Can You Microwave Crock Pot Inserts? Is It Doable Or Not?

can you microwave crock pot inserts

Do you want to know if you can heat in inserts of your slow cookers using microwaves? Many Crock-Pot users share the same question.

We will discuss the topic in detail right here. Let’s join us and learn how to master this powerful kitchenware!

Can You Microwave Crock Pot Inserts?

Yes, you can. However, you cannot put the whole insert in the microwave. 

The slow cooker often has ceramics with a steel heat source. This heating element is removable in some models but not in others.

You may place the ceramics section in microwaves if your cooker is detachable.

Microwaving the insert with the lid on may cause damage to the lid too. You can replace it with a new one made of a material that can resist high temperatures.


What Is The Insert Of Crock Pots Made Of?

You can often come across the ceramic insert, which aims to fit nicely inside the metallic heating source.

Some models allow you to remove this part for different purposes, such as for microwaving.

How To Put The Inserts In Microwaves Safely?

To begin, double-check that your slow cooker is microwaveable and will fit nicely in your kitchenware.

Also, make sure the temperature isn’t higher than 400°F. Please remove it from the heating source once you’ve done that.

Remove the lid since it isn’t microwaveable. Then, replace it with another microwave-safe cover made of metal or other safe material.

Will Microwaves Damage The Food In The Inserts?

That problem isn’t going to happen. The food within the insert is totally safe as long as you keep it in good working order.

If the container has suffered from damage in any way, food within should turn out to be spoiled as well.

Will The Inserts Damage The Microwaves?

can you microwave crock pot inserts

A slow cooker with a metal heat source is not microwavable. You can’t nuke a large pot, either.

However, if the insert fits correctly within the oven and does not shatter, the microwaves won’t get any damage.

A slow cooker may only cause harm to kitchenware if it cracks inside. Yet, if the cooker is suitable for microwaving, you won’t have to worry about it breaking.

What Material Should My Insert Be To Be Microwavable?

The most crucial requirement is that the material should be able to endure high heat in microwaves.

It’s good for ceramics or metal. If not, it may not be safe for microwaving.

The essential thing to remember is to read the manufacturer’s guidelines carefully.

If the material can tolerate the heat of the microwaves, the producer will approve it as microwave-safe.

You can learn more tips for using microwaves safely from this video.

Can You Buy A New Insert For A Crock-Pot?

The company makes it simple to change just the part that cracked or stopped functioning correctly.

The slow cooker company’s website provides an official site devoted to replacement components.

When the inner container breaks down, you can ask for help. The ceramic inserts may charge you about $15 for replacement.

Why Did My Insert Break?

If you don’t pour enough liquid into the cooker and keep it on high heat for a long time, the fluid may evaporate completely. The pot may shatter if neglected in this dry condition for too long.

Hairline cracks form in the pot over time. With frequent usage, the container may eventually break entirely.


Microwaving the inserts of your slow cooker is possible. Remember to remove the lid since it’s not microwavable, and you can replace it with safer materials.

Hopefully, we have satisfactorily answered your questions. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for your interest in the article!

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