Egg Substitute For Pancake Mix: What Can You Really Use?

egg substitute for pancake mix

Having pancakes for breakfast is a tradition for most people.

There are many pancake mixes with eggs in them, but if you’re vegan or allergic to eggs, there isn’t much that can stand in and give the same results.

But the good news is, I’ve found one.

And in this post, I will share with you my suggestion for replacing eggs when making pancakes.


Let’s talk about it.

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Best egg substitute for pancake mix

egg substitute for pancake mix

In my experience, the best egg substitute for pancake mix is banana puree.

And you can replace every egg with 1/2 tbsp of banana puree for the best results.

Bananas are healthy and they have no fat.

They are easy to digest and you can eat them without any problems.

You can also use bananas when making pancakes because they taste sweet and have a soft texture.

Bananas are good for you because they have dietary fiber.

They also have potassium that can help lower your stress level.

Potassium is a mineral needed in our bodies to make sure everything is balanced and in order.

Bananas can also protect us from heart disease, too.

What can you use instead of eggs for pancakes?

Apart from banana puree, you can use the following options as well with great effect:

  • Applesauce
  • Mashed banana
  • Chia seeds
  • Commercial egg replacer
  • Silken tofu

What happens if you don’t add egg to the pancake mix?

If you don’t add egg to your pancake mix, the liquid may not be enough.

This will change the flavor and texture of your pancakes.

But most people are okay with this change.

What does egg do in pancakes?

Eggs are important for pancakes.

It gives the pancake some structure and makes it rise.

The egg also adds flavor and richness.

Too much egg will make your pancakes dense and custard-like, while not enough will make them dry and more like biscuits. (source)

How do I substitute eggs for Bisquick pancakes?

You can use unsweetened apple sauce, mashed banana, or mashed sweet potatoes.

Do I have to put eggs in my pancake mix?

You need to put eggs in the pancake mix.

If you use oil, butter, or egg yolk, you will get a rich flavor and tender texture.

What makes pancakes fluffy and rise?

Pancakes are fluffy when the gluten proteins in flour stretch out.

What can you add to the pancake mix to make it better?

You can try adding some of the following:

Why are my pancakes not fluffy?

It could be because you are using old flour, butter, etc. (instructions)

Mixing until the flour streaks have disappeared should solve that problem.

Can I use 1 egg instead of 2 for pancakes?

Yes, you can use just one egg in pancakes.

We tried both ways and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

If you want more protein in your pancakes, try adding 3-4 eggs instead of 2 eggs.

Why are my pancakes flat?

Pancakes should be round.

It can be hard to make pancakes like this if the batter is too wet.

It should not run off the spoon and should have lumps in it.

If you’re not sure what is happening, check your baking powder.

Can you make pancakes with water and Bisquick?

Yes, you can make pancakes with Bisquick and water.

They come out a little different when you use only water, but they still taste good.

Why do restaurant pancakes taste better?

Because home cooking with an electric griddle is less hot and doesn’t cook the pancakes evenly.

Is it better to add milk or water to the pancake mix?

Adding milk or water to the pancake mix is a good idea. (source)

Milk adds flavor and the fat content is necessary for moist, tender pancakes. Add water for a thinner texture.

In a water-based pancake recipe, the pancakes will have a different flavor from when you use milk.

A water-based recipe is usually tastier if you add some powder milk to it.

Pancake mixes that say “just add water” also have powdered milk in the ingredients.

What is the most important ingredient in pancakes?

The most important ingredient in pancakes is flour.

Flour provides the structure to the pancake.

Different types of flour can create different structures.

Liquid combines with flour to create a type of structure.

How do you make pancakes less fluffy?

I make pancakes less fluffy by not putting any baking soda or baking powder in them.

I use regular milk instead of buttermilk. I don’t put very much flour in them.

And when cooking them, I use a skillet with no oil at all.

What does salt do to pancakes?

Salt helps pancakes taste good.

Baking powder will make the pancake fluffy.

Do you whisk pancake batter?

To make pancakes do not whisk the batter too much.

Mix the dry ingredients in quickly.

Then stop when everything is mixed together. (source)


In summary, the best egg substitute for pancake mix is banana puree.

You may be surprised at how well it can stand in for eggs.

Next time you need something to give that old pancake recipe some new life, think about whipping up a batch of pancakes with bananas instead.

The end result is light and fluffy – just the way everyone loves them best.

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