How to Carefully Freeze Kale Salad

You can freeze your kale salad leftovers inside an airtight zip-loc for around 7 days maximum.

It is healthy, nutritious food. Many people eat it raw in salads and smoothies.

But many people also cook it too.

It is good for you because it has a lot of nutrients and has only a few calories in each cup.

You can add it to a weight loss diet, or any diet if you want to be healthy and lose weight.

How do you thaw out frozen kale salad then?

Well, you need to take the bag out of the freezer and put it on your counter or in a bowl of cool water.

Or you can just put the frozen kale in your recipe straight from the freezer.

And that’s it.

Do you have to massage the kale for your salad?

No, you don’t have to massage it before using it in a salad.

Just let it stay in the bowl with the dressing and if you’re working with tender baby kale, just eat it without massaging.

What does kale salad contain?

This very salad recipe is often made with crisp kale, shredded carrots, sweet apples, sharp white cheddar, and toasted almonds.

It tastes good.

How do you make kale less bitter for the salad?

You can use garlic, olive oil, and salt.

You can also cut the stem out and then marinate it with a mixture of olive oil and salt.

How long does kale salad last in the fridge?

You can store this salad in an airtight container for up to 7 days.

What type of kale is best for salads?

There are two types of kale that you can buy.

One is Tuscan and the other one is curly.

I recommend the Tuscan because it tastes milder than curly and is better suited to eating raw in salads.

How many calories are in a kale salad?

In this salad, there are 33 calories, 3 grams of protein, and 6 grams of carbs (2 of which are fiber).

How much fat is in kale salad?

There are not many fats in this salad.

The fat does have, however, is a good kind of fat called alpha-linolenic acid.

Are collards and kale the same?

Yes, these two are related.

They both come from a type of cabbage.

Collards have fewer calories and are high in fiber and protein.

It is more high-iron than collards, so if you want to eat it because of that, then go ahead.

Can eating too much kale cause blood clots?

Some people worry that eating too much kale can cause blood clots.

Vitamin K is the reason why.

If you have to take a medicine that makes your blood thinner, then you need to be careful about eating a lot of it because it will not work properly in your body.

Can kale replace spinach?

Yes, it is a good substitute for spinach in casseroles.

When people bake it, it becomes soft and the texture disappears into the recipe.

You should use about as much of it as you would use spinach.

Can too much kale make you sick?

It is healthy for people to eat if they don’t eat too much.

If you eat too much, then it can hurt the body.

It has a lot of thallium in it that if eaten in large amounts can be toxic to the body.

Can you eat kale like lettuce?

No, it’s not like lettuce because it is a cruciferous vegetable.

This means that it is more like broccoli or Brussels sprouts than like lettuce.

Some people bake the kale, sprinkling some olive oil and salt on the top to create crispy chips.

Can you eat kale stems?

No, you will never eat kale or collard stems raw.

They are tough, chewy, and fibrous.

Sometimes people eat them in salads because they taste better cooked than raw.

The heating process makes them taste good and it also makes them easier to chew.

Can you eat too much kale?

No, everything should be in moderation.

Too much of these veggies can slow down your thyroid.

That is bad because it is important for your body to work properly.

Can you freeze kale raw?


Plan to use it within 4-6 weeks.

If you want yours to last for 8-12 months, then you need to blanch the leaves and stems before freezing them.

Blanch the leaves for 2.5 minutes by boiling water in a pot with a lid on top to steam heat the floating leaves, and blanch stems for 3 minutes.


It is a healthy food that can be eaten raw or cooked.

It has many nutrients and low calories, so it’s good for you regardless of your diet choices.

You should try freezing kale salad leftovers in an airtight Ziploc to extend their shelf life by up to 7 days.

This will give you more time to enjoy the delicious taste of this nutritious vegetable.

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