How To Clarify Butter In The Microwave? (A Quick Guide)

how to clarify butter in the microwave

Removing water and filtering out the solids from butter help it become purer and richer.

Thus, its flavor will be nutty, breaking away from the murkiness of the original one.

There are many different methods to create clarified butter.

Yet, the microwave is one of the quickest ways.

So, if you need to discover how to clarify butter in the microwave, keep reading our post for quick instructions.

How to clarify butter in the microwave?

This process takes a few minutes.

  1. First, cut the desired amount of butter into tablespoon-sized pieces and put them into a clean microwave-safe bowl.
  2. Then, microwave it on high for about 1-2 minutes.
  3. Allow the melted butter to cool down for a minute before skimming off the milk froth on top and reserving the remaining butterfat.
  4. Remember not to stir the butter. After 1-2 minutes of microwaving, you might check whether the butter is completely melted and has a yellow transparent layer.
  5. If the butter is still murky, heat it for another 1-2 minutes in the microwave until it separates.


What is the easiest way to clarify butter?

The easiest way is to use the small saucepan because this method doesn’t require any special equipment.

Put butter in the saucepan and melt it on low heat for about 10-15 minutes.

Keep in mind not to stir it. Instead, please wait until it is entirely melted and solids separate from the fat.

Remove it from the heat source and set it aside for 5 minutes.

Then, skim the foam and pour off the transparent yellow liquid slowly to leave the residue accumulated to the bottom of the pan.

Why do chefs use clarified butter?

Clarified butter has a more excellent smoke point than ordinary butter (up to 450° F) since it is devoid of the milk proteins that burn and smoke when cooking.

This way, you may achieve the flavor of pure butter.

Furthermore, chefs can use it in hot applications like pan-searing, roasting, or frying without worrying about burning it.

Clarified butter can go well with cooking pancakes, egg-based recipes, pan-seared meats, etc.

Should I refrigerate clarified butter?

It depends. Indeed, clarified butter can sit out without refrigeration for up to 6 months.

Yet, you need to put it in a clean glass and tightly cover it.

If you refrigerate it, it can harden and stay in good condition for about 1 year.

How do you soften clarified butter?

how to clarify butter in the microwave

Sometimes your recipe needs soft clarified butter at room temperature, but you forget to bring it out of the fridge.

You can cut the butter into many small pieces and leave it on your countertop for 10 minutes.

It can achieve the perfect softness in a short time.

Does clarified butter taste like butter?

Clarified butter has a more pungent taste compared to ordinary products.

It tastes richer, silkier, and more deeply creamy, buttery because the clarifying process has eliminated water, most milk residue (and maybe other solids).

What do you do with the milk solids after clarifying butter?

You can mix the milk solids into mashed potatoes or rice or melt them over steaming or grilled veggies.

It makes your dishes have a more greasy taste.

You can also knead milk solids into your bread dough to add a buttery taste.


Clarified butter can add a more intense and impressive aroma.

That’s why people want to make it at home for daily cooking.

Thus, our article has included the simple method for the wonder “how to clarify butter in the microwave”.

This process is quick and straightforward for every cook.

Hopefully, this information can help you improve your dishes.

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