dish, try this healthy quinoa salad, which is packed with veggies and contains about half of the calories compared to regular dishes.

However, if you want something more simple, there’s always the classic chip sandwich.

Make a breakfast hash

Who doesn’t love hash browns for breakfast?

It’s an absolute classic, and it can be made with almost anything.

You can go traditional by using leftover potatoes, but you can also try something different like this chorizo hash or sweet potato hash with kale.

Add chips to your tacos for crunch and flavor

Tacos are another recipe that can benefit greatly from some crunch.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding leftover tortilla chips to the mixture while it’s frying in a pan.

You may think that you would just be adding plain chips, but there are actually many different flavors of tortilla chips out there, so you can turn your tacos into an entirely different dish.

For example, if you add lime-flavored chips to your taco mixture, it will taste like a Mexican-style dish; and adding barbecue-flavored chips will make it taste like barbecued meat.

Bake them into bread or cookies

Baking your leftover chips into bread or cookies is also a viable solution.

One of my favorite recipes is this chocolate chip zucchini bread, which has a deliciously moist crumb with the added crunch of the chips.

Another example is this apple pecan streusel bread, which will give you some extra sweetness to start your day.

Use them as a candy coating

Why not use your leftover chips to make a delicious candy?

You can coat anything from nuts to marshmallows with your chips.

To make chocolate-covered walnuts, simply take a handful of walnuts and dip them in melted chocolate.

It’s surprisingly easy to do and it will definitely leave people impressed.

Use them as topping on pizza, pasta, and salads

If you’re tired of making the same old salad, try adding chips to it instead.

It’s a great way to jazz up your dish and make it more exciting for everyone.

You can top your pasta with some leftover tortilla chips, or turn your pizza into a crunchy masterpiece by adding some crushed Doritos onto it.

Put them in ice cream sundaes and milkshakes

Last but not least, you can use your leftover chips to make some delicious ice cream sundaes or milkshakes.

There are many different varieties of chips that can be used for this purpose, so you can choose the one that fits your personal taste preference best.

For example, if you want a chocolate-flavored dessert, then try adding some chocolate chips to your sundae.

If you want something a little more fruity, try adding strawberry or butterscotch chips instead.

Freeze them and use them in smoothies

Once they are frozen, the flavor of your chips will become stronger so it’s definitely something worth trying if you have a sweet tooth.

You can also try using this method if your chips are extra stale because placing them in the freezer will make them last longer.

Just be sure to put them in a plastic bag first before putting them into the freezer.

Make a chip dip like guacamole or salsa

Who doesn’t love guacamole or salsa with tortilla chips?

It’s the best way to enjoy any leftover chips, so why not try it next time? This is also an excellent party snack if you want something more than just plain chips.

If you want to make this dish healthier, try adding some fresh ingredients like tomatoes or corn into the mix.

That will certainly make your dish more appetizing and healthy at the same time.

Add them to your soup for crunch and thickness

When you add your chips to the soup while it’s still on the stove, they will start to melt and become soft.

If you let them sit in there for a while, however, they will thicken up your soup, which is especially useful if you’re tired of thin broths.

You can also try adding some tortilla chips to your next chili or casserole.

It will give the dish a great flavor and make it more exciting to eat.

Put in a party bowl for guests to munch on

Next, if you have a lot of leftover chips leftover at the end of the night, put them in a bowl and serve them to your guests as a party snack.

Not only is this a fun way to make everyone munch on something while they socialize, but it’s also a great way to get rid of those pesky leftovers.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative and make those leftover tortilla chips work for you.

Use them in macaroni and cheese

what to do with leftover chips

You can also use your leftover chips to make some delicious macaroni and cheese.

There are many different varieties of chips that can be used for this purpose, so you can choose the one that fits your personal taste preference best.

For example, if you want a chocolate-flavored dish, then try adding some chocolate chips to your mac and cheese.

Add to pancake batter for crunchy bits or use them as a topping

This is hands down one of the most delicious ways to enjoy your leftover chips.

Pancakes are already so delicious, but adding some extra crunch will surely make them even more scrumptious.

Or better yet, top your pancakes with some Doritos and serve it as a dessert dish.

Put in salads for added texture and flavor

Salads are usually pretty boring, but adding some crushed chips to it will make the dish more exciting and tasty.

It’s also a great way to make your salad healthier because these chips won’t be oily like most croutons tend to be.

Plus, you can eat them with your hands – no utensils necessary.

Use them as toppings on soups

This is another great way to give your broth some more flavor.

It’s also a nice touch for serving, so you can use this method if you want to impress your guests at your next dinner party.

If you’d like, try adding tortilla chips to your next cream-based soup recipe.

It will be really delicious and it will give your soup a great thickness and texture.


Chips (of any kind) are one of the most popular snacks in America, so it’s no wonder that people have come up with many different ways to use them.

We’ve given you some creative ideas on how to put those leftover tortilla chips to good use.

What is your favorite way?

Let me know and I’ll share it on this list as well.

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