Milk Substitute For Waffles: What Should You Use?

milk substitute for waffles

Anyone who has ever tried to make vegan waffles knows that finding a good milk substitute can be tricky.

There are so many different types of milk on the market these days, it can be hard to decide which one is right for your recipe.

In this blog post, I will share with you my favorite choice when it comes to swapping out dairy milk when making waffles.

I will also answer some of the most popular questions related to this topic.

So whether you’re looking for a dairy-free alternative or just want to try something new, read on for some helpful advice.

What’s the best milk substitute for waffles?

In my experience, soy milk is the best substitute for regular milk when making waffles.

You can try using a 1:1 ratio and adjust accordingly.

You can make soy milk at home, or you can buy it from stores.

Commercial versions may have things like water, sugar, salt, and vitamins added to them.

Milk from soybeans is generally safe for most people, but it should be avoided if you have a soy allergy.

Soybeans contain anti-nutrients that can inhibit the absorption of some valuable nutrients.

Soaking or fermenting the beans may help to minimize these compounds. (source)


Are waffles better with milk or water?

Most of the time, waffles are better with milk.

But if you use equal parts of water for the milk that your recipe calls for, it will come out crispy and light.

So, try it. (source)

Can you eat waffles with milk?

Yes, you can eat waffles with milk.

Cook them first and then add the milk after.

You can also put syrup on it before or after cooking.

Bagels are easy to make, too.

Put a topping on it and enjoy your bagel. (source)

Can you use milk instead of buttermilk for waffles?

Yes, you can.

If you do not have any buttermilk on hand, you can make your own buttermilk substitute.

To make a substitute, add 1 tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice to a measuring cup and then fill the rest with whole milk.

Stir it up and let it sit for 10 minutes.

You can also just use all milk in your recipe if you want to cut down on the liquid used.

Using whole milk will give the best taste in this case.

What is the difference between buttermilk waffles and regular waffles?

Buttermilk Waffles: Buttermilk makes these waffles more flavorful. The batter is thicker, so the waffle is less crispy.

Milk Waffles: Milk makes these crispier, but also less flavorful. (source)

Can I use oat milk instead of milk in waffles?

milk substitute for waffles

Yes, you can.

When you are making waffles, keep them warm with an oven at 200 degrees F.

Oat milk is good to use but you can also use almond milk.

All toppings work well with this recipe.

Can I substitute half and half for milk in waffles?

Yes, you can.

You can make waffles using whole milk, heavy cream, and a little water.

Half and half is a mix of both whole milk and heavy cream.

Add ΒΌ cup of water to substitute for each cup of whole milk you want to replace with the half and half mix.

Can you use milk instead of water for the waffle mix?

Yes, but you may need to add a little more so the thickness of the mix would still be the same.

Can I add milk to the waffle mix?

Yes, you can use milk instead of water if you want to.

But make sure that the mix says to use water because some mixes already have powdered milk in them.

How do you spruce up waffle mix?

If you want to make waffles taste like your favorite morning cereal (like Cinnamon Toast Crunch) then add cinnamon and brown sugar to the batter. (source)

How do you make waffles moist?

Make sure to preheat your oven to 250 degrees F.

Put the waffles in for 5 minutes.

Let the waffles sit on a cooling rack for a few minutes after they come out of the oven so some of their steam can evaporate and they won’t be too soggy.

How do you add flavor to the waffle mix?

You can use bacon, chocolate chips, or blueberries.

You can also put peanut butter or cocoa on it.

Put 1/4 cup of peanut butter for every cup of flour and 1/2 a cup of cocoa with 1/3 a cup sugar.

How do you make Belgian waffles without a waffle iron?

First, you need to mix the batter and then put it on the grill pan.

Then, you need to heat up the grill pan and spread out the batter into a circle.

Then you need to lower the heat and let it simmer, flipping halfway through.

Finally, you need to make some ripples in your waffles with a fork. (source)

How thick should waffle batter be?

Waffle batter should be a little more liquid than pancake batter or honey.

You can make the batter ahead of time and store it in the fridge for a few days.


My favorite way to enjoy waffles is with a generous helping of butter and maple syrup.

I find that soy milk provides the best substitute for regular milk when making this breakfast staple, but you can try using a 1:1 ratio and adjust accordingly based on your taste preferences.

If you’re looking for an alternative option to traditional dairy products, give these recipes a go.

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