Top 5 Best Bean Pots For The Money (Reviews & Buying Guide)

best bean pots

A bean pot is a deep, medium-sized vessel utilized to create toothsome bean-based dishes. It is a great go-to choice to bring out the most flavorful and sweetly fragrant taste in your beans and provide a perfectly creamy and solid texture combination. 

In this article, let’s look at our in-depth review and additional buying guide to pick out the best bean pot for your kitchen.

What To Consider Before Purchasing A Bean Pot 

Multiple factors can affect your purchasing decision. So, opt for the following guideline to choose the best bean pot for a pleasant cooking experience.


While most bean pots are made of ceramic, some are made from other materials, such as clay (a type of ceramic) or cast iron.

In particular, ceramic is considered the safest and most eco-friendly material among other materials because it’s free of worrisome chemicals or heavy metals. Furthermore, ceramic doesn’t react with or alter the food’s flavor, making your dish entirely intact. Meanwhile, a cast iron pot is likely to taint food taste, especially when cooking acidic food as trace amounts of iron leach from the vessel. 

Besides, cleaning up a ceramic pot is a breeze when compared to the cast iron counterparts. Also, it tends to be more lightweight, thus easier to carry and store. 

However, in terms of durability, cast iron is indestructible and can last a lifetime. Additionally, it can deal with all sources of temperatures, while ceramic isn’t ideal for prolonged exposure to high heat.


Certain bean pots have a tiny knob on the lid, making them struggle to lift when it’s in hot condition. Besides, some pots don’t include handles, so they’re relatively difficult to hold and handle.

Although knobs or handles are not compulsory for a pot because they can affect the overall aesthetic value, it’s still better to have both for a smoother and more comfortable experience. Otherwise, go for a handy wire handle and a potholder.


An ideal pot should distribute heat evenly and withstand high-heat cooking while retaining the heat longer for a warm dish.

Furthermore, a pot that is safe for an oven, microwave, and dishwasher would be more impressive than those cracked or broken under certain circumstances.

Top 5 Best Bean Pots For The Money

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Granite Ware Enamel On Steel Bean Pot – Best Durability

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The first candidate on the list today is a lightweight 4-quart bean pot, which is perfectly great for making stews or tasty baked bean recipes for serving sizes of large families. Due to the exceptional porcelain application of Columbian’s technology, this product is entirely durable, chip-resistant, and withstands the test of time. 

What further impresses customers is the speckled black appearance and a glass-like surface that does not mess with food taste, thus maintaining a hearty flavor for every dish. In addition, this feature allows users to clean up effortlessly, even with the most stubborn food.

What I like is the carbon steel core that contributes to the overall durability, while the innovative design of the pot allows it to distribute heat evenly for thorough cooking.


  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding durability
  • Chip resistant
  • Easy to clean 
  • Perfect heat distribution


  • Not sit flat on the stove’s surface 
  • Not compatible with glass stovetops

R&M International Traditional Style Bean Pot – Best For Family Use

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Considered a prestigious brand name in the kitchen appliance industry with over 30 years of development, R&M International introduced a traditionally styled bean pot with a large capacity of 4.5 quarts. 

An outstanding feature of the pot is the high-fired natural ceramic with a lead-free and cadmium-free glaze. This results in a notably sturdier, more durable, and more water-proof pot than other ceramic counterparts. Furthermore, the lead-free feature ensures that it won’t release any harmful toxins, keeping the cooking surface safe even when hot.

However, one downside of the product is the small knob on the lid. Personally, I find it difficult to lift or grip with an oven mitt to check the inner content when it’s hot. So, consider using a handy wire handle and potholder to facilitate a smooth and feasible cooking procedure.


    • Large capacity
  • High-fired natural ceramic
  • Dishwasher, microwave, oven safe
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • Small knob
  • Not compatible with stovetops

Fox Run 0350 Stoneware Bean Pot – Most Versatile

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At first glance, Fox Run 0350 bean pot has extraordinarily captured the attention with beautifully crafted earthenware that gives off a traditional vibe. You will surely be passionate about the deep brown glazed finish that looks gorgeous on any kitchen cabinets or table settings.

Noteworthy, the defining characteristic of the earthenware is the scratch and stain resistance, not to mention the capability to withstand temperatures up to 1235 degrees Celsius.

I’m in love with this product because it’s superbly versatile, with two stay-cool handles on the side to carry with ease. A removable lid is also included to maintain heat and temperature for cooking effectively.

However, it’s noted that some customers find a lid to be broken when shipping, causing an unpleasant shopping experience. So make sure to check the product and information thoroughly before making a purchase. 


  • Desirable appearance
  • High versatility
  • High heat resistance
  • Narrow opening minimizes evaporation and heat loss 
  • Oven and microwave safe


  • The pot often comes with the lid broken

Certified International Mariachi Bean Pot – Most Vivid Colors

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Certified International, a leading ceramic tableware manufacturer, has breathed new life into the bean pot with a decoratively hand-painted visual. Designed by Nancy Green, this ceramic pot is a plash of energetic colors that add a beautiful style to your home decor. Also, it features the smallest capacity of 2.5 quarts that are ideal for serving your favorite dish.

I highly recommend this product because not only is it fancy and visually pleasing, but it also handles the ingredients effectively. Thus, the beans turn out the desired texture, creamy and delicate.

What is better? The pot is crafted with lead-free ceramic, which contains no toxic substances that cause hazards to human health. So, you don’t have to worry about any chemical substances leaching into your food.


  • Appealing design
  • Ease of use
  • Health-friendly material


  • Not ideal for microwave oven
  • Hand-wash only

Certified International 23292 Bean Pot – Best Appearance

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The last item on the best bean pot list also comes from Certified International. This pot stands out with rich reactive color and traditionally embossed design, giving a 3-D impression at first sight. Undoubtedly, I bet you would crave this pot since it adds a distinctive touch of style to any casual or formal table setting.

More than an attractive look, the pot is nicely crafted with stoneware, a surface that effortlessly lends durability, longevity, and the ability to stand extreme hot temperatures. Besides, thanks to its unique shape and design, the pot is ideal for keeping your beans moist while reducing heat loss and evaporation.

Noteworthy, this pot is the only product on the list that receives 5-star ratings from customers. However, this product is quite not accessible for any homeowners with a tight budget due to its expensiveness. Indeed, you might want to reconsider this option.


  • Durable material
  • Lovely addition to home decor
  • Heat loss and evaporation minimization


  • Pricey
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe for reheating only


What is a Mexican bean pot?

A Mexican bean pot is often called Olla de Barro. It’s a hand-crafted, hand-painted clay pot with a narrow top and wide bottom used to cook soups, stews, and beans. 

The clay heats evenly, which allows the pot to retain heat for an extended period. This results in tender, flavorful Mexican recipes. 

What type of pot is best for cooking beans?

Clay (or ceramic) pots are regarded as the best vessel for cooking beans since they impart an earthy, rich sense of taste while maintaining tender, moist beans.

Can you use a bean pot on the stove?

Depending on the guideline of each model. However, make sure that your pots are compatible with the stove to avoid potential damage.

How do you cook beans in a ceramic pot?

There’re few basic steps to make beans using a ceramic bean pot:

  • After preparing your beans, place them into a pot and barely add fresh water to cover them.
  • Then, put the pot into an oven pre-heated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cover the pot and bake for at least 4 hours until beans are moist, tender.
  • If beans are still tough, add boiling water and allow to cook longer as necessary.

What size bean pot do I need?

Bean pots often come in various sizes, ranging from one quart to around 3-4 quarts. However, two or three-quart pots are by far the most common.

While a one-quart pot is adequate to hold beans for two people, large families often need pots bigger than three quarts to be enough.


Hopefully, you’ve grasped sufficient information regarding the best bean pots in 2021 after reading our comprehensive reviews. So if you are a cooking enthusiast, what’re you waiting for? It’s time to pick yourself a beautifully crafted bean pot to make your mouth-watering and delectable bean dishes.

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