Can You Microwave Onions? Is It Possible Or Not?

can you microwave onions

Onions are many people’s favorite food.

These babies can go along well with several tasty ingredients to create fantastic dishes such as casserole, pizzas, or even fried onion rings.

But, do you always need to have a pan or stove to cook them?

Can you microwave onions?

All the answers you need, together with detailed explanations, are included in this article.

So, keep reading to figure it out!

Can You Microwave Onions?

Of course. It is 100% possible to microwave onions, and it also saves a lot of time to do so.

For example, utilizing a pan for sauteing onions, you usually need to spend at least 15 minutes to soften the food perfectly. Meanwhile, the microwave only takes 3-4 minutes.

Moreover, with the help of this popular kitchen appliance, you will not only be able to saute onions but also fry them.

So as long as you know how to take advantage of the microwave at home, you can cook lots of delicious food using onions as the core ingredients.

What Happens When You Microwave Onions?

The result mainly depends on how you microwave your onions.

If you put sliced onions on a plate, add around two tablespoons of oil or butter, then microwave it for about two or three minutes at high-temperature mode, you will earn a dish of crispy fried onions.

On the other hand, when you add a bit of salt to the onion bowl, cover it up with a microwave-safe wrap, and microwave it for about five to seven minutes, your onions will come out in different textures.

This is because this mineral will help soften and flavor onions.

As a result, your onions will be softened and golden-brown, like you, just spent 15 minutes of your life sauteing them in a pan.

Why Do Onions Spark In The Microwave?

If you try microwave onions, especially the chopped frozen ones, you may catch unusual sparks appearing around the bowl.

Sometimes, chopped onions have sharp cutting edges or points, which can indirectly cause the spark.

Also, since onions and frozen onions are rich in water and electrolytes, they can easily conduct electricity during the heating process.

Fortunately, since sparking microwaves are not dangerous to users, you should not worry about this phenomenon.

However, since this incident will sometimes harm the microwave, it is recommended to turn off the machine immediately and try to dehydrate onions if you detect your food spark in the microwave.

Can You Caramelize Onions In The Microwave?

can you microwave onions

You sure can!

While it is common for people to use a slow cooker to caramelize onions, your house will smell like onions after around 10 to 12 hours of slow cooking.

Hence, not everyone can enjoy such a process.

That is why they would prefer caramelizing using a microwave.

How Do You Take The Strength Out Of A Raw Onion?

If you genuinely hate the strong taste of onions, you can try the two main methods below to eliminate such taste.

  • First method: Submerge onions in a bowl of cold water and add a bit of salt. Wait for about 20 to 25 minutes and take the onions out. You will realize that your onions get crispier, and the strong taste has gone.
  • Second method: If you don’t want to wait much time, you can replace cold water with an acid, such as vinegar. Vinegar will soften the ingredient a bit, but it will help you take the uncomfortable taste away.

Are Onions Good For You?

Sure, they are. Onions contain a high proportion of nutrition and antioxidants.

Thus, they can reduce the possibility of getting cancers, boost bone density, and control your blood sugar.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, you definitely can take advantage of the microwave to saute, fry, or caramelize onions.

Just be a bit careful while using this electric kitchen appliance, and you will get fantastic dishes just after a few minutes.

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