21 Ways to Know You Might Be More Woke Than You Think

Have you caught yourself smirking at the word “mainstream” lately? If you’re navigating the tightrope of modern societal norms while rolling your eyes, congratulations—you might just be the epitome of woke. Let’s traipse through the minefield of your enlightened existence, shall we? After all, being woke in the UK isn’t just about sipping ethically sourced tea; it’s a full-time gig.

1. Intersectionality Isn’t Just a Buzzword for You

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You’ve moved beyond “I don’t see color” to understanding that people’s experiences are a complex web of race, gender, class, and more. You get that life isn’t a one-size-fits-all, and you’re ready to discuss it, preferably over a pint of craft beer that supports local businesses.

2. Your Bookshelf Is a Testament to Diverse Voices

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From Zadie Smith to Reni Eddo-Lodge, your book collection screams “I celebrate and understand diversity,” and you’re always ready to drop a quote that makes you look both intellectual and in tune with the struggles of others.

3. You’ve Perfected the Art of the Political Debate

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At family gatherings, you’re the one gently (or not so gently) pointing out the flaws in Uncle Bob’s outdated views. You’re armed with facts, ready to deploy them like a ninja, all while trying to remain the embodiment of civility.

4. Your Social Media Is a Digital Protest

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Every post, share, and like is a carefully curated act of rebellion against the mainstream narrative. You’re not just scrolling; you’re patrolling the digital landscape for injustice, one hashtag at a time.

5. You’ve Got Pronouns in Your Bio

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And not because it’s trendy, but because you understand the importance of identity and respect. Plus, it’s a subtle nod to those in the know that you’re on the right side of history.

6. The Gender Pay Gap Grinds Your Gears

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You’ve crunched the numbers, you’ve seen the stats, and you’re not afraid to bring it up at work, especially if someone tries to explain away inequality with “biology” or “choice.”

7. You’re a Sustainable Fashion Icon

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Fast fashion? More like a fast path to destruction. You wear your thrifty finds like a badge of honour, proving that style doesn’t have to sacrifice sustainability.

8. You Question Everything

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Why is this the norm? Who benefits from it? Your critical thinking skills are on overdrive, and you’re not satisfied with “that’s just the way it is.”

9. Veganism Is More Than a Diet

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It’s a statement. Whether you’re vegan or not, you understand the impact of dietary choices on the planet, animals, and our conscience.

10. Your Playlist Is Politically Charged

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From Stormzy to Billy Bragg, the music you listen to isn’t just for entertainment; it’s a reflection of your beliefs, struggles, and hopes for a better world.

11. You Recognize Your Privileges

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And you’re not defensive about it. Instead, you’re using your position to amplify marginalized voices, knowing that true progress involves lifting others up.

12. You’re Skeptical of Mainstream Media

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You look beyond the headlines, seeking out independent sources and multiple perspectives to get to the truth, understanding that narratives are often more complicated than they seem.

13. Mental Health Is a Priority

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Not just your own, but everyone’s. You advocate for breaking the stigma and recognize the systemic issues that contribute to mental health crises.

14. You’ve Mastered the Eye Roll

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Perfected for moments when you encounter someone who’s blissfully unaware or stubbornly resistant to acknowledging systemic issues. It’s your non-verbal way of saying, “We’ve got a long way to go.”

15. Environmentalism Is Your Middle Name

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You’re reducing, reusing, recycling, and preaching about the importance of saving our planet, sometimes to the annoyance of less enthusiastic friends.

16. You Support Local and Ethical Businesses

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From the coffee shop down the street to the eco-friendly cleaning products in your cupboard, your money speaks of your values.

17. Social Justice Is Your Call to Arms

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You’re not just aware of social issues; you’re actively engaged in making a difference, be it through volunteering, donations, or simply educating those around you.

18. You Challenge Gender Norms

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Why should toys be gendered? Why can’t boys wear pink? You’re not just asking; you’re actively defying stereotypes in your everyday life.

19. You’re an Ally in Action

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Supporting LGBTQ+ rights, racial equality, and women’s rights isn’t just a passive belief; it’s an active commitment.

20. You Believe in Equity, Not Just Equality

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Because you know that sometimes, achieving fairness means giving more support to those who need it, not just handing out identical slices of the pie.

21. Your Humour Is Inclusive

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Gone are the days of laughing at others’ expense. Your wit is sharp, but never at the cost of marginalizing others. After all, if you can’t be funny without being offensive, are you really that funny?

The Woke Wake-Up Call

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So, you’ve ticked off more than a few on this list, and you’re feeling pretty good about your woke status. Remember, being woke isn’t a destination; it’s a journey of continuous learning, listening, and evolving. Keep challenging the norms, questioning the status quo, and, most importantly, opening your heart and mind to the diverse experiences around you. Who knows? You might just change the world, one woke moment at a time.

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