What To Do With Leftover Blue Cheese?

what to do with leftover blue cheese

Looking for some ideas on what to do with leftover blue cheese?

Well, you’re in luck.

Here are a few recipes that will help you use up that tasty cheese.

From a salad to a blue cheese dip, there’s something for everyone.

So why not give one of these recipes a try?

You may just find your new favorite dish.

Mix it with mayo to make a dressing for salads

Mixing the leftover with mayo is a great way to make your store-bought salad dressing taste homemade.

And it’s even better when you add the blue cheese directly into the mix, rather than using pre-crumbled ones.

It’s simple, just mix together 1 cup of mayo, ½ cup sour cream, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon dried parsley.

Add blue cheese to taste, giving you about ¼ cup for 4 servings.

Add it to a pasta dish for extra flavor

Not only is blue cheese great in salad dressings, but it also makes a delicious addition to your favorite pasta dishes.

If you’re looking for an entree that is out of the ordinary, try adding chopped-up bits to alfredo sauce or spaghetti meat sauce.

You’ll be glad you did.

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Serve it as a dip with vegetables or crackers

Sure, you could serve up the blue cheese—the way it’s traditionally served at fancy affairs—by serving it with crackers or apple slices.

But why not mix things up a bit?

Slice up some celery and carrots and put them in a bowl along with your favorite dipping sauce, like French onion dip.

Then dig in.

Serve this dip with crackers or veggies and you’ve got yourself a party.

Use it in place of cream cheese on bagels or toast

It makes a great substitution for cream cheese, especially on bagels or toast.

Toppings like ham and tomatoes pair nicely with the pungent flavor, making your usual bagel topping taste brand-new.

Just spread some blue cheese on your toasted bread and top it off with whatever you have in the fridge—ham, prosciutto, tomatoes, or even cucumber slices will do.

Make a salad with bacon

It makes an excellent addition to salads because its pungent flavor adds a dimension that you don’t often find in your average salad dressing recipe.

So why not take it a step further and add some bacon? It’s simple.

Just toss together some baby spinach, crumbled bacon, and diced tomatoes with a blue cheese dressing.

You can make your own salad dressing using this recipe: ¼ cup rice vinegar, 1 teaspoon sugar, ½ cup olive oil, and 3 tablespoons blue cheese.

Make an easy toasted sandwich

It makes a fantastic toasted sandwich, especially when served with other warm ingredients like bacon and tomatoes.

Just toast up some bread and spread it with blue cheese dressing.

Then top it off with bacon chunks, diced Roma tomatoes, and lettuce leaves (you want the lettuce to be between the bread and the other toppings).

So simple—and so delicious.

Melt it and serve over steak or chicken

Heat up a skillet to medium-high heat and add some butter.

When it’s melted, add your favorite cut of steak or thinly sliced chicken breasts.

Add garlic powder and black pepper to taste.

Then top it off with crumbles and allow to melt for a few minutes before serving.

It makes a great snack or addition to a meal.

Toss it with roasted Brussels sprouts or broccoli

Adding it to roasted vegetables adds an unexpected flavor that you can’t get with just any other dressing or marinade.

To make roasted Brussels sprouts, heat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and toss about 2 cups of fresh Brussels sprouts in olive oil.

Then sprinkle on salt and pepper (to taste) and roast for 10 minutes.

Top with crumbled blue cheese and serve.

It’s delicious.

How do you store leftover blue cheese?

what to do with leftover blue cheese

In the fridge, it will last for about 2 weeks (though it’s safe to eat for up to a month).

Just make sure you wrap it tightly and keep it in a sealed container. (source)

What can blue cheese be used for?

It is a creamy, pungent cheese that pairs well with crackers and fruit.

It can also add flavor to salads, pasta dishes, and even appetizers like crudités or toasted sandwiches.

Its dressing has a place in your fridge door for snacking on veggies or enjoying a salad.

How long can you eat blue cheese after opening?

It is a type of cheese known as a “waxed” cheese.

This means it’s wrapped tightly in waxed paper (often dyed blue).

But the wax on the outside has nothing to do with its safety; rather, it acts as a protective layer that preserves the quality and freshness of the product inside.

After opening, it should be placed in an airtight container and stored in the refrigerator.

It will last about 10 days. (source)

Is it OK to freeze blue cheese?


Freezing it will affect its texture—and chances are you’ll end up with a crumbly mess that won’t be nearly as tasty as the original product.

Steer clear of freezing the cheese to prevent this from happening.

Can you freeze St Agur’s blue cheese?

For the best possible quality and flavor, I recommend that you do not freeze St Agur’s.

Its texture will be affected by freezing and it may not keep its original form.

If you’re looking to store your product for a longer period of time than 10 days, we suggest refrigerating it.

Otherwise, this cheese is best enjoyed fresh. (source)

How do you know if blue cheese is bad?

The best way to avoid the one that’s gone bad is to pay attention to its color and smell.

If it’s faded or wrinkled, it might be old and past its prime.

Cut into the blue cheese and take a look around: if there are any discolored, toss it immediately.

And if you can smell a strong aroma from it, chances are it’s gone bad.

Can you put blue cheese back in the fridge?


As long as yours has been out for less than 2 hours, you can simply put it back in the fridge to return it to its original temperature.

If it’s been out for more than 2 hours, you should discard the leftovers (after refrigerating them) because bacteria will have already begun to grow within that time.

What can you do with blue cheese if it has gone bad?

If yours is clumpy or discolored, don’t try to salvage it.

Discard the product and start fresh with a new block of St Agur’s blue cheese.

Can I vacuum pack blue cheese?

Currently, St Agur’s does not come in a vacuum-sealed package.

Though you can store it in its original wrapper for 10 days, we recommend transferring the cheese to an airtight container for optimal freshness and quality.

Can blue cheese go moldy?

It is a type of “waxed” cheese, meaning that it’s wrapped tightly in wax.

While the wax on the outside provides protection from mold and other contaminants, it can’t prevent everything from getting through.

If it has been cut (and exposed to oxygen), even sealed in wax, it can still become moldy.

Can you keep blue cheese out of the fridge?

No, once blue cheese has been opened, it should be kept in the fridge.

If you need to store your St Agur blue cheese for a longer period of time than 10 days, we suggest transferring it from its original wrapper to an airtight container once the package has been opened.


If you’re looking for a creative way to spice up your favorite dishes, then blue cheese may be the answer.

From salads and pasta dishes to sandwiches and main course entrees, this pungent ingredient can add an exciting new twist without being too overpowering or expensive.

The best part is that it’s easy enough to make at home with just some simple ingredients—and there are plenty of recipes out there if you need help getting started.

What are some ways that you have used blue cheese in cooking? Share your tips with me.

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