The Most Outrageous Food Trends You Won’t Believe Exist

Is there anything people won’t eat these days? From bizarre diet fads to outlandish culinary creations, the world of food has gone off the deep end. Here are 21 of the most shocking trends that will make you question your next meal choice.

1. Glitter Lattes

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Yes, you heard right—glitter in your coffee. These sparkly beverages might look magical, but ingesting glitter isn’t exactly a nutritional win.

2. Avocado Coffee

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Combining avocado with coffee seems like a millennial fever dream. Yet, this strange blend has found a niche following, despite its questionable taste.

3. Activated Charcoal Everything

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From ice cream to pizza crust, activated charcoal has infiltrated menus. While it might make your food Instagram-ready, it’s worth noting it can interfere with medication absorption.

4. Insect Protein Bars

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Crickets in your protein bar? For those who can stomach it, insect protein is touted as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional sources.

5. CBD-Infused Foods

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From gummy bears to salad dressings, CBD has found its way into numerous edibles. The jury is still out on its health benefits, but it’s certainly a trendy choice.

6. Edible Insect Sushi

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Move over, California roll. Sushi made with crickets and mealworms is taking daring foodies by storm, though it’s not for the squeamish.

7. Meat-Flavored Ice Cream

Image Credit: Pexels / David Disponett

For those who can’t choose between dinner and dessert, meat-flavored ice cream is here. Think bacon or chicken sorbet—definitely an acquired taste.

8. Broccoli Coffee

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Adding a serving of vegetables to your morning brew? Broccoli coffee is marketed as a health boost, but its bitter taste might leave you longing for a regular latte.

9. Watermelon Ham

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A vegan take on the classic ham, this trend involves smoking and roasting a whole watermelon. The result? A sweet, savory, and utterly confusing dish.

10. Unicorn Everything

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From bagels to toast, the unicorn trend turns your food into a rainbow spectacle. Fun to look at, but all that food coloring can’t be good for you.

11. Cloud Eggs

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Q77photo

Whipped egg whites baked until fluffy, with a yolk nestled in the center. They look beautiful, but some argue it’s just a complicated way to eat eggs.

12. Beer Yogurt

Image Credit: Pexels / ELEVATE

Mixing probiotics with your favorite brew? Beer yogurt is for those who believe in balancing indulgence with health, albeit in a strange format.

13. Souping

Image Credit: Pexels / Foodie Factor

Replacing solid meals with soup might sound reasonable, but the souping diet has you consuming nothing but liquid meals. Not exactly a long-term solution.

14. Cheese Tea

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Lazhko Svetlana

Tea topped with a frothy layer of cheese foam is a thing in some parts of the world. Fans claim it’s a perfect blend of sweet and savory, but it might leave traditional tea lovers puzzled.

15. Pickle Popsicles

Image Credit: Pexels / Donald Tong

Frozen pickle juice on a stick. It’s marketed as a refreshing treat for athletes, but the intense saltiness is a shock to the system.

16. Raw Water

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Antonio Guillem

Unfiltered, untreated, and straight from the source—raw water enthusiasts believe it’s pure, but experts warn of potential health risks from contaminants.

17. Mushroom Coffee

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Inside Creative House

Coffee blended with medicinal mushrooms promises health benefits galore. However, the earthy taste can be off-putting for the uninitiated.

18. Sushi Burritos

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Chudo2307

A giant sushi roll in burrito form. While it’s an interesting fusion, purists might argue it’s just an overstuffed sushi roll.

19. Kava-Infused Drinks

Image Credit: Shutterstock / joanna wnuk

Kava, a root from the South Pacific, is making waves in trendy beverages. Known for its calming effects, it might also come with unpleasant side effects like nausea.

20. Blue Majik Smoothies

Image Credit: Shutterstock / LongJon

Made from spirulina, these blue smoothies are eye-catching but can be pricey and might not taste as magical as they look.

21. Bulletproof Coffee

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Tatiana Bralnina

Blending coffee with butter and MCT oil, this drink claims to boost energy and brain function. It’s a high-calorie way to start the day, better suited for the keto crowd.

What’s Next?

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