Top 7 Best Comals For Tortillas Reviewed

comals for tortillas

For homemakers who love Mexican cuisine, homemade tortillas for tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, or quesadillas are a treat.

Thus, cooking utensils that aid in this tortillas-making process are incredibly favorable. And, among all the beneficial tools, a comal is the most outstanding one. Indeed, the best comal for tortillas will help you a lot! 

So, if you are looking for a comal and don’t know where to begin, today’s post is for you. Don’t miss out until the end for more valuable tips and advice. 

What to Look For When Buying a New Comal For Tortillas


Comals are typically constructed of cast-iron metals owing to their high impact tolerance. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel comals both have outstanding qualities, although the first material is frequently lighter. The material’s durability influences the robustness and ease of operation of your kitchenware.

Although you don’t require highly weighty comals, a 9-pound model is light enough to hold and move around. Additionally, pre-seasoned comal areas enhance rust resistance.


The next thing to consider is the dimensions of the comal. An expansive, flat cooking region enables users to prepare bigger batches while mixing a diversity of ingredients. If you’re running a roadside food vendor or making tortillas for a big family, it’s critical to keep up with the diner’s orders.

For commercial purposes, food sellers typically utilize 22-inch comals, while one may utilize comals having diameters ranging from 10 to 15 inches for family meals and backyard gatherings with buddies. In addition, the sidewalls should be 2 inches tall minimum.

A significant height means holding great amounts of oils and fats while stir-frying. Therefore, cooks often choose comals featuring concave bottoms since they are ideal for frying.

Temperature Resistance

Because comals come intended to work under extreme heat, those with heat resistance are much more favorable. The temperature from cooktop stoves and ovens may exceed 500°F, and the comal’s non-stick coating should be able to withstand it.

Heat Retention

The next factor contributing to a high-quality comal is its ability to retain heat.

Once stainless steel and cast-iron comals transmit temperature to their sidewalls, they should be able to keep the food heated for an extended period. If they do not, higher chances are that you’ve encountered a low-grade product. 

Durable Grips

The final factor contributing to a decent product is the durable grip. Extended, durable grips protect your fingertips from unwanted injuries. You may also safely handle large amounts of ingredients with such handles.

If your comal features long handles with holes for hanging, the storage process is also much more effortless. Hang it, and you could save a lot of space in your kitchen.

Top 7 Best Comals For Tortillas

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Cuisinel Cast Iron Round Griddle – Best Overall

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Isn’t it challenging to lower your comal with a single grip, notably when you’re about to prepare a big meal? Team Cuisinel understands this issue and has come up with a way to make things a little simpler. Therefore, they’ve introduced the Cuisinel Cast Iron Round Griddle, and it’s also the best product we found in the market.

When purchasing kitchen cookware, we frequently consider stainless steel for its toughness and longevity. However, the designers of this Cuisinel did not bother to go down the same path, instead opting for a superior cast iron composition. And predict what came as a result? A long-lasting component that you won’t need to renew for many decades.

Another outstanding highlight of this griddle is its ergonomy – its dual handle has done the trick. Instead of dealing with the weighty ingredients on this skillet using one hand, we can efficiently utilize both hands to bring it down. Furthermore, its non-stick coating improves the frying, roasting, smoking, baking, or broiling performance.

Regardless of whatever cooktop you intend to use, this one can withstand extreme temperature. Furthermore, it is also simple to wash and maintain. Lukewarm water and organic oil are all that they call for.


  • A long-lasting and sturdy cast iron material.
  • High versatility.
  • Extreme heat tolerance.
  • Easy-to-wash non-stick surface.
  • An extensive diameter of 13.5 inches accommodates a lot of ingredients.


  • A bit weighty compared to conventional comals.

Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press 8 Inch with Cast Iron Comal Pan – Best Value

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The Uno Casa Press is a terrific buy when it comes to manufacturing quality and simplicity of operation. Indeed, it arrives pre-seasoned and ready to serve fresh out of the box.

At the same time, their FDA-approved commercial-grade cast iron design and non-stick pressing plate make it smooth and effortless to prepare tortillas and various dishes.

This utensil also includes some handy touches. For the grip, a hinged pin is available for extra convenience and easy cleaning. Thanks to such a feature, we found the after-cooking super effortless. All we need to do is gently rinse the comal, dry it, and massage it using cooking oil.

Moreover, the manufacturer also includes another replacement pin, which proves helpful when any damage happens to the first pin. Uno Casa likewise contains 100 sheets of baking parchment, which is essential if you want to have the best outcomes.

Furthermore, they provide a cooking booklet that includes instructions for tortillas, small pastry skins, tostones, dumplings, and other things. This cookbook delivers us a wonderful start to making tasty tortillas and similar delicacies right off the bat. 

Finally, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning the company stands for its product.


  • Pre-seasoned surface.
  • Free accessories for higher ease of use.
  • Heavy-duty and durable cast-iron material.
  • Refund policy.


  • Heavy design.
  • Needs lots of upkeep.

IMUSA USA 14″ Nonstick Carbon Steel Small Round Comal with Metal Handles – Best Durability

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The next name on our list is one of the most famous products that appear in so many ranking lists for the best griddles in the industry – the IMUSA USA 14″ Nonstick Carbon Steel Small Round Comal.

Indeed, this 13-inch non-stick cookware is ideal for mingling shredded meat, sauces, veggies, and additional seasonings for your delectable dishes. This IMUSA Carbon-Steel Comal has a wide contact area of 13.5 inches and 2 stainless steel grips.

Aside from the ease of use, the welded grips of this comal are solid and extensive, making handling the utensil much more effortless. Meanwhile, its non-stick coating is also super simple to clean and maintain after use.

Preparing food using this griddle also means healthier consumption. While heating enchiladas and tortillas on this IMUSA griddle, we will not have to add as much oil as you typically do on a conventional model. It is, nevertheless, perfect for browning sandwiches and preparing Mexican wraps.

Another noticeable highlight that makes us fall in love with the IMUSA USA 14″ Nonstick Carbon Steel Small Round Comal is its durability. 

Indeed, its carbon-steel kitchenware featuring a high-quality construction is super long-lasting. In other words, once purchased, we will appreciate several years of cooking and easy food making using this IMUSA comal.


  • Simple-to-clean non-stick surface.
  • A quick and uniform heat distribution.
  • Long-lasting carbon steel material.
  • Less oil consumption.


  • Not an anti-corrosion surface (notably if you utilize soap and water with solid scrubbing).

IMUSA USA Preseasoned Cast Iron Comal 9.5-Inch – Best Ergonomic Design

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These sturdy tortilla comals with high heat resistance are among the most trustworthy kitchenware for travelers and adventure lovers. Indeed, the Imusa Cast-Iron Comal is best suited for food preparation over campfires and with wood chips.

This comal comes intending to endure excessive temperature, making it one of the most outstanding comal models in the marketplace today. 

Because of the 9.5 inches of cast iron utilized within the manufacturing of this comal, the IMUSA USA Preseasoned Cast Iron Comal 9.5-Inch can resist severe heat, up to 500°F. This feature also enables the cooking of anything that demands a high degree of heat. 

It boasts a reasonably sleek look that also contributes to the ease of handling of this kitchenware. Indeed, the extensive grip makes it easier to flip the comal during cooking. Then, when we’re finished cooking, all we need to do is grab the grip and transfer our comal to the dining table.

This cookware will uniformly transfer heat because of the heavyweight iron utilized, allowing us to warm up our tortillas properly. In contrast, the cast iron material retains the meal’s warmth for an extended period.

Moreover, other kitchen utensils, for example, won’t damage or scratch their rigid surfaces. As a result, this comal is ideal for open-air food preparation. Furthermore, its robust structure assures long-term usage. 

Another plus we gave this product is that it has a non-stick layer that enables users to use intense heat on foods without fear of scorching it. 


  • Even heat distribution.
  • Long-lasting cast-iron material that retains heat effectively.
  • A high heat-resistant.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • The low rim and its round surface don’t hold much oil, which isn’t ideal for frying.

Lodge Cast Iron Oval Serving Griddle – Most Affordable

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The Lodge is a well-known brand for its rugged, anti-frill cast iron cookware that performs admirably at home or in the wilderness. 

As a result, it’s not strange that they also offer the finest griddles for preparing those exquisite, flat tortillas. Indeed, you’ve probably heard of Lodge Cast Iron Oval Serving Griddle, which is one of the most favorite cookware in the industry. 

Their circular and oval griddle also shares lots of commons with other similar products. Yet, it features incredibly more shallow sidewalls that allow us to quickly distribute the tortillas dough and slip it beneath the tortillas to turn it.

Another advantage of this comal is its robust cast iron construction. As a result, it is not only extremely sturdy, but it also offers the finest thermal transfer and retention properties available.

It might require more time to reach the desired heat, but the cooking area’s temperature should remain relatively uniform and stable once achieved. This enables us to prepare food at relatively low temperatures, resulting in highly consistent browning while crossing out the worries about burns.

One more benefit you receive when buying this product is that this Lodge griddle comes pre-seasoned. Thanks to this, we can use the product right out of the box without seasoning. However, investing a little more time in additional seasoning can pay off in terms of our meal outcome.


  • Super affordable.
  • Outstanding temperature retention and distribution.
  • Extremely long-lasting.


  • Some upkeep is necessary.

SENSARTE Nonstick Crepe Pan – Easiest To Clean 

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The following product on today’s list is the Non-Stick Crepe Pan from SENSARTE. 

It sports a spacious 10-inch die-cast aluminum surface with a Swiss non-stick layer that allows you to cook with very minimal oil. What we like about this coating is that this granite stone protective layer is SGS certified, smokeless, harmless, and doesn’t contain PFOA.

Notably, as this tortillas-making pan offers a powerful magnetic conductivity stainless steel bottom, it enables users to operate on all cooktops, even induction. Meanwhile, the die-cast aluminum griddle’s core is both robust and warms up fast and uniformly. 

Moreover, the diameter of this skillet is about 10 inches, holding a significant amount of ingredients for families with bigger portions. Its heat-resistant Bakelite grip (of up to 302°F in the oven) is also comfortable to grab and won’t burn you at all. 

On the other hand, the lipping surrounding its rim also prevents liquid and oil from leaking. Additionally, the 1/2 inch high side and the lightweight design of 2lbs help us flip the tortillas much easier. 

Finally, this one is super effortless to clean, thanks to the non-stick material and lack of rivets. All we need to do is clean it gently using a sponge, lukewarm water, and soap. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Expansive cooking surface
  • Handy design
  • Even heat distribution.


  • Bad smell after heating up.

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle and Hot Handle Holder – Best Pre-Seasoned Cookware

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We’re almost done with today’s review, but it would be such a huge mistake not to mention another fantastic comal for your selection – the Lodge Cast Iron Griddle with Hot Handle Holder.

Because the company Lodge has always prioritized longevity, they decided to use only the most rigid metal in the market nowadays, cast iron. It is absolutely an excellent choice since there wouldn’t be any breakages and degradations happening on their products in years.

You can prepare nearly everything on this skillet, including those you usually make on a conventional pan. Thus, after taking this cookware home, don’t limit yourselves to any specific food or recipe. Moreover, it could also work wonders on lots of cooktops. Indeed, this commercial-grade cookware could perform admirably on grillers or open fire.

What we like best regarding this item is the way it was seasoned. Rather than artificial treatments and chemicals, the manufacturers utilize 100% vegetable oil. As a result, it is entirely safe for cooking and food consumption. Furthermore, every time we utilize it, the pre-coated seasoning will improve.

But that’s not everything that surprises us when it comes to this fantastic comal. The product’s heat sustaining ability is one of its additional highlights, as it can withstand temperatures as extreme as 450°F. 

Moreover, its ease of cleaning is such a bonus. Indeed, users could easily clean it using their dishwasher. Thanks to this feature, you won’t need to handle everything by yourself anymore.


  • Durable cast-iron material.
  • Safe to use.
  • High versatility.
  • Improved pre-seasoning layer after each use.


  • A bit narrow.


What is a Mexican comal?

Originally, people used clay to make a comal to prepare tortillas in Southern and Central Americas and Mexico. However, nowadays, cast iron, steel, non-stick materials, and aluminum are the most favorable materials for this cookware manufacturing.

What does a comal look like?

As mentioned earlier, a comal is a griddle used to make tortillas. Thus, it features some similar visual characteristics, such as a flat cooking surface. However, a comal is different in detail since it only boasts a round base (instead of griddles’ various base shapes) and a low edge. 

Can you cook meat on a comal?

Yes, a comal will help you char or fry or sear meat with ease. However, as some models have a lower edge than others, oil spills and water leakage might be problematic. Also, make sure to utilize products with non-stick coatings to prevent food from sticking to the cooking surface.

How hot should the comal be for tortillas?

The ideal heat for making tortillas on a comal (or a griddle) is around 450°F when water drops sizzle.

Can I cook eggs on a comal? 

Yes, you can.

First, introduce some oil, butter, or lard into the comal and heat it with medium flame. Once your comal gets heated, break the eggs onto it immediately. Allow frying for 2 – 3 mins without flipping. Then, gently turn the eggs using a spatula, ensuring that the opposite side browns too (if you prefer).

Do you have to season a comal?

It’s critical to season your griddle or comal before cooking anything. The initial seasoning step is to rub it using oils or lard. Next, put a good amount using your fingertips to the area (including the grip and base), then massage it using a cloth.

Will a tortilla stick to the pan?

Yes, it will. A tortilla will initially adhere to the surface of the comal. In that case, start shaking the griddle, and once the tortilla doesn’t stick anymore and glides around, approximately 15-20 secs later, take a spatula, flip it, and cook the other side.


The best comal for tortillas will not only help to make tortillas, but it also works as a searing/ frying/ charing griddle for other dishes, which is so versatile. And that’s why it’s not strange at all that this utensil is one of the most favorite cooking utensils by many homemakers. So get yourself one from the above list, we bet that it won’t let you down.

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