Best Vanilla Extract For Ice Cream (Top 7 Products Reviewed)

best vanilla extract for ice cream

Do you know that the best vanilla extract for ice cream can change your entire ice cream-making game?

Indeed, it will enhance the flavors and deliver the most authentic ice cream tastes.

Yet, finding a decent product these days is challenging as there are so many products claiming the same thing.

But don’t worry. We understand that and have hand-tested and come up with an unbiased review of the best products out there. Keep on reading. 

7 Best Vanilla Extracts For Ice Cream

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Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Extract – Best Overall

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The first product on today’s list is the Nielsen-Massey pure vanilla extract. This product is well-rounded as it provides an exquisite combination of all vanilla flavors, providing a deep and smooth taste that is ideal for any sweets.

These products meet rigorous and unyielding requirements and are thus safe for human consumption. Indeed, Nielsen-Massey’s product is non-GMO, kosher-certified, and gluten-free, safe for all consumers, even those who are gluten-sensitive. 

Another reason why we prefer this high-quality extract is that the company employs a combination of carefully selected vanilla beans directly from the crops.

The processing procedure includes the cold extracting technique that keeps the ingredients intact to guarantee that the product maintains its rich tastes. These include more than 300 flavorful components that are ideal for various recipes, including savory delicacies and sweet desserts.


  • Doesn’t contain gluten, GMO, or allergens.
  • Kosher-certified and all-natural.
  • Rich taste.
  • High versatility. 


  • Pricey.
  • Added sugar available.

Native Vanilla – All Natural Pure Vanilla Extract – Best For Vegans

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Many people enjoy Native Vanilla products because of their depth of flavor, which may maintain up to 300 complex tastes. Indeed, numerous consumers agree that Native Vanilla extracts possess a distinct flavor that is worth tasting.

Furthermore, as its title implies, Native Vanilla is 100% organic, with zero additions, artificial additives, sugars, or food dye. Thus, sugar-sensitive consumers now can have another choice when it comes to the most delicious extract.

The All Natural Pure Extract is kosher-approved, meaning that it’s among some of the highest quality products available. Additionally, vegans would also love this because it is vegan-certified.

What is excellent about this product is that we don’t need to add a lot of extracts to get the right taste; only a tablespoon of this one will work. Also, unlike other diluted products, these are powerful enough so that only a tiny portion of them yields a great taste.


  • Rich and flavorful taste.
  • Kosher-certified.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Sugar-free, 100% vegan, and organic.


  • Not well-packed.

Simply Organic Pure Vanilla Extract – Best Purity

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Simply Organic has arrived, nicely packed, and made of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. Their goods are popular among consumers because of their silky, rich, sweet flavor and delicate floral overtones.

They’re wonderful alternatives for those who want sugar-free products because they’re terrific demonstrations of ideal extracts for sweets and condiments. The manufacturing facility is also eco-friendly, resulting in purely high-quality results.

Furthermore, no artificial dyes or additives are included in the production. Thus, they are QAI-approved, kosher-qualified, and GMO-free, making them highly legitimate and safe to consume.

We find the product possessing a darker amber tone, genuine sweetness, and a deep flavor that makes them ideal for savories and pastries. Moreover, their process is without using hazardous chemicals and GMOs, making them healthier alternatives.


  • Allergen-free, GMO-free, QAI-approved, kosher-qualified.
  • Beautiful packaging.
  • Natural rich sweetness and taste.
  • Sugar-free.


  • Alcohol included.
  • Diluted texture.

Beyond Good Pure Vanilla Extract – Best Taste

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From our experience, this one is the most accurate translation of the world’s most renowned taste. Indeed, this natural product features zero artificial sugars and boasts a clean ingredient list.

Moreover, you can taste the distinct richness of vanilla and enjoy the pleasant smell since they obtain it from entire Bourbon vanilla beans instead of halves or cracked pods.

Indeed, vanilla bean substances, water, and alcohol are the only components of this pure vanilla essence. Moreover, the company confirms that their products contain no artificial sweeteners, no GMOs, no gluten, and are vegetarian-suited and kosher-approved.

As their main ingredients are Madagascar (or Bourbon) beans with a real depth of flavor, we find this product highly versatile in sweet and savory recipes. 


  • High versatility. 
  • Real depth of flavor and smell.
  • A clean ingredient list
  • No artificial sweeteners, GMO, gluten.
  • Vegetarian-suited and kosher-approved.


  • Pricey.
  • Alcohol included.

Watkins All-Natural Pure Vanilla Extract – Best For People With Gluten & Corn Syrup Intolerant

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The Watkins comes well-packaged and features a stunning 11-ounce container to pique potential customers’ attention. We cannot leave this one out of today’s ranking due to its remarkable and high-quality tastes and odor.

According to the makers, they sell like hotcakes because of their 100% pure extract and all-naturally sourced components. Thanks to the clean ingredient list, this Watkins product can bring the taste and richness of your dishes to the most outstanding level without harming your health.

These products are produced in the United States without any unnatural tastes or food dyes. Indeed, these items are pure and FDA-approved for usage, so users shouldn’t have any concerns.

Another big plus we find is that these are non-GMO confirmed and kosher-approved and don’t contain any gluten and corn syrup. As a result, those who cannot tolerate these 2 ingredients could also use this product without worry.


  • Doesn’t contain gluten and corn syrup
  • Non-GMO confirmed, kosher-approved, FDA-certified.
  • Rich and excellent flavor.
  • 100% organic.
  • Free from food dyes, gluten, and corn syrup.


  • Many people say it has a strong scent.

McCormick All Natural Pure Vanilla Extract – Most Affordable

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McCormick products are the best choice if you like to go with the essentials and only look for a daily conventional extract. Specifically, the brand is famous for its high-quality extracts, seasonings, and a variety of other culinary products.

This vanilla has a deep taste that works admirably in desserts and pastries but may also work for other recipes. As McCormick employs high-quality, organic ingredients at such a reasonable price in all of their offerings, many people (including us) prefer this product for everyday use.

Moreover, as the company doesn’t use any corn syrup in the manufacturing process, people with certain intolerants could also enjoy this product when making their food. Furthermore, their easy-pour mouth is also another big plus for us.


  • Gluten-free and gluten-free
  • Pure and organic.
  • An easy-pour mouth.


  • Diluted texture.
  • A simple taste.

Mexican Vanilla Totonac’s Pure Vanilla Extract – Best Totonac Product

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This Totonac’s Mexican Vanilla is named after the Totonac tribe from Mexico, the world’s largest vanilla growers until the mid-nineteenth century. And Totonac vanilla beans, which contribute to the intense flavors of this product, are also the main ingredients.  

Putting that aside, what impresses us the most is that the company produces 100% sugar-free and pure Mexican vanilla flavor extracts. Indeed, we love the subtle scent and taste it offers.

The container of Mexican vanilla extract includes a vanilla bean to intensify the taste, meaning that the vanilla aroma becomes deeper over time. If you don’t want to enhance it, remove it once you open the bottle.

As their primary focus is on the customers’ satisfaction, the company always strives for the highest quality for their products. And indeed, their 100% organic product is no exception. 


  • Pure extract.
  • Flavors deepened over time. 
  • Sugar-free.


  • Pricey.

What To Consider When Buying A Vanilla Extract For Ice Cream


Sugars and different additives are common ingredients in so many vanilla extracts, which helps to lower the item’s pricing.

However, a larger amount of sugar and other additions reduce the quality and flavor of the extract itself. Thus, when buying these commodities, seek those without such ingredients.

Make sure that anything you purchase is made from vanilla beans farmed without the use of toxic pesticides. So, how would you know if your extract is 100% natural? For this, you’ll check to see if it has a non-GMO accreditation. 


To meet the needs of diverse market segments, vanilla extract producers provide goods with both conventional and potent formulas. Some like a light vanilla flavor, whereas others want it at its most potent.

Yet, because powerful choices give rich tastes, we recommend them to potential purchasers. Furthermore, potent extracts allow users to utilize less to achieve the desired taste.


What Exactly is Vanilla Extract?

The extract results from vanilla beans or buds dipping in ethanol or water, by which you could make a homemade version. 

How Does Vanilla Extract Help My Ice Cream?

Most flavored ice creams start with a vanilla ice cream foundation. In other words, it creates an essential base for other flavors to develop.

Do I Need to Have Multiple Vanilla Extracts for Different Uses?

No, one extract could work admirably for many recipes, including both savory or sweet ones.

How Should I Store My Vanilla Extract?

The ideal storing conditions for vanilla extracts are a cool to moderate room temperature without light. Therefore, kitchen cabinets are typically excellent for extract, but only if it isn’t over a stovetop or around a heater.

Why is Madagascar vanilla so expensive?

Vanilla extract is derived from a species that is extremely picky and challenging to cultivate. Furthermore, most vanilla trees reside in Madagascar, which has undergone a series of hurricanes that have damaged crops in the past 5 years. Both of these elements have a significant impact on the cost of Madagascar vanilla extracts.


Owning one of the best vanilla extracts for ice cream will serve as a wonderful foundation for other flavors to stand out.

Thus, it’s a must-have ingredient if you want to have a successful batch of ice cream. Although the products above still come with specific cons, they’re still the leading extracts in the market. Give them a try, and you’ll understand why!

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