Can You Microwave Tupperware? Is It Really Doable Or Not?

can you microwave tupperware

Tupperware plastic containers are an amazing way to keep leftovers in the freezer or fridge.

People also use these handy boxes to take their delicious homemade meals to school or work with them.

The company’s products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and do not emit harmful liquid or chemicals, thereby providing consumers with peace of mind.

Isn’t it wonderful if these items are also microwavable with all those benefits?

Let’s see if that’s the case!

Can You Microwave Tupperware?

It is a yes for most cases. Provided that the product comes explicitly with a “microwave-safe” label, you can give it into your food-heating machine.

As the brand states, all their products strictly obey the safety criterion imposed by the Federal government.

In particular, the plastic embedded in these containers is microwaveable and adheres to regulations set by various international bodies, including EINECS, Japanese Inventory or ENCS, and TSCA.

How Do I Know If My Tupperware Is Microwavable?

The company makes it effortless for users to determine by attaching a special microwaveable label on the product.

Any microwaveable container from this brand will feature this symbol, implying that you can spin it in your food-heating machine at high temperatures.

If you don’t find that label on your kitchenware, don’t put it into the machine. You might risk damaging either your microwave or container.

How Long Can You Microwave Tupperware?

The company suggests microwaving their products for no more than two or three minutes at the highest power.

You should never leave your plastic box in the food-heating machine for an extended period. Please remember that these items apply to microwaving leftovers, not cooking them.

Should you want to cook something in your machine, transfer it to a glass or ceramic container instead.

Can You Microwave Tupperware Containers with the Lid on?

It’s an astounding yes. You should put your containers into the food-heating machine with the top on – again, only when they come with a microwaveable symbol.

By closing the lid when microwaving and reheating your food, you can minimize the chance of it drying out. Also, the lid will deter the food from spattering inside the machine, thereby reducing the amount of clean-up.

Typically, the brand’s products designed for microwaving come with particular lids. These parts have vents that let hot air escape while deterring any content from bouncing out and making a mess.

Is It Safe To Reheat Food In Tupperware?

can you microwave tupperware

Of course, it is. You can use your kitchenware to heat and reheat food without a problem. Plus, it can retain the quality, taste, and texture of your leftovers.

Though the brand’s containers offer a pretty limited lifetime warranty, it doesn’t mean heat can damage it easily.

How to Reheat Food in Tupperware Microwave Containers?

  • With your vegetables or meat in the container, close the lid, and put it into the food-heating machine.
  • Set the temperature high (about 165F) if you’re reheating leftovers. Extreme temperatures will help eliminate bacteria in your cold leftovers.
  • During the process, pause the device to stir the contents periodically. This way, you can minimize food contamination.

Can Tupperware Melt?

The company produces its containers using HDPE (high-density polyethylene). They’ll melt at about 137 C (278 F), depending on other factors.

So yes, it can melt. Unlike the melting point of ice to water, polymers such as HDPE indicate a drastic phase change.


The exposure of plastics to heat could be problematic, so people may be afraid to put their kitchenware into a food-heating machine.

Tupperware is a prestigious, iconic brand, retaining customer loyalty with its flexibility, ease of storage, and suitability for both freezer and refrigerator use.

More notably, they’re microwaveable and safe to heat and reheat food.

Hopefully, the article has provided you with valuable information when learning about this topic. Thank you for taking the time to read the post!

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