What To Do With Leftover Potato Soup?

what to do with leftover potato soup

There are so many ways to enjoy potato soup, but what do you do with leftovers?

Here are some quick and easy ideas for enjoying the leftover.

From turning it into a quesadilla to freezing it for later, these ideas will help you make the most of your leftovers.

So, don’t let those leftovers go to waste.

Try out these ideas today.

Make a quick quesadilla

Making a quesadilla from leftover soup couldn’t be any easier.

Just warm up some flour tortillas in a skillet with butter, so they are nice and crispy.

Then, take one tortilla and place it on your plate, followed by cheese first then the soup.

Top with another tortilla to make a quesadilla sandwich.

Cook until the cheese has melted on both sides, then enjoy.

Freeze your soup to eat later

The freezer is a great place to store food you can easily reheat or cook another time.

To freeze your leftover soup, just let it cool down after cooking and then pour the soup into an airtight container.

Store in the freezer for up to three months.

So now, you can enjoy your soup any time, without having to cook it again.

Make into a casserole

Leftover soup makes a great base for a new casserole.

Just add in some additional ingredients and bake in the oven to eat.

Try this with leftover broccoli cheese or cheese tortellini soup.

Mix in cooked pasta of your choice, some chopped cooked broccoli, and cheddar cheese.

Bake in a casserole dish for 20 minutes or until the cheese has melted.

Serve it with crackers, bread, or grilled cheese sandwiches

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the leftover is with crackers, bread, or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Just add in a little salt and pepper, some cream if you want it, and any other favorite toppings.

In addition, if you have some extra cheese from the soup, try sprinkling it on top of your sandwich for a little added cheesy flavor.

Turn it into a stew by adding additional ingredients

Leftover potato soup is also great if you want to make a quick and easy stew.

Just add everything you would normally put into a stew together – like vegetables, meat like chicken and beef, and additional seasonings.

It’s a great way to use up the leftover soup while still having it taste good.

Enjoy with a sandwich or panini

Sandwiches and paninis are another easy way to enjoy your leftover soup.

Just add in some veggies you have on hand along with the soup – like chopped carrots, onions, or green beans.

You can also add in some cheese as well.

This is a great way to use up those extra veggies from the soup.

Make it into a creamy potato-soup gratin

To make a creamy potato-soup gratin, first, take your leftover soup and put it in a baking dish.

Then, add in some bread crumbs, sour cream, and grated cheese.

Mix it all up so everything is well combined, then bake for about 20 minutes or until the cheese has melted on top.

Add shredded cheese, bacon bits, and green onions for extra flavor

This is another way to add some additional flavor to the leftover.

Just stir in some shredded cheese, bacon bits, and green onions before serving.

You can also serve this up with crumbled crackers or tortilla chips on the side for dipping.

Add some dairy ingredients to get a creamy texture

Leftover potato soup can get a little watered down once you’ve been eating it for a while.

To help thicken the leftovers, just stir in some dairy ingredients like milk or cream until it reaches your desired consistency.

It also makes the leftover soup taste better.

Can you refrigerate leftover potato soup?

what to do with leftover potato soup

Yes, you can refrigerate leftover potato soup.

Just let the leftovers cool down in the fridge before placing them in an airtight container.

Store it for up to three days, so you can enjoy it another time or two. (source)

Can you freeze potato soup after you make it?

Yes, you can freeze potato soup after it’s been cooked and cooled down.

It is best to let the soup cool in the fridge before placing it in an airtight container and storing it in the freezer for up to three months.

After that time period, your potatoes might get a little mushy so eat them right away if you do not want to freeze it any longer.

What other ingredients can you add to potato soup?

One of the best things about leftover potato soup is that you can customize the soup and add in whatever ingredients you like best.

Some other great ideas include green onions, cheddar cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, shredded chicken, jalapeños, tomatoes, or spices like paprika. (source)

Can you reheat baked potato soup?

You can reheat baked potato soup by placing the leftovers in a saucepan over medium-low heat.

Cook until it is heated all the way through, stirring often, then serve.

If you want a crispier version of baked potato soup, just place the leftovers under the broiler for about 5 minutes or until they start to brown.

Can I leave potato soup out overnight?

No, you should not leave leftover potato soup out overnight.

Once the food has been cooked, it is best to eat or refrigerate it right away.

This prevents bacteria from multiplying in your meal and causing you to get sick when eating leftovers.

How do you know if potato soup is bad?

It does not last for a very long time so if you notice any changes in color/consistency or smell any off odors, the soup has most likely spoiled.

It is best to just throw away anything that smells bad and is not safe to eat.

Can potato soup make you sick?

Leftover potato soup that has been sitting out for more than 2 hours or leftovers that have gone unrefrigerated can both cause illness.

This happens because bacteria multiply quickly in warm temperatures, so you want to make sure you serve and refrigerate your food before it gets too warm. (source)

How do you store creamy potato soup?

Creamy potato soup can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to three days.

To maintain a crisper and cooler texture, it is best to leave the soup separate from other ingredients and only add them right before serving.

How long will leek and potato soup keep?

Leeks and potato soup should be eaten right away or refrigerated and consumed within three days of cooking.

Otherwise, you can freeze the soup for up to three months.

Is potato soup better the next day?

It does not get that much better the next day, since it is best when eaten fresh.

The potatoes might absorb too much of the water and broth and get a little mushy, so you should eat this soup as soon as possible if you prefer a crispy texture.

Is it safe to reheat potato soup?

Yes, it is safe to reheat leftover potato soup by placing the leftovers in a saucepan and heating them over medium-low heat.

Stir often and cook until the soup is heated all the way through before serving.

If you want a crispier version of your baked potato soup, just place the leftovers under the broiler for about 5 minutes or until the soup starts to brown.

How do you reheat loaded potato soup?

To reheat loaded potato soup, simply place the leftovers in a saucepan and heat over medium-low heat until heated all the way through.

Stir often and cook before serving.

Is potato soup good for a cold?

It is not particularly known to help cure colds or reduce the effects of a cold, but it is still very comforting and delicious.

Some people even tell stories about how they used to eat potato soup when they were sick as children.


There are many ways to enjoy the leftover, so don’t let it go to waste.

With a little creativity, you can turn it into a new dish that is just as delicious as the original.

Leftover potato soup is perfect for quick and easy meals that you can eat on the go or when you’re short on time.

So why not give one of these ideas a try today?

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