Giving a Second Life to Butcher Block Scraps

When it comes to kitchen countertops, butcher block is a popular choice.

It’s durable, looks great, and is easy to clean.

But what do you do when you have leftover butcher block?

Here are some ideas.

Use Leftover Butcher Block to Make a Cutting Board

You can make a cutting board from your leftover butcher block.

Butcher block is similar to wood, so it’s easy to cut.

First, you need to measure the dimensions of your cutting board.

Square or rectangular are the most common shapes used for cutting boards.

Since butcher block is usually square, that might be an easier choice for beginners.

You also need to choose two adjacent sides as the top and bottom of your board.

Make a Cheese Board With the Leftover Wood

A cheese board is a great choice for leftover butcher blocks.

A rectangle shape is the most common, but you can also make a square or octagon-shaped board with your extra wood.

You’ll need to choose two adjacent sides as the top and bottom of your board.

Build a Potting Bench

You can build a potting bench from your leftover butcher block countertops.

All you have to do is measure the dimensions of your bench, making it about 12 inches deep and long enough to accommodate all of your potted plants.

Then attach legs and wheels and you’re done.

Turn It Into a Bench, Coffee Table, or End Table for Your Living Room

You can create a bench, coffee table, or end table from your leftover butcher block.

Choose two adjacent sides as the top and bottom of your bench, making the length about double the width.

For a coffee table, you’ll choose one side as the top and make it not much wider than a couch armrest so that people can easily get in and out of the couch.

For an end table, make two adjacent sides as the top and bottom of your table.

Add Some Height to Your Bookshelf

If you’re trying to fill some empty space in your home, use it on a higher bookshelf with some leftover butcher block countertops.

Just attach a few wooden planks across a couple of your shelves and you’ll have a new level for storage.

Make a Bench for Your Front Porch

A bench is an excellent addition to any front porch, but if you don’t have the money to buy one at the store, use your leftover butcher block countertops instead.

Just measure the dimensions of your bench, making it about 12 inches deep and long enough to accommodate two people comfortably.

Then attach legs and wheels and you’re done.

Give It to Someone Who Could Use Some Lumber Around Their House

You can gift your leftover butcher block to anyone you think could use some lumber around their house.

It might be someone who wants to build a fence, set up a garden, or make something for their yard.

It is easy to shape and cut, so it’s ideal for construction projects.

Just make sure the person has the tools they need (like saws) before you gift them the wood.

Use It in Your Garden to Grow Seedlings On

If you have a garden, use your leftover butcher block to grow some seedlings.

You can attach it vertically or horizontally to your fence or just lay it flat on the ground.

Place the plants in the holes you drill into it and then fill in them with dirt or sand.

Now you’ve got yourself a planter.

Find a Local School or Art Studio That Could Use Some Lumber

If you don’t have any plans for your leftover wood, find a community art studio or school in your area that could use it.

It is durable and easy to shape, perfect for beginning artists who are trying to make something with wood.

You might even be able to give it away free of charge.

Make Some Unique Place Settings for Your Next Dinner Party

If you’re throwing a dinner party, try making some unique place settings with your leftover wood.

You can use it to create flower arrangements or decorative food platters for people to grab and eat on their way back to the table.

Just add flowers, fruit, veggies—whatever you like.

Can you leave the butcher block unfinished?

Yes, you can leave it unfinished if it will not be used as a cutting surface.

Any finish you choose for appearance and durability will be fine.

Is butcher block toxic?

No, not really.

It is a type of wood that will be put on a countertop.

Some people are allergic to its glue, but most glues are not very bad.

What happens if you don’t seal the butcher block within 48 hours?

If you don’t seal it within 48 hours, the wood will absorb moisture.

This will make it harder for the oil to absorb evenly, which can lead to a splotchy finish.

Can I make my own butcher block?

Yes, you can, but make sure you know what you’re doing.

A butcher-block countertop can be made from wood or other materials.

And you need to know how to use a special tool and have the right materials.

Should you sand a butcher block?

Yes, you can.

You can definitely refinish your butcher block countertop at home.

All you need are some sandpaper and mineral oil.

You might also want to use a palm sander.

Follow these tips to make your butcher block like new again.

Can you wax butcher block?

Yes, you can wax it.

It is best to use a food-safe oil or wax to finish the block.

This will help to keep it clean and make it easy to wipe down.


Butcher block is a versatile material that can be used for many different purposes.

If you have any leftover wood, there are plenty of ways to put it to use around your home or give it away as gifts.

For the above ideas, I really like that you were able to use them as a planter or a decorative food platter.

Those are some very creative suggestions.

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