Leftover Turkey? 25 Ways to Make It Exciting

Thanksgiving isn’t the only time to enjoy turkey! These 25 creative recipes make the most of your leftover turkey.

1. Turkey Pot Pie

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Elena Shashkina

Flaky crust filled with turkey and vegetables in a creamy sauce.

2. Turkey Chili

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker

Spicy and hearty chili with chunks of turkey.

3. Turkey Sandwich

Image Credit: Shutterstock / dragosrrusu2

Classic turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and stuffing.

4. Turkey Tacos

Image Credit: Pexels / Los Muertos Crew

Spiced turkey with fresh toppings in a tortilla.

5. Turkey Soup

Image Credit: Pexels / Cook Eat

Warm and comforting soup with turkey and vegetables.

6. Turkey Salad

Image Credit: Pexels / Sergio Arreola

Creamy turkey salad with celery and mayo, perfect on bread.

7. Turkey Enchiladas

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Alain Basso

Rolled tortillas filled with turkey and topped with sauce and cheese.

8. Turkey Fried Rice

Image Credit: Pexel / Marvin Sacdalan

Quick and easy fried rice with turkey and vegetables.

9. Turkey Casserole

Image credit: Shutterstock / AS Foodstudio

Hearty casserole with turkey, pasta, and a creamy sauce.

10. Turkey Quesadillas

Image Credit: Pexels / Polina Tankilevitch

Cheese and turkey melted between two tortillas.

11. Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Nina Firsova

Mashed potatoes, turkey, and vegetables baked to perfection.

12. Turkey Curry

Image Credit: Pexels / Alberta Studios

Spiced curry with chunks of turkey.

13. Turkey Pasta

Image Credit: Pexels / Dana Tentis

Pasta with turkey and a creamy sauce.

14. Turkey Pizza

Image Credit: Pexels / Engin Akyurt

Pizza topped with turkey, cheese, and cranberry sauce.

15. Turkey Empanadas

Image Credit: Pexels / Los Muertos Crew

Pastry pockets filled with turkey and spices.

16. Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Esin Deniz

Bell peppers filled with turkey and rice.

17. Turkey Meatballs

Image Credit: Pexels / ROMAN ODINTSOV

Meatballs made with turkey, perfect with spaghetti.

18. Turkey Frittata

Image Credit: Pexels / Steve House

Eggs, turkey, and veggies baked until golden.

19. Turkey Stir-Fry

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Stepanek Photography

Quick stir-fry with turkey and vegetables.

20. Turkey Tetrazzini

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Pasta with turkey, mushrooms, and a creamy sauce.

21. Turkey Sliders

Image Credit: Pexels / Adrian Dorobantu

Mini sandwiches with turkey and cheese.

22. Turkey Salad Wraps

Image Credit: Shutterstock / MSPhotographic

Turkey salad wrapped in lettuce or tortillas.

23. Turkey Burritos

Image Credit: Shutterstock / RFondren Photography

Turkey, beans, and rice wrapped in a tortilla.

24. Turkey Hash

Image Credit: Shutterstock / MSPhotographic

Diced turkey and potatoes, perfect for breakfast.

25. Turkey Jambalaya

Image Credit: Pexels / Andres Alaniz

Spicy rice dish with turkey and sausage.

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