What Is the Standard Size Trash Can?

What Is the Standard Size Trash Can

The standard size trash can is 13 gallons (50 liters). This is the most popular size for this type of receptacle. The height ranges from 28-33 inches (70-85 cm) and the width ranges from 16 to 18 inches (40-45 cm). The depth varies depending on the style, but it typically falls between 12 and 15 inches (30-38 cm).

What size trash bin should I get?

When the number of people in your household is greater than four, you should opt for a 20-30 gallon trash can. A 12 to 16 gallon can store waste for about one week with only two individuals at home; but if there’s more going on around here? Try getting yourself an average-sized bin (12 – 18 gal) which should last up until 7 days when used by 4 or 5 housemates!

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How tall is a 13-gallon trash can?

The answer may surprise you. A typical size for this type of container is 14 inches in height, 17.5 wide, and 25.5 long – which means that they hold over 13 gallons per bin! It’s perfect to fit every household’s needs from small apartments all the way up through family homes.

How tall is a 10-gallon trash can?

This small, but mighty can holds up to 10 quarts of garbage. 17 inches tall with a diameter that’s 7 1/2 across at its widest point.

How tall is a 5-gallon trash can?

A 5-gallon trash can is about the size of a large cooler. It has an exterior height, width, and length that are all 16 inches tall with 21.73 inside measurements making it perfectly good for containing your everyday refuse in just one compact package!

What size trash bag for 35 quart can?

For the perfect size of a trash bag, be sure to check out our 13-gallon tall kitchen bags. These spacious and durable options can hold all your food scraps in one go without making a mess on the ground or getting too heavy for you to handle easily!

How tall is a 15-gallon trash can?

The 15-gallon trash can is a great size for small to medium jobs. It has dimensions of LxWxH 1.35 x 1.35 x 3 inches which makes it perfect when you need to keep things tidy but not too big!

What size trash can does a 13-gallon trash bag fit?

Do you want to know the answer? I’ll give it to ya straight. A 13-gallon trash bag will fit into any slightly smaller can, but not all too tightly without some fold-over action going on in there!

How tall is a 7-gallon trash can?

A 7-gallon trash can is a great size for any family, and it won’t take up much room in your home. A 14″ x 10.25″ x 15″ tall cabinet makes 16 cubic feet of storage space with wheels! The average height from bottom to top is about 26 inches.

How tall is an 8-gallon trash can?

The 8-gallon trash can is the perfect size for any home or office. Not too big, not too small – just right! The dimensions are 15″ x 12″, with an inside height of 25 inches and a diameter measurement of around 45 cm (17″).

How tall is a 9-gallon trash can?

The 9-gallon trash can is a great choice for those with limited space. It measures 23 x 10.5 x 13 inches and fits into tight corners, making it perfect whether you have an office or kitchen!

How tall is an 11-gallon trash can?

They’re usually 12-inch by 16-inch rectangle with a 31 inches height. And that should be enough room for all of those tall items you have been saving up until now. What’s even better about them? They’re durable and will last longer than other kinds!

How big is a 20L trash can?

The perfect size for most homes, the 20L trash can fits conveniently under your kitchen sink or in a nook near windowsills. It’s light enough that you won’t need help getting it out of storage when needed but strong enough to last through normal use – just be sure not to fill this container more than two-thirds full as any excess weight could cause problems with its balance!

How tall is a 20-gallon trash can?

A 20-gallon trash can is about 23 inches tall.

How many gallons is a tall kitchen trash can?

Did you know that a standard tall kitchen trash can is 13-gallons or 50 liters? And some newer stainless steel cans offer 2, 3, and 4 compartment varieties for those who recycle or compost.

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