Top 5 Best Empanada Presses Reviewed

empanada presses

The best empanada press will help you a lot when preparing those delicious homemade treats. Indeed, no more spending hours sitting and folding those pastries by hand. Yet, these items are too similar and thus, leave us clueless about which one is good. 

If that’s also your issue, you’re at the right place. Today’s article will clear the path for you and lend you insightful information about the best empanada makers

Empanada Press Buying Guide

Many customers concentrate on the cost while purchasing an empanada press and maker, ignoring other vital aspects. When using those gadgets, you must consider several factors, notably the mạker’s sizes, materials, versatility, and extras.

Size of empanada press

The first and most essential factor to consider is the size of your empanada press.

Empanada presses are available in various diameters, according to the size of empanada users intend to cook. As a result, gadgets spanning in size from 3 to 6 inches are accessible. In addition, a few of these presses arrive in bundles of various sizes, allowing you to produce a range of pastries.


The material used to build these products is always an essential factor since it impacts the item’s sturdiness and lifetime. Even though many high-quality empanada presses are made of stainless steel, you may come across others composed of plastic.  

Between the 2 materials, many buyers choose items manufactured from stainless steel since they are more robust and serve longer than items constructed of plastic. In addition, since stainless steel is impervious to bending and other common physical effects, deformation or fractures are rare with this metal.

This component also protects your equipment from deteriorating, even if you’ve been utilizing it for an extended period and it’s frequently introduced to water. However, it also aids with the firmness and consistency of the empanadas.

Yet, it doesn’t mean plastic isn’t doing us any good. Indeed, there are benefits to using plastic items, too. Moreover, this compound makes the item significantly much more lightweight than steel. 

Additionally, since it is constructed of plastic, it is incredibly robust and will not corrode even if you repeatedly rinse it under water or immerse it in a sink. If you intend to purchase plastic models, however, ensure that it doesn’t contain BPA.


If you read thoroughly all the equipment we’ve shown you above, you’ll notice that they could do much more than only making empanadas. Indeed, it would be advantageous if you purchased a device that makes savory wontons, gnocchi, pierogi, pies, calzone, tamales, and other dishes. 

In other words, versatile models will allow you to introduce diversity to your dining table without putting in too much effort or time.

Other Features

An underside for trimming wrapper, various molds, and crimped sides for enclosing pastry are all extra beneficial features of an empanada press. Also, a few motorized models for large batches come equipped with a convenient display for better control.

Best Empanada Makers (Top 5 Products)

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RODSTON Dumpling Maker Press Set – Best Overall

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Rodston Dumpling Maker Press Set is the first item on our list of the 5 best empanada presses. Indeed, it has gotten a lot of favorable feedback thanks to its efficiency, and that’s why there is no way that we overlook this offering.

First and foremost, we’ll get a decent value out of this set. Once you buy this item, you will acquire 3 distinct varieties of dumpling presses: mini (3 inches), medium (3.7 inches), and big (4.4 inches), and also a silicone mat (30 x 40). 

Its base is circular, allowing us to prepare shaped dumplings in various sizes and designs for extra versatility. Indeed, these empanada molds are incredibly adaptable as they work for various cooking recipes, including pierogis, pies, gujiyas, gyozas, wrappers, wontons, and so forth.  

Another plus for these presses is their stainless steel material. While most products offer plastic models only, RODSTON chose to bring the highly robust and scratch-proof characteristics for an extended lifespan. 

Rodston is an excellent option if you require a variety of empanada sizes to meet the demands of a large group of diners. With this gadget, you may lessen the burden of folding all the wraps manually and bring joy to the dining table. The users will also save a lot of time in the kitchen!

Additionally, the manufacturer also upgraded and redesigned the product’s grips for extra ergonomy and comfort. Moreover, its head is exceptionally lightweight and sleek, ensuring that our empanada presses operate efficiently.


  • Easy to use 
  • Convenient to hold
  • Durability


  • Can not do more than one perogy at the same time

Machika Dough Press Set Kitchen Gadget – Most Versatile

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The runner-up position in today’s post belongs to a reliable and user-friendly product called the Machika Dough Press Set. Indeed, this kit will help us get those beautiful empanadas in the blink of an eye without sweating our shirts.

First of all, the Machika empanada maker features a crimp-edged shape that ensures secure wrap closures and gives homemade pastries a polished appearance. This empanada maker’s bottom also helps to shape beautiful round wraps.

Cooking should always be joyful and straightforward, and that’s what this remarkable device offers. Not only does it make the empanada-cooking process more pleasant, but it also helps you to have the best times preparing food with your family members. As it’s so simple to use, even your kids can shape eye-pleasing wraps.

Although it does not include any extra apparatus to assist us in making our empanada, the best part about this kit is that it includes empanada cutters of various diameters. This is fantastic since it gives you more cooking choices when it comes to cooking.

These empanada makers are available in the following sizes: 3 inches (8.5 cm), 4 in (10.5 cm), 5 inches (12.5 cm), and 6 inches (15 cm). Thanks to this wide range, we can make plenty of wrap recipes, including filled pastries, chicken pies, perogies, Jamaican steak patties, gnocchi, tortellini, and so on.

Its basic layout makes these presses effortless to clean any foods and remove any leftovers as it is machine washable.


  • Extensive size range for different dishes.
  • Make shaping empanadas much more fun and effortless.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Dishwasher-safe.


  • Low durability.

BTaT- Dough Press Set – Easiest To Use

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BTaT Dough Press Set is another outstanding product that any empanada lover should know, notably if you want those uniformly and neatly shaped wraps. 

Indeed, this three-piece empanada maker kit is ideal for preparing so many homemade dumplings, including pies, gnocchi, turnovers, calzones, and of course, empanadas. 

What we prefer the most is that this set excels at simplifying the whole complicated folding process. Indeed, everything you need to do is trim the dough, place it in the press, add the fillings, and seal the wraps!

If you’ve made empanadas at home, higher chances are that you’ve made this mistake: loosely wrapped empanadas, which result in stuffings coming out when cooking. And this product will help us minimize this problem.

Indeed, the product’s stylish crimped border pattern will securely seal our preferred filling ingredients and offer gorgeous empanadas. Meanwhile, the BTaT empanada maker’s bottom will also help us trim even and clean round wrappers.

About the ease of cleaning, this kit is also an excellent choice. As these plastic presses are machine washable, you could quickly put them in the dishwasher and let the machine handle everything for you. 


  • A high ease of use.
  • High versatility.
  • Tight closure.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Low durability.

Magic Dumpling Maker Press Set of 4 Molds – Best Durability 

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The Magic Dumpling maker press set of 4 molds are not your ordinary empanada maker – they can help us prepare a wide range of delectable wrap recipes.

Indeed, their different sizes are so extensive: While their smaller-sized mold acts as the perfect wonton or momo press, the bigger ones excel at shaping clean and uniform empanadas, turnovers, and pies. In other words, there are countless cooking possibilities that one could achieve when using this set.

This Magic Dumpling empanada makers and dough presses combo have a sturdy construction made of long-lasting materials. But that’s not everything that contributed to the product’s durability. 

This empanada maker kit also possesses glued-on grips that help us snap and seal our dough effortlessly. In addition, all gyoza and pierogi makers get fastened securely by a sturdy stainless steel hinge. Thus, select Magic Dumpling if you seek a dough press that will withstand any situation.

Finally, another impressive feature of this Magic Dumpling Maker Press Set Of 4 Molds is its high safety and ease of cleaning. Indeed, this empanada-making equipment meets the highest food safety requirements and is totally dishwasher safe.


  • Convenient empanada making.
  • High versatility.
  • DIshwasher-safe.


  • Low durability.

SKY-TOUCH Dumplings Maker Molds – Best Value

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This set includes 3 empanada pressing molds and 3 dough makers. The press’s diameter varies significantly from 9.5 cm to 8.5 cm and 7.5 cm, which helps to bring different size choices and cooking possibilities. 

At the same time, this extensive size range also allows our entire family to prepare empanadas altogether as it accommodates different hand sizes snugly.

These dumpling pressing molds and wrapper makers are primarily 304 stainless steel, robust and sturdy to utilize, wear-resistant, and corrosion-proof. As a result, it’s 100% safe from tarnishes and rusts.

Its style adheres to ergonomic concepts: the grasp is more pleasant and handy while being extremely simple to grab. This dumpling press form also has a firm opening and closure, lowering the risk of the contents oozing out when forming empanadas.


  • Convenient design.
  • High-quality material.
  • Easy to use. 


  • A limited size range compared to other rivals. 


What is an empanada press?

An empanada maker’s role is to enclose the wrapper covering the stuffing securely; once pressed, it forms the iconic empanada crimp across the side of the crescent. This design adds aesthetic and texture to the wraps, making them appear highly handmade!

How do you use empanada press?

First, make the empanada pastry and flatten it out to about a quarter-inch thickness. Next, trim out rounds using the underside of your empanada press. Then, push it downward, twist slightly, and you have your wrappers! Those rounds will, of course, accommodate neatly in your empanada molds.

Lay an empanada press on top of a ring of pastry. Scoop the contents in the center. Raise both sides of the empanada maker’s s grips simultaneously to tighten the empanada press and enclose the wraps. And the empanadas are ready to bake or fry.

What is the empanada filling called?

Empanada’s stuffing usually doesn’t have a name. Yet, in Argentina, they have an empanada variant called Jujuy, whose filling is “recado.”

Why is my empanada dough tough?

If you find your empanada dough tougher than usual, higher chances are that you have overworked the pastry. When working with the empanada dough, you should only mix the wet and dry ingredients until the mixture appears smooth and neither too dry nor runny, and no further.

Another possible situation is that you haven’t added enough moisture. When preparing empanadas and other dumplings, making your pastry relatively soft for easier stuffing is advisable.

Is empanada a dumpling?

Yes, empanadas are dumplings.

According to the dumpling definition, dumplings are a large category of food formed from portions of pastry (derived from different starches) folded around a stuffing or pastry without a stuffing. And that’s precisely the way people cook empanadas. 

What would cause your empanada to explode during cooking?

Cracked dough or any holes in the wrapper might be the culprit of this explosion reaction.

In an empanada dough, water and maize starch are the primary components. If you don’t work the pastry fast enough, it may run dry and eventually crack. Cracked pastry implies cracks on your wraps, which causes oil to enter your stuffing during the frying process and drying the fillings – worse yet, triggering an explosion.

The same thing applies to holed wrappers where oil could also get in and ruin everything.

Is it better to bake or fry empanadas?

It’s all up to your preferences.

Baked empanadas are simpler to make since you can cook a large batch simultaneously, and they’re undoubtedly less oily yet lacking all that deep-fried deliciousness. Indeed, they don’t come out of the oven with the same taste as the fried empanadas.

When you run short of time, fry those empanadas rather than baking them. Also, frying will help the empanada’s stuffing retain more moisture, meaning a juicier dish.


Indeed, if you’re all about wraps and dumplings, having the best empanada press would be a wise investment. Not only do they offer neat and uniform empanadas, but they will also help with other recipes that call for folding a wrapper around stuffings. Good luck!

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