Can You Microwave Kale? Is It Really Doable Or Not?

can you microwave kale

Sometimes, you’re in a hurry; there’s no time to stand beside a stovetop and fancy your green recipe. So, what do you do?

You may simply want something light and simple, and probably throwing kale into the microwave is what pops up in your mind instantly.

Can you cook your veggies that way? Can you microwave kale? You might worry about them getting overcooked as you can’t control how much they cook.

Here comes a great approach to some helpful tips and hacks that help you cook your vegetables safely. Let’s read on to discover!

Can You Microwave Kale?

Yes, kale is suitable for microwaving.

This method is easy and fast, allowing you to cook your veggies without losing many nutrients and minerals.

It takes only a couple of minutes to ripen the greens by microwaving, making this type of vegetable a fantastic, quick snack or side for dinner or lunch.

Indeed, when spinning the leaves in a food-heating machine, you’re steaming it. This method is a lot healthier than any veggie preparing one.

It doesn’t require oil, and the fast steaming time gives the nutrients less time to drain away.

How to Cook Kale in the Microwave?

Follow these no-fuss steps to steam your greens quickly:

  • Place your shredded and cleaned veggies in a microwaveable bowl.
  • Add some water to avoid the burnt taste
  • Top the bowl with a paper towel
  • Put the bowl into the food-heating machine
  • Set it to run for two minutes
  • All good? Take out the bowl while being extra careful of the heat.
  • Pour the vegetables into a small strainer to get rid of excess water.
  • After that, transfer the strained food to a serving plate, add your fav seasonings, and have a great meal!

How to Defrost Kale in the Microwave?

We recommend cooking your frozen greens straight away instead of thawing them in any method. Indeed, they will deliver a better taste than when defrosting.

However, if you still want to thaw the vegetables, put them into a bowl and put that bowl into the food-heating machine.

Then, set the machine to run for 1-2 minutes at 160 F or until they melt.

Why Does Kale Spark In The Microwave?

can you microwave kale

It might be because your greens’ moisture or mineral content makes them more susceptible to spark.

Also, this event is more likely to occur when the food features sharp edges (instead of rounded ones) arranged too close to each other.

Even reducing the power level will not solve the problem.

How Do You Cook Kale Without It Getting Tough?

  • First, preheat a sauté pan at medium heat. Then, spray some olive oil onto the surface.
  • Add your chopped veggies and saute for about two minutes as the oil gets hot.
  • Add salt, stir well, and cook until the greens are slightly wilted and tender (2-4 minutes).

How Do I Eat Kale To Make It Taste Good?

  • Massage it: Massaging the vegetables with lemon juice or oil for some minutes will make chewing easier and the texture more tender.
  • Make into chips: This way, the food will yield a crisp, fun texture that can interest your picky kids.
  • Simple salads and dressing ideas: This plant holds up incredibly well in salads, great to enjoy even 2-3 days after adding the dressing.

Can We Eat Raw Kale?

This plant is a leafy, dark green that you can eat cooked or raw as your preference.

It is native to the cabbage family, which includes collards, cauliflower, and broccoli as well.

The Bottom Line: Can You Microwave Kale?

This fantastic veggie applies to various ways of cooking, including the microwaving method.

Notably, this method doesn’t require extra steps while delivering the desired taste.

So, why not save yourself some energy and wash up by throwing your kale into the microwave?

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