Can You Microwave Spam? Is It Really Doable Or Not?

can you microwave spam

The Spam firm provided the US military with millions of canned products every week.

This convenient meat has become a well-liked favorite among pork lovers.

Each of you has a go-to way to heat and eat your own meat. Consequently, those who are not into a crisp exterior or in a hurry may wonder if it’s possible to microwave their canned food.

You’ll learn more about the topic, including some cooking tips, through this article. Let’s read on to discover!

Can You Microwave Spam?

There’s no problem with microwaving canned pork, provided that you set the machine to spin for a proper time.

This way, heating your food turns out to be a good idea as it’s convenient, easy, and quick.

Nonetheless, microwaving won’t give you the desired brown texture and crispness as when you fry it using a pan.

But if you’re fond of soft-cooked meat and not into that crispy layer, go ahead with your food-heating machine.

How to Cook Spam in a Microwave?

We advise you to place your meat in separate single layers in a dish or bowl before spinning it.

If you want to cook many pieces in one go, ensure they don’t touch each other.

A secret tip is that adjusting to the defrost mode will help cook the food evenly.

Place your pork in a microwaveable plate, then set the device to run for one to two minutes using the thaw setting.

How To Get Spam Out Of The Can?

The most common way is to use a can opener. A traditional puncture variety or crank will work.

Before opening your can, place a tiny hole in its bottom to release pressure.

Pull the tab, then bend the lid back (you can discard that part), and next, turn over the can and press the two sides gently. 

You can bend the metal and unlock the vacuum seal securing the contents inside.

Just a strong shake and the meat will drop out into your dish or onto your cutting board.

How Long to Cook Spam in the Microwave?

can you microwave spam

The company already cooks the pork meat before distribution and selling, so it comes cooked and canned when it reaches the local stores.

So remember that you’re not cooking it but heating it instead. All you need to do is heat your food for a few minutes and serve.

As a rule of thumb, it’s advisable to heat this pork for about 1-2 minutes or even faster. No more than two minutes, or it might burn.

Can You Oven Cook Spam?

Why not? To cook your food over the oven, first, place it on a baking plate and season it.

After that, pour the vinegar, mustard, water, and sugar mixture over the meat’s top. Bake your food at 375 F for about 20 minutes, then serve it with your favorite dressing or ingredients.

Is It Safe to Eat Raw Spam?

It’s OK to eat canned food raw as the producers have pre-cooked it before packaging.

The meaty block contains spicy ham and pork, which are easy to go with other additional ingredients.

You can make it taste better by chopping or frying it and eating it with your omelet.

How Bad Is Spam For You?

Though pre-cooked food is delicious, straightforward to use, convenient, and has a long lifespan, it’s low in essential nutrients, like minerals, vitamins, and protein, and high in sodium, calories, and fat.

Also, this meat is highly processed, containing preservatives such as sodium nitrite. These chemicals could pose some severe health effects in the long term.


In a nutshell, it is safe, quick, and convenient to microwave your Spam, and this cooking method also yields a pretty nice taste.

Hopefully, our handy tips and hacks can treat yourself and your family to one of the best salty pork products on the market without much time and energy.

Thank you, and see you in our next update.

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