Substitute For Yogurt In Naan: What Options Do You Have?

Yogurt is often used in naan bread recipes because it helps to make the dough more elastic and easier to roll out.

If you don’t have yogurt, there are plenty of other options for substitutes that will still yield delicious results.

And in this post, I will share with you some of those options.

Let’s check them out.

Substitute for yogurt in naan bread

substitute for yogurt in naan

In my experience, the best substitute for yogurt in naan bread is milk. Or if you don’t like plain milk, then buttermilk or sour cream are also good choices.

To make naan bread, just use milk instead of yogurt. You might need to use a little less than 3 tablespoons. Start with 2 tablespoons and add more if the dough seems stiff.

If you don’t have any milk, substitute yogurt or buttermilk. You need to add moisture and tangy flavor to the dough, so it’s best if you use yogurt.

But if you can’t find any, sour cream will work too. If none of these are available, just use water – it might be more like pita bread than naan bread, but at least it will still taste good.

Is naan bread unhealthy?

It’s somewhat true.

Naan bread has some calories that are from fat and carbs.

You should eat it in moderation, but not too much. Sometimes restaurants put garlic butter on it which can lead to an excess of saturated fats within a meal.

What does milk do in naan?

Milk makes the dough softer. It is sometimes used instead of yeast.

What are the black bits in naan bread?

The black bits are seeds.

They are called nigella seeds, but sometimes people call them onion seeds, but they are not onions. They have a rich flavor and are used in Indian cooking.

Why is naan bread so expensive?

Naan bread is more expensive than other types of flour because it sometimes has a yellow color. Manufacturers know some people don’t like the yellow color. They add bleach to make the color white and that makes it more expensive. (source)

Why does my naan bread not rise?

You can’t make bread if you don’t have any yeast. If the yeast is old, it won’t work and your bread will stay flat.

You need to use the right combination of ingredients, and not too much or too little of each one.

When it is cold outside, the yeast doesn’t work so well. And when it’s hot outside, sometimes it will kill the yeast in your dough so nothing happens.

Is naan dough supposed to be sticky?

The dough should feel soft and not too sticky. If it feels very sticky, put some oil on your hands. Keep kneading the dough.

Has naan bread got milk in?

Naan bread is made with enriched dough. Enriched dough often has dairy in it, usually yogurt and ghee or butter. These ingredients make the bread soft and full of flavor.

Does naan have eggs?

Yes, naan bread has eggs and milk in it. Indian chefs fry naan bread in garlic ghee (clarified butter) to make the outside golden brown.

Should naan be refrigerated?

It should be stored in its original packaging.

At room temperature, it will last for five to seven days. It is not good to refrigerate naan bread because it will dry out faster.

There is no more room in the pantry– naan bread is best stored where it’s cool and dry.

Can I put naan dough in the fridge?

Yes, you can put naan dough in the fridge.

Put it in a bowl. Wash it and dry it off with a towel. Coat the bowl with oil so the dough doesn’t stick to it.

Put some of your dough in there, cover it with plastic wrap, and let the dough rise for 8 hours or overnight on some low heat – or let sit on your counter for 8 hours or overnight if more convenient.

If you’re not ready to bake yet but want to save your dough for later, just refrigerate up to 3 days until ready.

Can I freeze naan dough?

You can freeze naan dough. Freezing helps keep it fresh and crisp.

Why is naan bad for you?

This type of bread is very soft and does not have many nutritional benefits.

Most recipes for this bread call for yogurt, which can be good because it makes the bread fluffy. But the recipe also calls for white flour, sugar, and oil, which are not so good.

What is the healthiest naan bread?

There are many types of bread that are healthier than others.

Naan bread contains fiber, while white rice does not. Brown rice is also a healthy choice because it has more fiber and less salt. (source)

Is yeast or baking powder better for naan?

Some people use yeast and some people use baking powder to make naan. It’s up to you.

Why does naan have yogurt?

Yogurt is used to make Naan soft. It gives it a good flavor. But you can make the dough with yeast instead, which will also work to make it soft and fluffy.


In summary, the best substitute for yogurt in naan bread is milk. Or if you don’t like plain milk, then buttermilk or sour cream are also good choices.

I hope this post has been helpful. If you have any questions about substituting yogurt for milk in naan bread, please feel free to ask.

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