Traveling Vegan? 20 Cities You’ll Love

Embarking on a vegan voyage across the globe can feel a bit like being a superhero in a world not yet saved by tofu. But fear not, plant-based paladins! The world is brimming with cities where you can feast like a king on the greenest of feasts, all while indulging in cultural delights that don’t involve dodging meaty landmines.

Here are 20 vegan-friendly cities where your culinary lifestyle will be celebrated, not just accommodated, from budget bites to gourmet delights, plus a side of activities to keep you entertained between meals.

1. Portland, Oregon, USA

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The hipster heartland where even the beer is vegan. Portland doesn’t just tolerate vegans; it practically rolls out the green carpet. Try a Voodoo Doughnut for a sugar hit, then walk it off in the enchanting Japanese Garden.

2. Berlin, Germany

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Berlin’s motto: “Why eat meat when plants taste this good?” The city is a vegan wonderland, complete with vegan street food markets and the world’s first vegan supermarket chain. Don’t miss the vegan döner kebabs, they’re a cultural experience wrapped in pita.

3. Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Where you can practice saying “I’m vegan” in Thai or just point to the plethora of vegan eateries around every corner. Explore ancient temples by day and treat yourself to vegan mango sticky rice by night.

4. Seoul, South Korea

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Navigating the neon-lit streets of Seoul, you’ll discover a city where traditional meets trendy, and vegan cuisine is no exception. From kimchi that’s been given a vegan makeover to temple food that has been plant-based for centuries, Seoul offers a culinary journey that will tantalize your taste buds. Dive into a bowl of bibimbap, minus the egg but full of flavor, and don’t miss out on the chance to sip on banana milk—vegan, of course.

5. London, England

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Forget fish and chips; London’s vegan scene is about as cutting edge as it gets. From vegan fish and chips that defy logic to high tea that’s as cruelty-free as it is elegant, London proves that tradition can evolve.

6. Los Angeles, California, USA

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In LA, veganism isn’t a diet; it’s a lifestyle. Juice bars, vegan sushi, and celebrities spotting at plant-based burger joints—LA has it all. Visit the Getty Center for a culture fix without a side of beef.

7. New York City, New York, USA

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The Big Apple is big on veganism. Pizza, bagels, even New York cheesecake has been veganized for your plant-based pleasure. Wander through Central Park to work up an appetite or down an appetite, depending on how you view squirrels after your third vegan hot dog.

8. Toronto, Canada

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Where the vegan scene is as diverse as the city itself. Indulge in everything from vegan Ethiopian to meatless Chinese dim sum. For an off-the-beaten-path day, check out the Toronto Islands with a vegan picnic in tow.

9. Taipei, Taiwan

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A hidden gem where Buddhist vegetarian traditions meet modern vegan innovation. Night markets here offer an array of vegan options that will make you forget whatever meat even is.

10. Melbourne, Australia

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Café culture and veganism collide in Melbourne. Avocado toast is just the beginning; the city’s vegan desserts will make you question everything you thought you knew about baking.

11. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Ride your bike from one vegan hotspot to another in the world’s most bicycle-friendly city. After fueling up on vegan stroopwafels, why not take a canal cruise? It’s like Venice, but with more bicycles and fewer pigeons.

12. Warsaw, Poland

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Surprisingly, Warsaw is a vegan’s paradise, offering a robust scene that includes vegan pierogis and plant-based milk bars. History meets hipster in a city that’s not afraid to reinvent itself.

13. Bangkok, Thailand

Image Credit: Pexels / allPhoto Bangkok

Street food and veganism are best friends in Bangkok. Explore the city’s temples and markets, where you’ll find vegan Thai dishes that put pad Thai to shame.

14. Barcelona, Spain

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Tapas without the torture. Barcelona’s vegan scene is as vibrant as Gaudí’s architecture that dots the city. After munching on meatless paella, take a stroll in Park Güell for some whimsical selfie spots.

15. San Francisco, California, USA

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The tech boom brought more than just startups to SF; it brought an explosion of vegan eateries. Check out the Mission District for vegan Mexican food that’ll make you forget the Alamo… is something else entirely.

16. Vancouver, Canada

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Surrounded by nature and bursting with vegan options, Vancouver offers the best of both worlds. Kayak in the morning, then hit up a vegan sushi spot for lunch.

17. Paris, France

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Paris is shedding its buttery croissant image for something greener. Discover vegan patisseries, cheese shops, and even plant-based boeuf bourguignon that’ll make you say “oh là là.”

18. Prague, Czech Republic

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The city’s historic charm is matched by its emerging vegan scene. Feast on cruelty-free versions of traditional Czech dishes, then walk it off with a visit to Prague Castle.

19. Rome, Italy

Image Credit: Pexels / Julius Silver

Vegan gelato, pizza, and pasta—Rome is joining the ranks of vegan-friendly cities without sacrificing a speck of Italian flair. Between meals, toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain for good luck, or perhaps for more vegan gelato.

20. Bali, Indonesia

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The tropical paradise where vegans can thrive on fresh fruits, vegetable curries, and the ubiquitous avocado. Yoga, surf, and vegan eats—Bali is where the soul and stomach find harmony.

Bon Voyage, Plant-Based Pioneers

Image Credit: Shutterstock / RossHelen

Armed with this guide, American travelers can embark on a global tour of vegan delights, proving that the world is indeed your oyster mushroom. So pack your bags (and your appetite), and prepare to explore the vast, flavorful world of international vegan cuisine. Who knows? You might just find your next meal is a plane ride away, ready to challenge everything you thought you knew about the power of plants.

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