20 Eye-Opening Risks to Keep in Mind When Going Raw Diet

Tempted by the raw food craze? While munching on food as nature intended sounds like a shortcut to health nirvana, it’s not all sunshine and uncooked rainbows. From unsettling stomach sagas to downright dangerous dining, here’s your guide to why going raw might not always be the right choice, and a roundup of the foods that really shouldn’t skip the stove.

1. Increased Risk of Foodborne Illnesses

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Raw diets elevate the risk of inviting unwanted bacterial guests to your gut party. Remember, cooking isn’t just culinary flair; it’s also a kill step for pathogens.

2. Harder to Digest

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Some raw foods can be like that one guest who overstays their welcome, lingering in your digestive system and causing discomfort.

3. Nutrient Absorption Can Be Compromised

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Cooking increases the availability of some nutrients and antioxidants, making them easier for your body to absorb. Raw might not always mean more nutritious.

4. Raw Kidney Beans: The Uncooked Menace

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Packed with lectins, raw kidney beans can mess with your digestive system like a bad breakup messes with your social media stalking habits.

5. Potatoes: A Raw Deal

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Raw potatoes contain solanine, a compound that can cause everything from gastrointestinal distress to hallucinations. Suddenly, French fries don’t sound so bad.

6. Risk of Dietary Imbalances

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Exclusively raw diets can lead to deficiencies in essential nutrients like protein, iron, and calcium, proving that you can, in fact, have too much of a “good” thing.

7. Cassava: Not a Raw Superfood

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Raw cassava can introduce your body to cyanide, which is as bad as it sounds. Always cook it, unless you’re vying for a Darwin Award.

8. Eggs: Salmonella’s Favorite Costume

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Raw eggs may be a bodybuilder’s dream, but they’re also a prime vehicle for salmonella. Maybe Rocky was tough, but you don’t need to follow his dietary advice.

9. Decreased Energy Levels

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A raw diet might leave you feeling less like a light, energetic leaf and more like a sluggish, underpowered sloth due to fewer available calories.

10. Raw Meat: A Jungle of Microbes

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Unless you fancy playing microbial roulette, raw meat should be avoided. It’s a petri dish of bacteria that no amount of garnish can disguise.

11. Social Inconvenience

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Good luck finding a raw option at a barbecue or a friend’s dinner party. “I’ll just have the salad, undressed, and, um, unmade” doesn’t always go down well.

12. Mushrooms: Better Sauteed

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Raw mushrooms are not only tough to digest but cooking them can unleash beneficial nutrients that raw caps keep locked away.

13. Mental Fog and Irritability

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The brain thrives on glucose. A strict raw diet, particularly low in fruit, might leave you more foggy-headed than that one uncle after Thanksgiving dinner.

14. Unpasteurized Dairy: A Questionable Choice

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Raw milk and its products can be a playground for bacteria like Listeria and E. coli. Sometimes, pasteurization is there for a reason.

15. Sprouts: Tiny Bacterial Havens

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Raw sprouts might look cute on your avocado toast, but they can harbor harmful bacteria. Cook them to keep the doctor away.

16. Nutritional Yeast: Not Raw-Friendly

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Often fortified with Vitamin B12, nutritional yeast is a no-go for raw diets due to the processing. B12 is essential, so raw enthusiasts, look elsewhere.

17. Increased Dental Problems

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Some raw diets, especially fruit-heavy ones, can lead to dental woes. It seems even your teeth can have too much of a good thing.

18. Raw Flour: A Sneaky Culprit

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Who doesn’t love raw cookie dough? Your stomach, that’s who. Raw flour can contain E. coli, making that spoonful less delightful and more frightful.

19. Rhubarb Leaves: Dangerously Raw

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Even if you were thinking about it (and we hope you weren’t), raw rhubarb leaves are toxic. Stick to the stalks, and always cook them.

20. Time-Consuming Food Prep

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Chopping, blending, and spiraling can turn your kitchen into a full-time food processing plant. Sometimes, you just want to eat, not craft.

The Raw Conclusion

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While incorporating more fruits and veggies into your diet is never a bad idea, an all-raw approach might not be the golden ticket to health it’s cracked up to be. Remember, balance is key, and sometimes, that includes turning on the stove. After all, a little heat never hurt anyone—except, maybe, the bacteria you definitely don’t want as dinner guests.

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