Smart Shopper’s Guide: 20 Must-Have Bulk Buys for Every Home

Ever look at your shopping cart and think, “Do I really need all this?” Only to find yourself nodding vigorously because, yes, you absolutely need that mountain of toilet paper. Welcome to the art of bulk buying, where the motto is “Go big or go home (only to come back because you forgot the bulk-sized peanut butter).” Let’s dive into the ultimate list of what you should be hoarding—responsibly, of course.

1. Toilet Paper

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Did you ever think you’d be emotionally attached to toilet paper? Yet here we are. It never goes bad, you’ll always need it, and running out is a nightmare worthy of a horror movie. Bulk buy it, and sleep soundly at night.

2. Soap

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Because, surprise, you’ll continue to get dirty. Buying soap in bulk not only saves you money but spares you the existential crisis in the soap aisle wondering if you’re more of a ‘Spring Rain’ or ‘Lavender Bliss’ personality this month.

3. Dried Pasta

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Pasta doesn’t care about your five-year plan. It’ll wait. And wait. Buy it in bulk for those nights when cooking feels like climbing Everest. Pasta is your base camp, always ready.

4. Rice

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Rice is the ultimate sidekick, ready to back you up meal after meal. It’s like that friend who’s always there for you, except you can eat it. Creepy? Maybe. Convenient? Absolutely.

5. Spices

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Ever notice how expensive those tiny jars of spices are? It’s like they’re filled with ground-up gold. Buying in bulk can save you a small fortune, especially if you’re into actually flavoring your food.

6. Canned Tomatoes

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These are the unsung heroes of the kitchen. They last forever and can transform into a million different meals. Are they a bit heavy? Sure. But consider it your workout for the day.

7. Pet Food

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Your furry friend doesn’t care if you’re saving money, but your wallet does. Buy their food in bulk and bask in the glory of being a financially savvy pet parent.

8. Batteries

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Ever reached for a battery only to find a sad, empty drawer? Bulk buying batteries means you’re the hero in a power outage, or just when the remote dies. Your future self thanks you.

9. Laundry Detergent

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Unless you’re planning to join a nudist colony, you’ll always need to wash clothes. Buying detergent in bulk saves money and the environment, with fewer trips to the store. Win-win.

10. Light Bulbs

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They’re not just a good idea; they’re a necessity. Stock up and bask in the glow of your foresight when a bulb goes out during your late-night snack run.

11. Coffee

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Because running out of coffee is an actual emergency. Buy it in bulk and never face a caffeine-deprived morning again. You’re not yourself when you’re coffee-less.

12. Oats

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Quick, easy, and lasts longer than most of your relationships. Oats are the breakfast of champions and the late-night snack of the thrifty.

13. Nuts

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Unless you’re allergic (in which case, please skip ahead), nuts are a great snack to buy in bulk. Just remember to store them properly, unless you prefer your almonds with a side of rancid.

14. Frozen Vegetables

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Frozen veggies last ages and are picked at peak ripeness. Plus, no one’s judging if you eat them straight from the bag. We’ve all been there.

15. Cheese

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Hear me out: You can freeze cheese. Mind blown, right? Bulk buy, shred, and freeze. Future you will be so grateful for past you’s genius.

16. Alcohol

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For those who indulge, buying your favorite tipple in bulk can save you a mint. Plus, you’re always party-ready. Just try not to use it all up celebrating your savings.

17. Office Supplies

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Ever paid $5 for a single pen at a convenience store? Never again. Stock up on pens, paper, and the rest, and avoid the markup.

18. Diapers

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If you have a baby, diapers are like gold. Bulk buying can save you a small fortune and many desperate late-night store runs.

19. Toothpaste

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It’s not going anywhere, and you (hopefully) will always have teeth. Bulk buy and brush up on those savings.

20. Socks

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They disappear in the wash. It’s one of life’s mysteries. Buy in bulk, and when one goes missing, its replacement is ready and waiting.

The Bulk Buying Manifesto

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So there you have it, a guide to bulk buying that might just change your life (or at least your shopping habits). Next time you’re wondering whether you need that 48-pack of toilet paper, remember: in the world of bulk buying, more is always more. Now, go forth and fill your cart with confidence, and maybe a little bit of smugness, because you’re about to become the master of the bulk buy.

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