Can You Microwave To-Go Boxes? Is It Really Doable?

can you microwave to go boxes

Are you sitting with a cold takeaway box of noodles right now and pondering can you microwave to-go boxes?

We bet that’s why you have landed on our page.

Don’t worry; you are not alone in this. We have been where you were before, as well.

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Can you microwave to-go boxes?

You can microwave some to-go boxes, like paper ones with waxy coatings.

But if your to-go box has metal handles, be sure to remove them before the box goes into the microwave.

By the same token, you cannot microwave boxes with metal or metallic rims.

You should not microwave any boxes made of aluminum, styrofoam, or plastic either.

Are styrofoam to-go boxes microwavable?

Generally, you should NOT microwave styrofoam boxes.

There may be particular branded styrofoam packaging that states they are microwave-safe.

However, it is still best to avoid putting styrofoam takeout boxes into the microwave.

Is plastic packaging microwave-friendly?

We do not recommend microwaving plastic packaging because the heat from the microwave can cause chemicals in the plastic to leach into the food.

Even though you may not see any physical changes in the plastic, there could be micro melting that can potentially be damaging.

Thus, it is best to say no to microwaving plastic altogether.

​​How do I know if my box is microwave safe?

If you want to check if your box is safe for the microwave, look for the symbol at the bottom of the box.

It will indicate whether your box is microwave-safe.

The common ones will include a microwave and wavy lines.

See more here.

Can you put metal to-go containers in the microwave?

As we have said above, containers with metal are not microwavable.

When they meet the heat of the microwave, the metal components can catch fire or blow up.

So, for your safety, steer clear from to-go boxes that contain metal.

can you microwave to go boxes

Can you put glass in the microwave?

Yes, glass is generally safe for the microwave.

But it is still essential to check the bottom of the glass container for a “microwave-safe” label.

If there isn’t any indication, you can give it a test using the following steps:

  1. Get a glass of water.
  2. Place the glass and the glass container (in question) in the microwave.

If your microwave is too small for them to be placed side-by-side, place the glass inside or onto the glass container.

  1. Microwave the glass and dish together for one minute.
  2. Afterward, take them out to check if the glass container is warm or hot.

If the glass container is warm or hot, it is not microwave-safe.

If the glass of water is hot, the glass container is microwave-safe.

If you placed the glass inside/on the container, only the area around the glass of water should be warm or hot; the remainings should not.


As you have read, you can microwave to-go boxes, but only certain ones.

You cannot microwave ones with metal components or ones made of aluminum, styrofoam, or plastic!

So, is the to-go box that’s waiting for you to finish reading microwavable? Tell us in the comments down below! Don’t forget to share this article with other readers as well!

We are sure many of your family members and friends are contemplating microwaving their to-go boxes too.

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