Retirement Bliss or Bust? A Third of Retirees Aren’t Happy – Here’s Why

The majority of retirees claim that they’re happier than they’ve ever been, but a third say they have a different experience. What is it, and how can they fix it?

Unmet Expectations

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If you retired thinking you’d be walking into a ripe dating scene and were disappointed, you’re not alone.

Dating Disappointments

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Many unhappy folks in the retirement phase of their lives have admitted that part of their discontentment stems from an inactive or unimpressive dating scene. 

Two-Thirds of Retirements Are Happier 

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This may surprise the two-thirds of American retirees who say they’re happier now than before they retired.

Happy Retirees Spend Their Time Wisely

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Of those spending their golden years happily, most say they enjoy their days by exercising, working on hobbies, traveling, and spending time with people they love.

Why Are So Many Retirees Unhappy?

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As for the smaller portion of retirees who aren’t finding it to be what they’d hoped, there are some common reasons. 44% worry about running out of money. While a third fear that their health will slow them down.

A Different Life Than They Imagined

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Most retirees in the study said they’d expected to be active and adventurous but now find themselves spending most of their time watching television. 

Closing the Gap

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So what is keeping seniors from living the life they’d imagined for themselves in retirement?

Financial Fears

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It could be financially driven. Since nearly half of those surveyed said they’re worried their retirement savings won’t last, it’s possible that they’re avoiding doing things that they’d enjoy in an effort to make that money stretch as long as possible.

The Importance of Planning Ahead

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Experts say that to combat that issue, planning ahead is crucial. Given inflation and the overall rise in the cost of living, the savings you thought you could live on when you started planning might not cut it.

How Worry Has Impacted Overall Health

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Because of this worry, the study found that many retirees spent more time worrying about the money they’d need in retirement than thinking about their health or mental well-being. Now, they could be paying the price in more ways than one.

Does Planning Ahead Equal Future Happiness?

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As for what to do about it, the study found a strong correlation between those who reported being happy and those who had planned ahead for retirement well. 

Planning to Be Happy

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The takeaway is that your happiness in the next phase of your life could be directly impacted by how well you plan for it. 

Non-Financial Investments

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In addition to making sure you are financially prepared for the rest of your life, there are other ways to invest in your happiness. 

Finding Purpose

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Just because you’re not working any longer doesn’t mean your days shouldn’t have a purpose. That may be to relax — it doesn’t necessarily have to be something productive.

Invest In Mental Health

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Finding a purpose for yourself is important for mental health. Sometimes, that can look like taking up a new hobby, like gardening, that could help you feel fulfilled. 

Gardening for Joy

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Studies have shown that gardening has a positive impact on mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.

Get Ahead of Potential Issues

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If you’re already in the early stages of retirement and find yourself worried that your savings won’t support you as long as you’d thought, it’s a good idea to get ahead of that now. Speak with a trusted financial advisor to determine your options.

Make the Most of Your Future

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Retirement should be a stress-free and enjoyable time in your life, so if you’re finding that isn’t the case, it’s not too late to do something about it. 

Seek Help Where You Need It 

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Financial advisors aren’t the only ones who can help. Therapists are a great resource for seniors who seek guidance about how to make the most of their lives. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need the support.

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