Potato Substitute For Hash Browns: What Should You Use?

potato substitute for hash browns

What do you do when you want hash browns but don’t have any potatoes?

This is a question many people find themselves asking, and the answer isn’t always clear.

There are several potato substitutes that can be used to make hash browns, so it’s important to know what they are and how to use them.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the most common potato substitutes for hash browns and how to use them.

Stay tuned for tips on making your favorite breakfast dish.

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Zucchini is a popular and healthy vegetable that can be used to make hash browns in place of potatoes.

To prepare zucchini, you simply need to slice it into small pieces and fry it until golden brown.

It’s important to strain any excess liquid from the zucchini before adding it to your pan, otherwise, you will end up with a soggy mess.

Sweet potatoes

One of the most popular potato substitutes for hash browns is sweet potatoes.

They have a much different flavor than white potatoes, so you may need to add in some other spices to get your dish tasting great.

If using orange-fleshed sweet potatoes to make your dish, keep in mind that these are not low-calorie or low-fat substitutes for regular potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are nutrient-dense vegetables, so they have a lot of calories and fat per serving.

Cauliflower rice

Cauliflower rice is a great alternative to white potatoes, especially if you are trying to be more healthy.

To make this dish, you simply need to place ahead of a cauliflower into a blender and process it until the vegetables have broken down enough that they resemble rice.

You can then fry them or sauté them in spices or other ingredients.


Turnips are a food that you may not have tried before, but they make a wonderful substitute for potatoes in hash brown dishes.

They have a similar texture to white potatoes and can be fried until golden brown just like regular potatoes.

To make the dish with turnips, you simply need to shred the turnips and fry them in a hot pan until golden brown.


Parsnips are a perfect substitute for potatoes in hash brown recipes because they have a similar texture and can be used in a variety of different ways.

To make this recipe with parsnip, you will need to shred the parsnips and fry them in a pan until golden brown.

This tuber is often used as an alternative to potatoes by people who are trying to be more healthy, so this food may also help you lose weight if you are looking for potato substitutes for hash browns that won’t break your diet.


Another great alternative to potatoes when making this dish is radishes, which are a type of root vegetable.

Radishes have small roots that can be grated into hash browns just like regular potatoes.

You will need to clean the radish before grating them so you don’t eat any dirt with your dish, and then fry them until golden brown just as if they were potatoes.

Sweet corn

One of the most interesting potato substitutes you can use to make hash browns is sweet corn.

This vegetable has a lot of moisture to it, so you will need to remove some liquid before adding it to your frying pan.

You can simply take off the husk and slice off the kernels from an ear of sweet corn.

Then you should be able to fry this vegetable up just as if it were hash browns made from potatoes.

Are hash browns made from potatoes?

They are most commonly made from white potatoes, but you do not have to use potatoes if you want to make this dish.

There are several common vegetables that can be used in place of potatoes when making this dish, and they all cook up in a similar way.

Some parts of America even serve sweet corn instead of white potatoes with their hash browns at breakfast time. (source)

Are hash browns and potatoes the same thing?

potato substitute for hash browns

They are very similar foods, even though they have slightly different origins.

Hash browns can be made from a variety of vegetables, but potatoes are the most common ingredient in these dishes.

If you want to make a healthier dish that is also lower in calories, try using cauliflower as a substitute for white potatoes.

Is the best way to make hash browns with a food processor?

There is no one best way to make this dish.

Some people prefer to use a food processor because it allows them to quickly and easily grate their potatoes into small pieces, while others think that grating by hand gives them better control over how finely they shred the potatoes.

If you are looking to save time when making this dish, a food processor may be a good option for you. (source)

What’s in McDonald’s hash browns?

Mcdonald’s recipes are made with potatoes that have been shredded and then deep-fried.

The exact recipe for McDonald’s hash browns is a closely guarded company secret, but different sources estimate that there are somewhere between 19 and 21 grams of fat in an order of hash browns from this fast-food restaurant.

Can you make hash browns without a grater?

It is possible.

There are many options you can use for shredding vegetables, including using the side of a box grater, using a food processor, or getting creative and finding other ways to grate your vegetables into small pieces should be possible.

How long do hash browns take to fry?

The amount of time it takes to fry will depend on how thinly you slice your potatoes or other vegetables.

You can make them quickly by using a food processor for this step, but if they are sliced too thin they may break apart in the pan and will take longer to cook through. (source)

Are hash browns healthier than French fries?

If you use healthier cooking methods to prepare the dish, they can be a lighter and more nutritious meal than French fries.

They can also be made from vegetables and contain significantly less fat than French fries do.

Why do hash browns taste different than fries?

They are very similar foods, but they can have different flavors because of how they are prepared.

They are usually made with shredded potatoes, which gives them a crispy outside and a soft inside that tastes like potato.

French fries also have a crispy exterior, but the inside is often a bit softer.

The way that hash browns are cooked will determine how they taste when they are served.

What kind of oil is best for hash browns?

It is best to use a neutral oil when frying hash browns, which will allow you to get the most flavor out of your meal.

Some people prefer using olive oil for this dish, but vegetable or canola oil are also common choices for making hash browns.

Why are my hash browns not browning?

They should turn a nice brown color when they are cooked, but this can depend on how you prepare them and what kind of frying pan or skillet you use for cooking.

If yours aren’t turning brown, it might be time to try switching up the way that you cook them.

Should I soak potatoes before making hash browns?

When making hash browns, you do not need to soak the potatoes before use.

These dishes are often made from leftover potatoes that have already been cooked, so there is no reason to soak them before cooking again.

If you are using new potatoes for your dish, make sure to clean them thoroughly with water prior to adding spices or frying them up.

Potato substitute for hash browns – Conclusion

You can easily make hash browns with most vegetables, but zucchini, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower rice are among the most popular.

You may need to tweak your seasoning or cooking technique based on the vegetable you use in order to get a dish that tastes just right for you.

What’s your favorite?

Let me know.

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