What To Do With Leftover Salt Potatoes?

what to do with leftover salt potatoes

There is nothing better than a good old-fashioned salt potato.

The only problem is that they are a little bit on the heavy side, so you usually don’t want to make too many of them.

But what do you do with the leftovers?

Here are some quick and easy ideas to help you out.

Make salt potato hash browns

Making some quick salt potato hash browns for breakfast or brunch is a great way to use up leftover salt potatoes.

Simply chop them up and fry them in a pan with some onion, peppers, and corned beef (if you have it).

You can also make them without the meat if you prefer.

Serve with eggs

If you don’t feel like cooking a full breakfast or brunch, you can also serve them with eggs and toast to make a quick and easy meal.

To do this, chop them up, fry them in a pan, and place them on the plate.

While the potatoes are cooking, fry an egg to your liking (sunny-side-up is a great option).

Place the eggs on top of the potatoes and serve with some toast.

Make salt potato pizza

Salty things work really well as a pizza topping, so if you are looking for a quick meal to make with leftover salt potatoes, try making some salt potato pizza.

All you have to do is chop them up and fry them in a pan until they are crispy.

Then place them on your favorite pizza dough (or bread dough) along with some cheese and other ingredients of your choice.

Bake it in the oven until the cheese melts and you are ready to go.

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Make salt potato soup

There are many different kinds of soup that you can make with leftover salt potatoes, but one of my favorites is some salt potato soup.

To make it, chop up your leftover potatoes (but don’t fry them first), place them in a pot, and add in some vegetables (whatever you like works well) and enough water or broth to cover everything.

Bring the water to a boil, reduce the heat, and let everything simmer until fork-tender.

Place all of your vegetables and potatoes in a blender or food processor along with some milk or cream (if you want).

Blend it up until smooth, add in salt and pepper to taste, and your soup is good to go.

Fry them up as a side dish

If all else fails, remember that you can always fry leftover salt potatoes as a simple side dish.

They are perfect for serving with fish, steak, chicken, or anything else you want to throw on the grill.

Fry them in a pan with some oil or butter until brown and crispy, and serve.

Add them to a salad for a filling lunch or dinner

Next, you can also chop up leftover salt potatoes and add them to a salad for a filling dinner or lunch.

The possibilities here are endless, so choose your favorite vegetables, greens, and dressing to go with the recipe.

This is a great way to use them if you don’t feel like making anything too complicated because it is quick and easy, but it also adds some great flavor to your meal.

Can you reheat salt potatoes?

You can reheat leftovers in the oven, in a skillet, or microwave.

To do this, simply chop them up and place them on a baking sheet.

Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until they are heated through (about 10-15 minutes), or fry them up in some butter until crispy again.

You can also place them in a skillet with some oil and cook on the stove until they are heated through as well, another 5-10 minutes or so.

You can also microwave them to reheat them as well if you prefer.

Does salt penetrate potato skin?

Yes, salt can penetrate the skin or outside layer of potato with enough time.

But since this typically takes several hours, you are unlikely to notice any difference when cooking them in less time. (source)

How do you store cooked salt potatoes?

what to do with leftover salt potatoes

Leftover cooked salt potatoes can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two days.

You can also freeze them and reheat them later if you want, or just eat them cold.

If you plan on putting them in the fridge after frying, make sure you place some paper towels between layers so they don’t stick together and get soggy.

How long to boil salt potatoes?

If you are boiling salt potatoes, it typically takes between 15-20 minutes until they are cooked through.

Remember that the time to cook them will vary based on the size of your potato chunks, so make sure you keep an eye on them and don’t let them overcook. (source)

Does boiling potatoes remove the salt?

No, even if you boil your salt potatoes they will still retain some of that salty flavor (although not quite as much).

How to keep salt potatoes from sticking?

To prevent your salt potatoes from sticking in the pan when frying, simply place a dash of oil in with them before cooking.

This will create some steam so they won’t stick to each other or the bottom of the pan. (source)

Why do you salt potatoes?

Salt potatoes are salted to accentuate their flavor.

It adds some nice saltiness that compliments the mild taste of the new potato itself.

This is used most often when making dishes like French fries or mashed potatoes, but can also be used in other dishes as well (like soups).

How do you tone down salty potatoes?

To tone down salty potatoes, you can add some sweetener in the form of sugar or honey.

This helps balance out and mellow out flavors and makes for a more well-rounded dish overall.

If your boiled salt potatoes are too salty then adding some milk, cream, or butter is another option that helps decrease saltiness as well.

How many calories are in a salt potato?

One medium, unseasoned boiled salt potato contains about 110 calories.

Should I salt potato water?

You should not add salt or other seasonings to the water in which you boil your potatoes.

Doing so will make your potatoes release more starch, which gives them a cloudy appearance and can make them soggy.

Instead, simply add your chopped-up potatoes into boiling water and let them cook until they are soft, then drain off any remaining water and add the salt at that point.

Why do you salt potatoes before baking?

Before baking your salt potatoes, you should season them to give them flavor and make them more appetizing.

If you like baked potatoes then adding the salt beforehand will be an improvement over eating them unseasoned as they are typically served in restaurants.


Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy meal or want to use up some leftover salt potatoes, this list of recipes has got you covered.

Whether it’s salty hash browns, pizza, soup, eggs with toast, potatoes as a side dish…or something else entirely–these ideas should have your mouth watering in anticipation.

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